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Wild Rose Pass, Texas


Camera Cleanout Update

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas

It is photo clean out time tonight. We do not want to be carrying old pictures around when we roll tomorrow. They are too heavy to be wasting gas carrying them.

This is a recent picture of the mouth of the Pecos River. It is deep enough for an outboard boat to pass through for the first time in many months. There is reportedly some good fishing in the junction with the Rio Grande River.

From the overlook the goats across the Pecos could be seen running around on the cliff. those critters can walk on the bottom side of a ceiling it seems like. They are fun to sit and watch.

Back in Seminole Canyon is always plenty of great scenery to view. A lot of it is canyon wall caves and trails. This is a picture from the start of the canyon rim trail. After this dull and boring start it the viewing gets a lot more interesting all the way to the Rio Grande River and the views of Mexico.

Update 0900 3-8-2017
Travel has been delayed for OFM decrepitness to ease back.
As far as the Teams can figure out, in the next travel movement we are planning on hitting up Stillwell Ranch, Jal, New Mexico, Monahans Sandhills SP, Marfa Lights Viewing Area and maybe Balmorhea’s Bears Den Restaurant. It might even work out to put in a day or four in the Davis Mountains. This shows that trying to have tooooo much fun can be major work.





  1. I like your itinerary, and look forward to more of your great photos!

  2. Our Itinerary puts us in Truth or Consequences in just under two weeks. Maybe our paths may cross yet.
    Be Safe and Enjoy having tooooo much fun.

    It's about time.

  3. Never thought digital photos weighing much, something to think about.

  4. Looks like you will be have some more nice adventures.

  5. Sounds like a great travel plan. Soon, you will either have to go up in elevation or up in latitude.