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Wild Rose Pass, Texas



Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM was cold last night so he turned on a heater to get warm. Then he checked the outside temperature and it was 27 deg F. Even an Arctic Fox like the Castle has to have internal heat with those conditions. The Castle held a comfortable 70 for the night with the electric heater running once in a while.

This afternoon about 1600 the OFM went around the campground and took pictures for evidence. Yes it did freeze here last night and it was a hard freeze as you are about to see. The OFM did not notice the freeze very much last night since he turned on the heat.

Two site north from the Castle is a nice large banana tree that was spreading enough to start to be a bother with the roadway. Well it got some natural pruning last night and might not be a trouble for a good while now.

The statue fountain near the Castle had the water in it frozen solid and was still solid as dark fell and we headed for a light freeze tonight. The basin in this picture is frozen solid. That means the circulation pump is frozen in there somewhere. We hope it survived.

There is a long leafed plant that grows like a bush here in the park in several places. They all seemed to survive with damage. This particular one normally stands about three feet tall. Now it is mostly a mushy mound of damaged leaves.

The owner has planted lots of Plumeria inside the campground. They make beautiful flowers and grow well normally. The leaves of the plant did not fare well with the cold, but we hope the stalk did fare well and will soon be back in spring growth mode.

Now all we need is for the fish to be really hungry tomorrow and beg us to cast a lure to them. That might be another great day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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