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Bored Pelican, Port Aransas, TX


It Came Home With Us

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
The OFM made a mistake a couple of years ago and purchased to small of a skillet. Today he remembered to look at TFal skillets at Walmart. There was a larger one available at a decent price. So a ten inch skillet followed us home. Since it is COLD outside this evening we put the stove top to work to heat the Castle.

The skillet was compared to the smaller skillet and deemed a better item for us to carry. The smaller skillet was donated to the land fill. For those who might care, the TFal brand of cookware has served the OFM very well for 19 years as a single man. The slippery coating has held up on all the cookware we have abused in this time period. It is also decently value priced.

After a good scrubbing and rinsing it was time for the new skillet to earn its keep. The refrigerator was raided for ingredients. The OFM usually has some good stuff in the refrigerator for eating and tonight was very good.

  • The ingredients were: Slovaceks sausage thinly sliced.

  • A nice green Mexican bell pepper

  • A chunk of pretty Mexican cabbage

  • Coarse ground black pepper and garlic powder

  • A large Mexican onion

  • A good dollop of olive oil

This was all stir fried gently leaving some crunch to the vegetables. The sausage was slightly curled at the edges and NO burned edges on anything. The wonderful meal was slipped onto a plate, a hurried picture taken and the feast began.

With the voracious OFM the feast did not last very long. Another good point is stir frying seldom creates much mess to clean up. The OFM got that chore done in about fifteen minutes. Now he is planning on a huge cup of decaffeinated green tea to finish out the evening.

Yep kicking back with a big mug of hot tea and sketching possible paintings sounds like a great way of finishing up the day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. In the 1970's the Ohio State Fair was the best in the country, IMO. We used to go every year, and one of my favorites were the commercial exhibits - two huge buildings with row after row of things to look at and hear the sales pitch. That's the first time I ever sat in a massaging recliner; and we bought a huge T-Fal skillet. I was mesmerized by the voice of the man selling T-Fal, from the way he pronounced it to the sales pitch which was obviously memorized word for word. My husband laughed at me but that soon became his favorite skillet, even over the beautifully seasoned cast iron we had in all sizes. I would bet he was still using that T-Fal up to the time he died, and I'm sure the kids tossed it out into the trash. Enjoy your T-Fal!

  2. Cast iron is way too heavy for my arthritic hands to handle.

  3. T fal works for us too, sure does the job nicely. I have a cast iron one just for use on the Weber Q (the handles don't melt)
    Looks like a very tasty feast.