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Wild Rose Pass, Texas


Great Idea?????

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM Teams camera has trash on the lens or image receiving device. You have probably seen it in a picture or two over the last year plus. Today the OFM thought to blow air in around the telescoping lens. Then into the compartment where the video card and batteries reside. He hoped to dislodge some of the garbage that shows in our pictures.

His breath is the first thought but it likely would be way to moist and cause condensation troubles inside the camera. So it was quickly ruled out. OK then use the air compressor and dial the air pressure way down so as to not explode the camera.

So far so good but we did not have a way to get the air into the camera. We needed a “air gun” like we used to have when we had a shop. Off to Walmart and there was a complete kit to set us up with an air gun and a bunch of stuff we did not need. That is spelled $$$$$. So more thought was in process as he wandered all over Wal-Mart.

Suddenly in the garden section was the answer. A garden sprayer would produce a decent strong stream of air and the Castle has one in a storage bin! Back at the Castle it took looking into a couple of bins before we found the sprayer.

We took the trouble of rinsing it and drying it out so only air would be sprayed. Then we tested by pumping it for about ten hours it seemed but in the end it puffed out a strong stream of concentrated air. Next was a recharge of the sprayer and into the Castle to try it on the camera. It worked perfectly. You could tell that air was impacting the thin cracks around the lens. Then we went to the battery cavity and sprayed air all through that and could feel some air exit around the lens. Wow this is going great!

Next we fired up the camera to see how much good we had done. The camera showed us that blowing the air into the camera did absolutely no good for our trouble. All the dust spots were still there in the original spots. None of them had been moved. Ratzzzzz. So now we are back to looking for a new camera that fits in a front shirt pocket and is one $ in cost instead of $$$$$. We noticed some with waterproof to 30 feet designation and some with dust proof designation and some with both. Maybe the next camera will not get the trash inside like the last two did. We will miss the viewfinder though. The OFM really would like a clean camera to record his efforts at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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