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Wild Rose Pass, Texas


First Footprints

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Back to the beach adventure we go. Check out this empty beach. Notice the OFM footprints in the lower right leading to the jetty. He got to put the first footprints of the day on this part of the beach.

There were other footprints on the beach the other side of either jetty but none in the middle area. We did a good job of scattering footprints all over everything before the OFM quit burning electrons with the camera.

We went out to near the end of both of these jetties. These are the Fish Pass Jetties. One is the North jetty and the other has the odd name of South jetty for some reason. From near the end of the north jetty the OFM took a bunch of terrible wave action shots with the camera. We did end up with one decent picture. As you can see from the picture no human has any business at the very end of the jetty.

And this was a relatively calm day.

We arrived here near the low tide bottom so during the adventures here the tide was slowly coming in and attempting to strand Sierra. This small tidal pool was forming at the base of the north jetty while the Teams watched it in action.

In about two hours the water would likely be lapping over the OFM’s shoes if he had stayed there. We still had several hours to go before Sierra needed to get out of there so the OFM went walking on the beach south of the south jetty. He got in about a half mile of walking south and then had to come back all the way to Sierra. Usually winter is a good month for beach combing but on this day the pickings were very slim. But the Teams did a good job of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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