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Wild Rose Pass, Texas


Bad Winter Day

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The sun came up to a cool morning with a gentle breeze. Quickly it became a gorgeous day. The sun was very welcome. The OFM once again took off from the harbor area for a long walk. He is trying to help his legs by losing weight again and keeping the muscle tone better by gentle exercise. Exercise that makes your joints hurt is just plain wrong.

When he made his way out to the end of the breakwater guarding the entry to the harbor he rested a few minutes. That is a treacherous walk out to the end with all the slippery algae on the concrete. While resting he noticed the old docks from ancient history of the harbor. We do not know how old the docks are but the OFM recalls them being over fifty years old.

This is quite a horrible winter day isn’t it.

We renewed our Rockport Beach Pass today for $20 for the year. It is probably the best valued fun ticket we have used in several years. One important thing is that the pass gives us access to the wooden pier at the end of the beach. It is a good fishing pier.

Today the OFM did a bit of fishing on that pier with a new to him lure named a Mirrodine. It is a pretty lure and it actually caught two fish. If you put the fish end to end they would measure about 16“. In this picture of the first fish, the Mirrodine is about 3 1/2“ long. Those are 2x6 decking boards the fish is lying upon. That little fish had eyes bigger than its mouth we believe.


A lot of the day was spent just enjoying the 72 degree sunshine and doing lots of serious relaxing. But grocery shopping had to happen. Walmart was swamped with customers AND the computer cash registers could not accept any sort of credit card or debit card. It was the old days again with CASH only. The OFM went crazy and treated himself to a bag of potato chips. WOW that guy certainly does know how to live it up when he is trying to have tooooo much fun.

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