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Sunrise, Fulton,Texas


Backwards Eyes

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

It was about time for something to work out right for a change. When the new backwards eyes came in the Teams expected them to not work. As you know the OFM is not real smart and he ordered them all by himself without supervision. Wow that is scary!

Any way they came in and were in good shape. Even the box looked just fine.


Now if we can figure out how to assemble them and then install them it will be a miracle. Here are the factory backwards eyes that came on Sierra. They are not really adequate for towing so some additional eyes were ordered to make the towing easier.


After reading the instructions several times and looking at the pictures of the assembly, we decided the instructions did not match our mirrors exactly so the OFM put his miraculous powers of mechanical design experience to work. Sure enough he was able to figure out what the instructions meant to say. From that point on things went much more smoothly.

The new mirrors actually fit rather well and the secure attachment gadget seems to hold them on very well. Even when the idiot OFM jerked on them really hard, they stayed in place. Here they are installed.


About this moment was when the OFM remembered that the factory mirrors on Sierra fold when a switch inside the cab is pushed. So with lots of fear and worry the switch was pushed to see what would break first. LO AND BEHOLD the mirrors INCLUDING the towing extensions folded right up against the cab like they were meant to do it. WOW that was a nice surprise.


We spent some time playing with them and checking the backwards viewing. It looks like they will help tremendously for our towing needs.

The OFM thinks these new additions to Sierra will make a lot of difference when the Castle is rolling down the road in search of having tooooo much fun.



Crusty Eyeballs

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM awoke to crusted over eyes and sinus misery. It seemed like it was allergy related to the weather front that came through. The whole day was not his best ever so when evening came he went to the beach park to sit on a waterfront bench and supervise the wave action.

However the prevailing 30 mph winds made the normal bench very undesirable for resting.


Notice the water that was getting blown all the way across the thirty feet of grass to the parking lot. This would have been a great place to take a saltwater bath.

So we parked Sierra across the parking lot and grabbed a rod to use for fishing. Then we headed to bench alternative number two. It had the wind to our back and no wave spray made it across the 200 feet to bench no. 2.

At this location the OFM sat on the bench for a good while as the perch ate his bait over and over. He finally decided he was wind burned enough and we headed home. Sierra had collected a large layer of salt crust that will need to be flushed away tomorrow.

Perhaps washing Sierra will turn out to be a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Cloud Acrobatics

Adventure Location: Mustang Island, Texas

We had a nice cool couple of days and the OFM went out to play at Mustang Island. We did a lot of checking things out. As expected with all the “progressive development” the area is very over populated and even more visitors than last year.

We found this camping mess at the base of the Packery Channel north jetty. They looked like they had been there for a long time and were not moving anytime soon.

The winds have been very strong lately and generally not pleasant. We found a white flower in a protected part of a sand dune to get this picture.


All the yellow flowers were getting shredded by the winds. This one poor little flower was showing its toughness so we got a decent picture in spite of the winds.


Quite a few pictures were taken of sand dunes but they have not yet been processed for presentation. If any of them come out nice we will put them in a later blog entry. Part of the trip effort was aimed at inspiration for more paintings. The OFM keeps wanting to do more paintings for the garbage can but he cannot seem to choose a topic yet.

Back down in Rockport this afternoon the fish were not biting but the clouds were showing off. It was a beautiful day with gorgeous water and fantastic blue skies. The clouds got all excited and started doing all sorts of acrobatics for us mere mortals fascination. Here is one of the acts.

It was the sand castle competition last weekend down at Port Aransas and the town was still very crowded today. In spite of the huge number of tourists in the town we managed to do pretty well at trying to have tooooo much fun.


Slithering Again

Adventure Location: Rockport, Tex

WOW what an exciting day it was today! NOT. It was so exciting that the OFM cannot recall what we did this morning. We think he went to Walmart and did a bit of fishing down at the marina. It was definitely not an adventure filled day.

The sailboat that was on the rocks is still there. We have no idea what is going on with it.

The town of Port Aransas is having the big sand castle event this weekend to the south of us. To the north of us is Fulton with some big event keeping the Fulton Harbor full of cars and folks. It would seem Rockport should be empty but NOPE it is plenty crowded. Here is a picture of the Rockport Beach about 1830 this evening.

There was still a lot of folks out there at dark.

Late this evening the OFM did go down to the pier to fish. That is when he took the above picture. This time he managed to catch a legal size speckled trout------sort of.

When he was lifting the Trout over the hand rail, the trout put up a strong and active flopping session and fell from the hook down into the rocks lining the pier. The OFM has no business down on/in those loose rocks but he was not about to let the trout die without trying to save it. Here is the trout buried down in the rocks.


The OFM got all the fishing paraphernalia off his body and slithered (that was for you Tom) under the hand rail on his backside and onto the rocks. Then it was a simple matter of balancing like a gymnast on a balance beam that is not fixed in place as he squatted down to retrieve the fish way down there below his feet. Finally he had to lay down on the rocks to reach the fish. The long nosed pliers grabbed the fish tail and flipped the fish back into the water. The fish swam slowly away but at least it seemed to be on its way to recovery. It was out of the water way to long.

Now the OFM had the fun of getting up while standing on the loose rocks and crawling back onto the walking surface. At least when he rolled onto the walking surface through the old bird droppings and other nice things on the concrete, the hand rail was there for him to hold as he got his knees back under himself. A video of all that would likely have won a lot of money in a funny fat man contest.

Running around on loose boulders used to be fun but now the OFM does not consider it a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Pier Pooch

Adventure Location: Rockport, Tex

We have here at the fishing pier a pier pooch named Sheba. She is a very friendly pup and a great help to everyone that comes on the pier. Mostly she gets to roam on the pier without restraint until new folks show up. They usually want her on the leash until she gets to show them her real worth.

Sheba is a first class asset to the fishing community. Any time a rod is bent, she announces that the rod needs attention NOW. If you are fishing natural bait, you get to cast out and put your rod against a railing and Sheba keeps a sharp eye out on it for activity while you visit others.

When you hook a fish and your rod bends, Sheba lets everyone know that you have a fish on and might need help landing it. She even moves back and forth to where the fish will be coming out of the water to be landed on the pier.

If a fish gets loose on the pier, Sheba is right there to keep it under control and make sure it stays on the pier until you can grab it.

But her most important job, and she takes it very seriously, is to make sure the birds do not crowd the fishermen or their stringers of fish. We have many large birds like pelicans, egrets and herons that will sneak behind your back and grab fish on a stringer or bait out of your bait bucket or from your ice chest. Sheba is always on guard to prevent the bird from stealing your had won fish.

When Sheba is on the pier you can relax because she is very diligent at watching everything and making sure everyone is trying to have tooooo much fun.


New Murals

Adventure Location: Rockport, Tex

The beach, harbor and other major public areas here in Rockport are kept in pretty good repair and decent cleanliness. It is a welcome change from most of the public areas the Teams have visited around the USA.

Apparently it was repaint the main restrooms day recently. They even added new murals for our enjoyment.


These rest rooms even have cold water showers on an outside wall for rinsing the salt water from your body. Overall it is a pretty well done facility. It is maintained by the Aransas County Navigation District for public use.

Behind a locked door that needs a code to open is the showers and other things for the folks that moor their boats at the harbor. We get a big kick out of walking the bulkhead looking at all the different homes (boats) moored in the harbor. There is a considerably larger variation in homes (boats) than in an RV campground.

It can be a very pleasant end to the day wandering the marina watching the folks trying to have tooooo much fun.


That Sinking Feeling

Adventure Location: Rockport, Tex

Sometimes a bad day leaves some evidence of it. The Teams hit the Market Street Pier before sunrise a couple of days ago. The wind was a bit brisk and the fishing did not seem like it would be worthwhile.

As the Teams approached the pier, the OFM said “Something looks odd out there”. So we went carefully out on the pier and sure enough something was odd. Somebody had had a bad time of it.

The boat did not seem ready to sink but was definitely worse for the wear of riding the rocks like it was doing.

It was still there a day later so who knows what the real story is or how it will end. You can be certain it will not end cheaply.

In case you did not know it, riding rocks in a boat is not the best way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


A New Beginning

Adventure Location: Rockport, Tex
The OFM managed to sneak around the Teams and take the computer away and shut the blog down. Then he began to swell up. A very good friend, Tamia, had long ago warned the teams that a writer that does not write will keep swelling from all the words and thoughts piling up inside until the writer just plain old explodes.

With that knowledge in hand the OFM Teams decided an intervention was needed. They figured that the OFM needed to get out of bed and start back to writing before he explodes. He, naturally, was not interested but we kept on “helping”.

Finally it was time for the ultimate motivation tool. Did you know that an electric cattle prod can be a very good motivator?

The upside is that the OFM understands now that it was not necessary to shut down the blog but that a nice vacation is a much better option. He apologizes to all his readers from before for his severe over reaction to some very trying circumstances in his life.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember that the goal is trying to have tooooo much fun.


Thats All Folks (CANCELLED)

After 9 and a half years is it time to put OFM Adventures to bed. I have enjoyed the folks I have met due to this blog and most of the comments. Thank you for the many good years and friendly faces.
It has been fun trying to have tooooo much fun together.
This post is cancelled and the blog will restart April 17, 2017. This is Mr. Alter Ego typing and the Teams have regained control of the keyboard again. It was a tough fight but OFM Adventures will continue now. Thanks for your patience with that fool the OFM.