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Rockport, Texas


Flags and Clouds

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM was rolling out of bed about 0630 with great plans for the day. Suddenly the sound of little hooves sounded on the roof. Whoa it was really the sound of big raindrops pummeling the skylight. There went those plans. It poured or rained or drizzled until about noon. The landlord says his rain gage registered four inches of precipitation.

Down by the harbor is a big field used for special events. Apparently something is happening soon because large tents and lots of flags are flying. Workers are scrambling around putting things in order. The Teams know where they WILL NOT be when the activities start up.

Just across the street the Cranky Crab From the Deep leaped onto some pilings near the water when some children got close. It was a close call but Mom got the children away just in time. That was not a happy crab.

Back at the community park with the walking trails we noticed the OFM life clock bush. It had a seed pod showing how the OFM was a couple of years ago. He was vibrant and exciting (Ed. that is only in his mind).

A few feet away there is a worn out old seed pod. It looks a whole lot like the OFM feels most of the days now. But as you can tell both of them are still holding on to whatever they can.

A small migraine this morning did set the Teams back a bit but you can be sure tomorrow we will be busy trying to have tooooo much fun.


3 Trout

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Remember the multi paths we took for walking. On one of the paths is an artistic tree. One of the limbs was cut off a long time ago. The stump area has weathered quite a bit but we never did pay much attention to it. Granny J would have a fit about the Teams not paying enough attention since she was the universe’s master at attention to details. We miss her. Here is the tree and the path.

It is a nice tree and furnishes very good shade to the walkers along the path. We guess that most all the walkers do not realize the work of art they are passing as they mosey along the path. The limb stump has weathered to give us a “growing” of a duck. Do you see the duck?

We are very ashamed it took so long for a Team member to notice the duck. Of course if you move very much to the left or right the duck disappears. We consider it a wonderful find.
Before heading down to the local Tex-Mex for lunch we stopped at the breakwater near the Aquarium to fish a little.The result was three nice speckled trout in twenty minutes. Those fat little girls went right back in to grow up some more. That was fun!
After lunch the crash adjuster called and we had a productive conversation. The result was that he gave the OFM a list of photographs to take of Sierra and email him. They are in Ohio and will be doing the repair estimate from up there and handle billing etc so the OFM should not have  to put out any money. The adjuster could not definitively say the Teams insurance rate would not go up but he also said that this in not an accident that is usually held against the policy holder.
We are hoping the OFM can settle down to a good nights sleep tonight so tomorrow we can get busy trying to have tooooo much fun again.


Exercise By Meandering

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Very active describes today. The morning got off to a slow start so we did not get to the walking paths until nearly 0915. The heat was strong already and the OFM was trying to figure out where to walk with the least misery. As we pulled into the community park he noticed that none of the normal loops were without some major stretches of sun drenched hot asphalt trail. Then his “brilliant” brain came up with the idea of not walking a “trail loop” but rather just going back and forth on a stretch of shaded trail loop. Now that seemed like a good idea to the rest of the Teams.
From the parking area we set off on the main loop headed through the trees.

The layout of the loops were familiar to us but which parts had shade at this time of the morning was not. So it was a by the seat of our pants walk. It actually worked out very well. We even got to meet two new pups and their parents.
When we got over near the ponds the path split and we stopped for a minute to consider which way to go. You can see in this next picture all the folks out in the long stretch of bright blistering sun.

 We chose to go to the left from the picture taking spot. It was shaded for a nice distance and the OFM took a right turn to what he remembered as a shaded trail section.
OOPS things had changed and a lot of tree trimming had been done and we hit bright sun very soon. So we stopped, turned around and headed down another part of a loop which turned out to be a great decision cause that is where we met the two neat pooches. From there we were able to loop around in the shade and catch another short side trip. On this side trip we found a neat tree event to report in a later blog.
Then it was turn around time and head back to the recently customized Sierra. It was getting hot even in the shade. We do not walk for distance since the OFM has days he can walk briskly and days he only hobbles along. We aim for an hour of whatever kind of walking he can do that day.
We feel that an earlier start will give even more trails to walk since the sun will be lower. We got enough pictures of neat things that the OFM is raring to go back again right now.
Not that they are any good, the OFM even painted two pictures he has been laying out for a few days.  Then a short rain hit the area and dropped the temps down to the very low 80's with a gentle breeze. Man o man it has been an interesting day. The OFM has chores tonight to edit some of the many pictures taken so he can use them in a later blog. It is great when the trying to have tooooo much fun goes on into the night.  


Not Much Happening

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM and Sierra were coming home from Walmart. It had been the second day in a row of not much happening. About 1630 we were cruising along at less than a mild stroll in the Walmart parking lot when a very nice young man decided that his big Dodge truck with a strong brush guard and winch needed to customize Sierra.

We had a very pleasant visit about it all and then we went on our separate ways to talk to our insurance companies. 
The OFM Teams adjuster is due to contact us on Tuesday to discuss options.
And so ended another fine day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Summer Fun?

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Summertime misery is here with a vengeance.  About 1100 the OFM was getting a bit to hot and we packed it in to head back to the Castle. Sierra told us it was 98 out there ten feet from the cool gulf water. We can expect this very hot weather until late September. The Teams are ready to head to Gavinland as soon as a spot opens up for us in Point Mallard, Alabama. It was 79 there for the high today.
The Castle’s AC ran for over four hours straight this afternoon without a rest. Right now we are sitting on about $3 a day for running the AC. The OFM went out to water the grass a bit. The grass was wilted very badly. He even sprayed water on the roof of the Castle and the AC coils. Nope the AC did not cycle. Good grief it is not nice in Rockport, Tx this time of the year.

The tree shade on the Castle stops about 1200 and the sun’s rays really cook us through the windows on the door side. We have 3/4“ foam insulation in the windows but on the sunshine side it still gets hot around the windows. 
The foam is great convection insulation but what we need at this campsite is the radiant energy reflector added to the convection insulation. Lowes had some Reflectix in stock this evening so we brought some home with us. The Reflectix will be against the window pane then a small air gap and then the 3/4“ foam insulation.

Hopefully installing the Reflectix radiant barrier will get done tomorrow, but we also have laundry and a few other chores to help us stay busy.

Staying cool is the main object tomorrow.Trying to have tooooo much fun will not happen if it is too hot for the wimp OFM.


The Ultimate Fish Lure

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The speckled trout were just waiting for the OFM this morning at his 0830 appointment. The second cast had a fish and go into great aerial feats of acrobatics ..... and shake loose. However in the next thirty minutes the OFM landed six specks from 16“ to just over 18“. Numerous others were hooked, fought and came loose during the close quarters fighting near the bulkhead.
The lure that did all the good is this H and H lure.

We used a 1/4 oz jig head and the lure lasted through all the fish today and several from the last couple of weeks. The lure is usually productive when you find the fish.
The main other thing we have been doing is reading about watercolor techniques. The Aransas County Library here in Rockport has a pretty good collection of art books. The OFM is determined to get good enough that when he paints a rock you can tell at least that it is not an airplane. We know that for him that is a very lofty goal but he does need the challenge.
The art effort is actually very worth while since it keeps him out of trouble for the most part. The we use the cattle prod to keep him focused on trying to have tooooo much fun.


Really Busy Today

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

It has been a day of new things with a couple of things very important. 

Number one on the list is the new grand daughter is now going to be born on July 3. The latest exam caused the doctor to decide that the baby was ready to be born. It certainly makes for extra excitement in the day and changes of plans.

Number two  on the list is my old friend (93) Ivan and the OFM had a great visit today. Ivan had a stroke a couple of weeks ago and is back in his assisted living home. He is doing really well and we had a great time for a couple of hours today. He is one really GRAND fellow to visit. The two hours went by in a flash. The Teams are really excited about some ideas that Ivan presented for us to consider about our future travel plans.

Number three is first thing this morning the OFM caught two fat speckled trout that were 18“ each. It has been a good while since he has caught any fish much less two nice ones. They were released after measuring.

Number four is the OFM swapped Internet Explorer out for Google Chrome and his computer is running a good bit smoother now. The swap went fairly easy for a computer illiterate like the OFM. We are enjoying the better performance for sure.

There were several other minor excitements that made for a really full day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Well Blow Me Down

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Let us talk wind. This year has been the Year of the Wind it seems. Kayakers have had little chance since early April, when we returned to the area, to ply the waters around here in comfort. The wind is blasting everything way too often. Fishing from the shore requires careful choice of location. Otherwise your cast can end up behind you.

A walk at the beach park a couple of days ago yielded some wind pictures. It was also very hot which is typical for Texas this time of the year.

AS the OFM was trying to walk on one of the beach park paths the wind was causing him to wobble around while walking. Surely it was not his bad knees or hip causing him to appear like a drunk wobbling along. We have proof in pictures.


Notice the absence of palm limb stubs on the left side of this palm tree. Also notice the stubs remaining are very well eroded by the strong winds. They are practically just threads of palms blowing in the breeze. Then a bit above that the threads are just plain old blown away. Yep the winds are a factor most of the time the last couple of months.

Next we get to add the hot unadulterated sunlight that tans even the concrete. Every little piece of shade is used. By 0900 the sun is scorching every living thing even the OFM. He tries to get back inside by 1000 to save his body.


This bird was hiding on the lee side of the palm tree. We do not know if it was first there to use the shade or to get out of the wind that was trying to knock the bird over. Sometimes the shore birds have fits with he wind knocking them around as they stalk some food.

The OFM enjoyed his walk because his body allowed the nearly half mile of slow walking without much pain. that made the walk along the shoreline of Little Bay a nice way of trying to have tooooo much fun.



Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Well here we go with another failure. The OFM was trying out his oil pastels to paint a scene with some marsh grass in a corner of it. He worked it and worked it and worked it and still came out yuck.


Thus we have another paint failure from an artist perspective. But from a fun basis it was a fantastic success. Yep we had a lot of fun messing around with this one and it is a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Gittin Colorful

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The A/C has been running steadily most of the day. It was a major slap in the face with hot wet heat when the OFM stepped out this morning about 0800. He did not seem to think it was a good day for a long walk, but we headed down to the Rockport Beach area anyway.

Sierra chose a nice shady less hot spot near the Art Center to relax while the OFM Fools Team went walking in the hot wet very bright sunny weather. The OFM did remember to grab the camera before we headed out. As it turned out the walk was nice but hot. Several opportunities came along for pictures so we were glad the camera was with us.

A few minutes after we started our path passed a city maintained garden and the lady that does most of the garden maintenance was hard at work. We said our howdys and the OFM complimented her dedication and ability at keeping the gardens so nice and blooming. Here is a little red bush in full flower. It was down right attractive.


As we continued along the side walk from in town came into sight. It winds along Little Bay for a mile or so right next to the water. The OFM was feeling good enough that we headed on down the walkway along the water and it turned out to be a good choice. There was a good number of electrons burned taking pictures along the way. These yellow flowers were in bloom in great quantity all along the sidewalk.


A good thing is the flowers and bushes partially hid us from the view of some of the wildlife living in the marshlands just below us. This gave us cover to spy on them without bothering them. This next picture was the result of about twenty tries to catch the bird catching a fish to eat. It is a picture of the fraction of a second right after a strike. It came out pretty nice we think.


A bit longer in the sun and the OFM realized he was getting a little too hot, so we started back for Sierra. The OFM made it back to Sierra OK but we did stop and pause in the shade of palm trees a few times. When we got back to Sierra the temperature had climbed from 88degrees in the shade to 92 and the humidity was showing 82%. That was close to miserable and time to head for the Castle, which we did. The OFM definitely had had enough heat for the day.

When we got back to the Castle some excitement of the good kind awaited us. The OFM had received a shipment of Holbein Oil Pastels the day the leak showed up in the Castle and today was the day to play with them the first time. One thing about oil pastels you can get them smeared all the way up your arms to your shoulders as well as on a fat stomach that gets too close to the table while playing with them.

The good part is that soap and water cleans it off easily. The OFM was having lots of fun like a kid with a new box of crayons. Paper towels are your best friend when playing with oil pastels. At least he finally got around to making a color sheet so he will be able to tell what the color looks like when applied to the art paper ( or his tummy covered with the formerly white Tee shirt).


It certainly was nice to sleep until a natural wake up occurred. Then head out to just look around for something for having tooooo much fun again.


Its A Wrap

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The news for today is we are calling the repairs to the Castle finished. The OFM took Sierra back to the “golf” field in Sinton this morning and hit some more golf balls. The wind has been to strong on the coast for much successful fishing. The local cleaning tables have not had much business.

Starting in the morning we are officially on the trying to have tooooo much fun plan again.   ZZZZZZzzzzzz z z z



Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM used the less hot morning to go hit some golf balls at a field nearby. He had a great time and noticed that his knees did not give him much trouble. It seems they liked the few minutes of easing back after a couple of hundred yards of walking and searching. Then he hit a ball and did the walk again. We probably put in a half mile of total walking, sometimes a little briskly, but his knees are not squealing much at all tonight. Maybe we are onto something important.

Back at the Castle the OFM got busy cleaning up after the repairs. The amount of dust and dirt all over everything was amazing. We are guessing the open and closing of the door so much in the last three days brought in a few layers of grime.

It is not all finished. While we are redoing the cabinet contents, we are also cleaning out some things. We find desert dirt piled in some back corners so the vacuum cleaner is always close by. By the time this event is over the Castle may weigh about 383.697 pounds less.

Since we are now in the “outside activity in the morning before 1100“ part of the Texas weather cycle, the OFM is planning on some more golfball wacking practice in the morning. After that we should have the Castle inside finished by supper time.

It will be nice to get back to our preferred itinerary of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Not Santa On The Roof

Mis-Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM waited for the dew to evaporate this morning before we set to work. That means it was getting hot when the ladder went up next to the Castle. The fool had decided to attempt to do the new caulking work himself since it was only about one tubes worth of effort.

He was extra careful when he went up the ladder for the first part. Being right against the Castle gave him bravery way beyond his known abilities. Or is it lack of abilities.

The first part went well without mishaps of any significance. Then it was time to go up the rear ladder of the Castle onto the roof.

The edge of the Castle would be very close for this part of the repair. The OFM checked his physical comfort with his stability and found it to be enough to continue. It was already HOT on the roof. The edge was sneaked up on and the caulking continued. Most of the Dicor lap sealant was applied to the seams in the repair vicinity. Then the mighty roof conquerer looked around for other bad caulk spots.

The bad news is he found a few. The good news is he found a few before they caused trouble. There was just enough caulk left in the tube to finish all of them off with a new coat of protection. That was a good bit of luck there.

By now the OFM had been on the roof almost an hour. He noticed the heat was starting to bother him so he was ready to get on down to the dirt. The caulking gun was tossed down to the grass to await our return to earth gently.

The trip down the back ladder was uneventful thank goodness. And the clean up started. One thing a person that is applying caulking on an RV roof should do is NOT step in the fresh caulk. That stuff does not come off of shoe soles easily.


After the cleanup, the next thing on the agenda was to take six million milligrams of ibuprofen to aid in the recovery of his knees from the abuse of squatting on the roof applying caulk.

An important item to the OFM is that all the new potential leak points were not due to the Dicor caulk failing but indicated that tree limb scrapes caused all of the damage to the caulk. We will be much more careful about roof abrasions in the future.

Tomorrow will be day of putting the interior of the Castle back in reasonable order. Then the vacuum cleaner will be put to work getting all the work debris cleaned up.

After all this it is definitely time to run around looking for tooooo much fun.


Rot Progress

Mis-Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today was more drying of the rotted wood and some gentle removing of very rotted wood. The OFM is being very careful to not cause more damage and since he is so clumsy it takes him quite a while to do very much. So far no evidence of exterior skin damage is evident.

Tomorrow it will be time to wash the exterior caulk area in preparation for Eric to redo the caulk in the area of this damage. It was HOT today here. The beach area was packed to the limit of the land available in spite of the vicious sun.

The dampness inside the walls seems to be diminished to nearly nothing. We are certain the new dehumidifier is helping with that issue. It will still be a couple of days before we quit having a fan blowing through the cabinet.

In the mean time everyone go out and try to have tooooo much fun for us.



Mis-Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The Teams are very lucky to have an excellent RV repairman in the area. Eric is highly recommended by the OFM Teams. Here is his business card. Tell him Barney sent you and he might still do work for you anyway.


The Castle’s exam took several minutes as you would expect a good exam to take. Eric did not feel that the rot was as bad as the OFM thought it was. His opinion was that we could live with it without fear of the Castle flying apart going down the road. Yes there is rot that needs to be handled and a zone that needs a complete drying out. The good part is that it can likely be handled from inside the Castle by working inside a couple of cabinets. The OFM was feeling around inside a cabinet wall at the front of the Castle and the vinyl paper came loose right in his fingers. Well if it is that loose it needs to come out so the drying can begin RIGHT NOW.

Tomorrow the OFM will be looking into the evidence and prepare an attack plan. The least bad part is that this part of the roof and wall has no particular loads imposed on it. We do hope that a repair will be able to be done from inside the Castle and no fiberglas will need to be handled.


Eric will be back next week to redo all the caulk that seems to need attention. Of course all that caulk is right along the edge of the Castle roof.

The two caulk cracks that the OFM filled yesterday looked like impact tears to him. Then today Eric notices several deep scratches on some of the caulk and some marks that seemed to be from tree branches. A clearance lamp lens in this area is also cracked from the center with cracks radiating out like something impacted it.

Our guess is that a small tree limb we thought we dodged going into San Pedro Campground at Lake Amistad did not get dodged and sliced a inch long cut in the caulking. That happened in Late January this year. We will never know for sure but it really points out that the OFM maintenance schedule needs to be more frequent than it has been. An RVer has to realize that caulk scratches and cracked roof penetrations are part of the lifestyle. The careful check of the roof and side walls needs to be a frequent happening. Obviously the OFM is paying the price for being too lazy.

Now we know another way of not trying to have tooooo much fun.


Two Fish Day

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The day was varied but interesting. This morning the OFM Fishing Team managed to land an 18“ speckled trout about 0900. It put us a very good fight. When it was put back in the water it flashed off in a hurry.


In the late evening the OFM caught another fish just like that one but he did not have the camera to take another picture.

Nearby was some pretty flowers that the OFM took pictures of. It took a few tries to get a picture that was not too blurry or faded out. It turned out to be some very pretty pictures.


Late afternoon there was a rain squall came through. The OFM figured it was a good time to take a nap. So he laid down on his back and put his hands behind his head. AHHH This feels goood was the thought just before the big drip from above hit the inside of his arm and ran down his side. Oh no he exclaimed. The Roof is leaking.

Yep the roof was leaking. When the rain quit the OFM went out and found a1.25 inch gap in some caulking. Then in another place found more gaps. The ladder was put to work and caulking was done to the cracks. It looks like a tree limb may have impacted the Castle and down some damage to the roof. We have our local reliable RV repair man coming to check the whole roof for more damage. He had several calls about leaks today so it will be a day or two before he gets to come over. After the OFM panic and repairs that will be soon enough. The OFM is not feeling steady enough to be running around on the roof at this time. Falling off the roof is another way of not having tooooo much fun.



Quick Art Center Visit

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today was tooooo busy alllll day Again. The OFM is very tired from carry lots of rocks in his pockets today. All his pockets had to be kept full of heavy rocks to keep all the mosquitoes from carrying him home for their meals. We saw several cows being whisked out of the fields headed for the marsh areas. We heard that it takes at least a 12 pound sledge hammer to kill just one of the biting savages.

So we stayed close to Sierra since the OFM did not want to walk very far while carrying rocks and breathing mosquitos. Sierra parked at the Rockport Art Center and the Teams looked around it for a few minutes. A few minutes of blood is all the OFM thought he could spare. Here is the inviting front porch. The rocking chairs are empty because the mosquitoes carried off the most recent occupants.

Near the entrance is a ligustrum bush that was blooming. They have nice flowers that are also fragrant. We stopped for a few seconds to take this picture. It was difficult to hold still with the huge mosquitoes jerking on the OFM’s arms and legs.

As the OFM headed away from the porch we came close to this palm tree trunk that has a great pattern. For some reason the OFM thought it was cute, so enjoy his idea of cute.

And as we turned to amble back to Sierra the OFM spotted this bloody looking plant. If anyone knows its name, please tell us.

We made it back to Sierra and got inside the cab safely with about 79% of our original blood with us. WE can feel safe to say that playing in the mosquitoes is not the best way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Lots of Storms

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today was tooooo busy alllll day. The OFM was on the run from dawn until now at 2200 at night. Lots of things happened or were put into motion and he is TIRED.

The number one thing is the Teams will be leaving Rockport in late July for Gavinland. Gavin has a sister due in late July and the Teams want to get her introduced properly to the Teams lifestyle.

Today was also a day of dodging a new thunderstorm about every two hours. That does get tiresome by late afternoon. Here is a picture of the supper storm. You can see a bit of the Whataburger building in the corner of the picture. The OFM ran in the store, got his food, inhaled it and was back in Sierra before the first raindrop hit the Teams.


After that it was quickly back to the Castle and batten the hatches. Computer work has taken up the last of the evening. We worked on a special project for a friend that was a lot of fun. The project is secret for now but may be announced when it is completed. This way no surprises get spoiled. We are hoping that tomorrow will be a good bit less hectic while we are trying to have tooooo much fun.


Weather Break?

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

After a way too hot and verrrrry humid day today we are trying to set records for stormy weather. Here is the “small break in the weather” the weather forecasters talked about.


Right before that picture was taken at the harbor, the OFM had caught a speckled trout and tossed it back into its home waters.

Between the late evening storms and the hot and humid earlier part of the day it has been very interesting for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Where Is The Fun?

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Did you ever get the feeling you were being watched?

Maybe the frog was looking for tooooo much fun.



Miscellaneous Day

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

After a fairly miscellaneous day the afternoon turned out very well. After the fresh migraine attack at lunch the Teams were not expecting much from the OFM and that is what they got. He kind of slithered around just whimpering a little now and then. The later afternoon ride to the harbor area turned into a wonderful camera event. We get to enjoy a few of the pictures with more to come soon.

Sierra parked near where the rock pier joins the breakwater at about a right angle. There is a little beach there that varies in size due to water action. It was at the largest we have seen it today so the OFM unlimbered the camera and we did a bit of beach combing. We even found a brand new unused fishing lure and gave it to friend Ed. We hope he catches lots of fish with it.

In the mean time the OFM crawled over the bulkhead, grabbed the pier handrail and let himself down onto the sand of the little beach. He was a bit wobbly from the migraine but the sand and vegetation would make for a soft landing if he fell. He is so fat he likely would just bounce a couple of times anyway.

Here is a picture of part of the little beach. The stream flowing across the beach is from the parking lot drains, but we can pretend it is from some exotic area out of sight.


The OFM decided to walk around on this beach doing some beachcombing. We doubt that he wanted to go to far just yet so we agreed to go along. 47 pictures later he finished meandering around on this little beach and went over to bother another section of the harbor. That comes in another evening report on another day.

Being the genius that he is, the OFM decided to take a short cut across the “wet firm” sand at the mouth of the stream from the exotic area. Naturally the sand was still quite well fluid and the OFM got to sample his “walking on water” technique. At least it was only one foot that practiced the art of quick stepping IN slushy water.


Well we guess it was fun because he nearly did it again later. Of course his excuse was that the migraine had left him not in his right mind. (does he have a RIGHT mind?) Oh Well, that short cut saved him at least ten feet of extra walking.

The good part was that we found a brand new fishing lure that we gave to our friend Ed from Missouri. Ed likes to try out lots of different lures like the OFM used to do. It was a bright pink plastic soft minnow lure that we are certain will catch a bright pink speckled trout for Ed.

A bit later the OFM spied some small purple flowers blooming in some of the taller growth nearer the pier. The flowers were the size of a nickel and extremely cute. The OFM risked life and limb to push his way over to the flower patch to get this picture. Actually the OFM was so unsteady in the strong wind he took about eight pictures just to get this one that is fairly nice.


After we got all the way down the beach to where the water crashes onto the beach (fifty feet of walking distance) the OFM was tired so he sat down on a rock and took pictures along the rock pier. He wanted a nice picture of the WAVE action today.One foot high waves do not make lots of ACTION so the picture was shot from close by and cropped to make the details seem more exciting.

 It still turned out to be a pretty good picture we think. In fact three of the four tonight seem to be pretty nice photographs.

We have to call this evening successful for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Abject Failure

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM is still recovering from a blast of three migraines in the last couple of days but he was feeling like doing something so he picked the wrong thing to do. He started in on a new painting using a medium he has not used before. We have titled it Abject Failure and are requiring him to keep it around to remind him of his actual abilities with art things.


The good part is that supper was a very good chicken fried steak at his favorite mexican restaurant. That certainly picked up his spirits after that painting fiasco. He is still claiming it was a great effort at having tooooo much fun.



Early Adventure

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

After a restless night from the weather, breakfast called the Teams to Whataburger about 0830. We got there and ordered our food. About three minutes later the entire vacation population showed up and swamped the place. Our food was inhaled and the OFM got on out of there.

The decision was to check out the beach park for excitement. We found the beach and the rest of the park very wind blown. Check out the tension these flags are under in the “breeze”.


After a quick run through of all the shallow flooding and lack of desirable places to play, the Teams headed on over to the harbor area next door. It was obvious it was not a great day for kayak fishing.


And with that bit of outside adventure we headed back to the Castle to gather some more rest to compensate for the very rough night. We are thinking that for today napping may be the best way of trying to have tooooo much fun.




Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Between the high winds and the return of the migraine not a lot is happening lately. The OFM did manage to order himself some oil pastels to play artist with. The wind has been pretty strong. A trailer used to sell fireworks was laying on its side when Sierra took the Teams past it today. A highway sign post was broken partially off nearby. A few power poles have had replacements installed due to the old ones leaning severely over the roads. Other than this sort of stuff and the massive crowds of Memorial Weekend there has been very little going on for trying to have tooooo much fun.



Simple Minded Fun

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM was not feeling well this morning and later he determined a migraine had hit him while he was sleeping but the headache was well in progress. He declared it a day of lazy activities, especially since it was arrival day for the Memorial Day hordes.

The chosen activity was to meander around the area grabbing pictures for art references. The OFM has a wild imagination but no memory so he has to have a picture to view when painting a critter or other object normally. So we burned millions of electrons with this quest today.

What were we taking pictures of you might ask.

We have chosen four of the pictures to talk about tonight.

The first is labeled Bird Critters.

As we drove past a puddle in the Beach Park we noticed a pile of birds in various poses. That will be good for reference on birds for a painting that is planned. Due to the amazing ability of computers the OFM will be able to isolate a chosen bird to use for the reference.


The next one happened as he meandered the beach and nearby pier. Right in the corner of the beach and pier is a bunch of growing grasses with rocks scattered in the area. This will make a good reference for grasses and rocks we feel.


Back along the beach area we notice some nicely formed waves. The OFM has a miserable time of painting waves so we pulled over for him to gather some reference pictures. We got some other critters and beach stuff caught in the picture also. This is good to get several references in one picture.


We stopped at the boat ramp to rest a minute or five and while we were sitting there the OFM decided to take a few pictures of the ramp and dock area. Here is one of them and what he will do with it is beyond the rest of the Teams imagination, but like we said at the first he was a WILD imagination.


There you have a bit of a snapshot (pun intended) of one of the ways a simple minded fool like the OFM can go about trying to have tooooo much fun.


Staying Low

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM wanted to do a bit of golf ball hitting with his new to him golf clubs he got months ago. So Sierra took us to a nice large field near Sinton Texas to hack around for a little while. As it turns out the OFM was able to remember how to hit some decent shots after a little practice. That made the practice more fun and less involvment for the trees around us. No trees were injured in this practice session. It was fun.

Back in Rockport we have getting ready for the lay low weekend, party time for others called Memorial weekend. We will be very glad when Tuesday morning dawns on the area.

The OFM went and talked to a couple of local artists about having time to paint. They all said the same thing, you have to schedule the time and let something else slide. After some serious consideration the OFM has decided that a schedule written in chalk will be developed tomorrow so that each of our hobbies and chores will get their fair share of time.

Naps will continue to be a high priority. The blog, art, house cleaning, fishing, golf etc will be given reasonable chunks of time to allow the Teams to have fun doing lots of different things. Right now we are extremely low on things to write about in the blog but with a bit of luck that will change as our style gets lined out. Never to be forgotten is that our motto is “trying to have tooooo much fun.”


Submarine Race

Adventure Location: Rockport Beach Park, Texas

The OFM wanted to do a bit of fishing and the day was pretty beautiful so the Teams headed to the wooden pier at the Rockport Beach Park. The fishing there has been decent for the last few mornings and it was today. The catching was not great but there were regular hookups at ten minute intervals. Nothing was a great catch but the fish were mostly skipjacks and very active. Most of them were in the 18 inch range so the fun was good.

About every 45 minutes the dadgum dolphin would make a patrol through the area and cause the other fish to go hide for a few minutes.

Our big excitement for the morning was when a small skipjack got hooked and we were reeling it in pretty fast. About 15 feet from the pier a fast moving submarine (dolphin) surfaced a few feet behind the hooked skipjack and the race was on.

The OFM was creating a hurricane force wind from reeling the fish in so fast but the submarine was gaining quickly. The OFM gave a hard jerk on the line and the fish fell free into the water and the submarine gave chase to the fish as it dove out of sight. The OFM gave a huge sigh of relief. He definitely did not want to have a hook with his fishing line stuck in the mouth of the submarine. Those critters are huge, strong and fast. They can strip the $20 of fishing line from your reel in less than 2 seconds and leave you with smoking reel bearings.

Just after dark tonight we had a very nasty storm pass through. It immediately killed the electricity for the area so this is being written in “boondocking” mode. There have been several times when we were in “full hookups’ sites that having all the boon docking abilities has come in very handy. It is 2130 right now on Tuesday night. This will publish when the Wifi comes on again. In the meantime the OFM is planning his tomorrow to enhance his chances of having tooooo much fun after the storm.


Bird Convention

Adventure Location: Packery Channel, Texas

The OFM wanted to do a bit of fishing and the day was pretty beautiful so the Teams headed to Packery Channel Overlook for some fun. The camera was taken just in case we wanted some pictures. As Sierra took us into the parking area we noticed the hordes of pelicans, seagulls and terns that were occupying about a half mile of the channel. There were hundreds of them. Something was in the water that all the birds thought was good eating. We walked along the walkway to see what might be in the fast moving tidal exchange going through the pass. We never found out what it was but here is a small part of the massive bird congestion.


We chose not to try to fish in that mess. Getting a bird tangled in your fishing line is never pleasant and frequently injures the bird. Nope the Teams would just meander around looking for lost pictures we needed to take home with us.

Well goodness gracious there is a lost picture right there.


This was some sort of plant part that had been mutilated to look like a spear head. It was lying loose on some debris and the OFM was not about to hop over the rocks to pick it up. Therefore all we get is a picture. The “spear head” was about 7 inches long and 5 inches wide. Maybe some reader will recognize it and give us an identity.

The vines were showing a lot of flowers on this day. We had bright yellow, brilliant white and this purple flower. All of them were nice to see but this was the only one not flapping in the wind. It sat still for one picture and then got busy flapping in the breeze.


There was a good number of sea turtles feeding in the area along the rocks lining the channel. They were quick little devils on this day. The sluggish OFM used thousands of electrons up to finally get this head shot. Usually the turtles will piddle around on the surface for a few seconds when they come up for air. But on this day it was a quick grab air and head on back under every time. Maybe they were afraid of all the pelicans?


There was a lot of seaweed being washed into the bays through this channel. It piled up on the rocks and would have clogged up your fishing line with pounds of troubles. We have never tried eating this sea weed but some other we tried years ago was quite acceptable.


It was on the way back from this adventure that the ferry boat got stuck from overloading. It was all part of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Ferry Fun

Adventure Location: Port Aransas, Texas

The Teams have had a good time gathering pictures and stories for the blog and are heading back across the ferry to roll home. We get to the ferry lanes and it is not backed up but there are several large trucks and one huge motorhome with a large pickup truck in tow all waiting for a ferry. As luck would have it the next ferry to unload is one of the extra large ones.

We get loaded about third and are situated right up front. Then they loaded three large delivery type trucks, then some more pickup trucks and finally the motorhome and the toad. This is all taking longer than normal but the Teams are enjoying watching the boat traffic in the ship channel so we are content.

The all clear is given and the ferry engines start to rev up. The ferry stays there. The engines reverse and the ferry still does not move. Obviously we are sitting on the bottom. Hmmm Now What.

The captain revs the engines in reverse and apparently wiggles the rudders back and forth trying to wiggle us free. The he hits forward with great vigor and the ferry is enjoying sitting still in the same spot.

The captain goes through the reverse, wiggle, forward routine a couple of times more. Still nothing moving. Everything is quiet for a minute. The props start trying to move us out gently.

About now I realize a large barge tow is about to pass and send a big wake our way. Just as the wake get to us the captain revs up the engine and the wake slides under us lifting us a few inches AND THE FERRY SLOWLY STARTS TO MOVE. We halfway expected to hear cheers from the deck crew.

Finally we clear into the channel and the ferry is riding a bit front down and seems to be trying to cut off to the right. The captain handles it well until we get close to the new landing. As we are coming into the landing we are wondering how shallow it is. Remember the OFM and Sierra are at the front of the ferry now getting a first view of any exciting events.

Well the captain brings the ferry a bit “HOT” in case we hit bottom a little bit. We didn’t. The deck hands started grabbing things to hold on to. So it was a nice bump against the landing dock.

It was nice we got to be second off that ferry as we had had enough of that way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Doggie Picture

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

How about a cute picture of a man and his pup trying to have tooooo much fun?


Great Results On The WDH.

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

It was hot this afternoon after this mornings adventure to Packery Channel but that story will wait for the exciting news to the Teams. The OFM actually got busy after lunch and finished assembly and tuning of the weight distributing hitch (WDH).

First he had to measure the heights of the trailer and truck before the weight distribution things got going to set the rig RIGHT. Without spring assist, Sierra had 3 inches of rear sag when coupled. That is a bit too much. A WDH has several criteria that have to be balanced between each of the requirements. We were able to get all of the criteria to be well into the preferred settings.

We ended up with 1/8“ of rear sag and 1/4“ of front squat. That is well within the class of excellent for a WDH.

The only real trouble was that about half way through with all the cranking of the Castle up and down with the jack stand in the hot sun, the OFM got a bit weak and shut down for a cold Root Beer and some significant AC time. After about a half hour he was doing ok again and we got back to work. Here is the ready to travel equipment.

It should make our traveling a bit easier in the future. And anything that makes trying to have tooooo much fun easier is a great thing.


Towing Safety

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM noticed during the last time on the road that Sierra was being pushed to its limits by Comfort Castle when towed with a simple ball mount like we used with the previous truck. It was looked into carefully and a weight distributing hitch was ordered to make a much better balanced rig. Running equipment right at the upper limit is not the Teams style.

The new hitch arrived today as the rain came down gently. So the OFM ripped the instructions from the box, took a quick picture and headed into the Castle to get educated again about installing this type of hitch.


The OFM was surprised that he recalled nearly all the details of the assembly and tuning of the hitch. However it is not a bad thing to refresh your memory after 9 years of not doing something. So he did.

After lunch the OFM and friend Ed went to work on putting the hitch together and adjusted just right. The box of hitch weighed 83 pounds according to the shipping label. The OFM grabbed it and chunked it onto the picnic table and went to work. At first there are lots of guesses to make to get started. Usually after the hitch is assembled somewhat and the vehicle and trailer measured some, other changes (tuning) has to be made. The big difference is that the OFM has done this with the Castle for a very similar truck before so the first guess should be pretty close to the final need.

This next picture is of the hitch head mounted into the receiver socket just before we found out the OFM did not have the right size wrench to tighten it completely.

The OFM decided to knock off work, rest a bit and then go to Lowes to get the right tool for the job. A couple of neighbors offered the tool. However the OFM wants a tool that necessary to travel with the Teams. He also wants the tool to have proven it is the right one for the job before we travel with it.

The 1 1/16“ combination wrench set us back about $25 but is a necessity for peach of mind for the Teams.

Tomorrow we plan to finish the head assembly, mount the spring bar clamps, install the spring bars and tune the rig for travel. It will be nice to have better piece of mind while we are meandering the country trying to have tooooo much fun.



Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM is not over the migraine attack. The best we can think of it is that it makes great waves for photography. Tonight we chose two of them to show. Both were taken down at Packery Channel from the north jetty.

The first we found unusual since the breaking tops of the wave were breaking toward each other.


The second picture is a double wave that was basically one wave right behind and nearly on top of the other. We are guessing that one is the result of a boat wake and the other one is the result of the wind.


On to less pleasant things. We are once again having major trouble with Phorid flies. They are a nasty prolific little fly. The size is barely larger than a sharpie dot. Some folks call them sewer flies and they can come from sewers but we keep the sewers closed to the interior of the Castle now. The flies come in the door of the Castle every time we open it to go in or out or check on anything. Usually it is about twenty flies and about thirty minutes of killing to get control again. They seem to be living in all the dead vegetation in this campground.
It is getting so bad we are thinking of changing locations to get away from them if we cannot get them under control. We have stayed at this campsite a few times in the past and always had trouble with the Phorid flies. Here is a site to tell you about them PhoridFly.

Those devils definitely get in the way of trying to have tooooo much fun.