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Brantley Lake, NM



Adventure Location: Point Mallard, Decatur, Alabama

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A couple of days ago a new arrival put up some demotivators at his campsite. They quickly became very popular.

TheOFM’s sick day yesterday came at the right time. We had over 24 hours of continuous rain.

This morning there was some more early on but it soon quit. Yesterday’s fever has gone but the physical weakness is still within the OFM. We made a very lazy day of it. By late afternoon the OFM was feeling good enough to get out and walk over to one of the fishing holes. We had a wonderful conversation with two very nice ladies who were catching perch with crickets. They joked that they were using bugs for bait.

On the way back we tried the new camera close-up feature on some white crepe myrtle blossoms.  It needs some practice to get it right. May be soon the OFM will get around to reading the instruction manual and setting all the settings to his preferences.

Tonight is hopefully a good rest night. Being rested is certainly helpful when trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.

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