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Hole #6, Point Mallard Golf Course, Decatur, Al.


Bit Of A Breeze

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas

Rolling Date: 3-10-13 maybe

The bit of a breeze in Rockport kept most folks inside for most of the day. The Teams took a ride down to Light House Lakes to see how things were. The gentle breeze had three feet high waves going in the six inch deep water near the shore. After a bit of walking and sandblasting of the OFM’s skin and glasses, we headed back to the Truck.

As we neared the Truck, the OFM tried to open the door lock with his key fob transmitter. Finally he got it to work by giving six feet of Kentucky windage to the signal. We did not know the wind could affect the signal direction so much.

In the roads and parking lots are lots of palm tree parts that have been blasted from the palm trees. Down at LHL in the parking lot were several prickly pear pads that had been ripped off by the winds. All in all it has been a good day for staying inside.

The Truck trouble has gotten bad enough now that we know it is the new alternator that is making all the screaming noises. It looks like at 0800 tomorrow the Teams will be at the Truck doctor’s office to get another alternator installed. The old one is a month out of warranty and we would have to go back to Del Rio to for assistance if the warranty was still good. Looking back it is easy to see how badly that dealer in Del Rio shafted the Teams.

The schedule is looking better for some trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas

Rolling Date: 3-10-13 maybe

Damp, drizzly, cool to chilly, breezy and gray are the descriptors for this day. It was not bad day in that nothing bad or great happened. If anything describes this day it is this next picture. The OFM pulled the Truck up next to the harbor bulkhead and fished from inside the cab of the Truck. Good grief, he even figured out how to cast without getting out of the cab.

That session lasted about forty five minutes before the OFM and the inside of the Truck was getting wet from the water laden air. Then tonight when the OFM came out of Wal-Mart about 1930, the air was heavy with a misting fog. The Teams headed for the Castle to hibernate for the night.

We need some sunshine so the Teams can get out and work on trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas

Rolling Date: 3-10-13 maybe

The OFM is feeling sort of all mangled up lately. He probably needs more aerobic exercise like biking and golf. His joints are way too stiff from staying inside out of the strong winds. A tree here in the campground resembles his impression of his physical well-being. Check out those gnarled limbs in this picture.

While piddling around the campground today the OFM notice several signs of spring appearing. These are all flowers close by the Castle. They are the point flowers for the big extravaganza headed our way soon.

Heck there was even an orange fungus peeking out of the forest debris. We guess it is the point fungus for the main body of fungi hiding in wait for the exact proper weather to come into town.

Speaking of weather, when the good weather that is already due in town arrives, lots of folks will be out trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



Strange Folks

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas

Rolling Date: 3-10-13 maybe

A few weeks ago the OFM was referred to as “strange” by another person trying to demean him. We looked strange up in the online dictionary and got this definition: exciting wonder or awe. Now that seems to be a good thing to the Teams.

A wonderful friend of mine has proven to be “strange” in his announcement today and the OFM Teams totally support his decision to go for a more adventurous life this year. His blog is http://travlinwithjohn.blogspot.com/  . John is going to do his traveling this year while living in a PT Cruiser. WOW that is great news. The Teams will be watching his adventures with great anticipation. Go visit John’s site and tell him you were sent there by the OFM to appreciate his adventure. This is very exciting to the Teams. Never choose ordinary when you can be “strange”.

The OFM seems to be all well again today and got into the preparations for chasing fun.  In fact the latest member of the OFM Teams arrived today. Let me introduce you to Puddle Boat II.

This new Team member is a direct descendant of our original Team member named Puddle Boat and is the new improved model of the Perception Tribe 9.5. PBII is 9’5” long and can carry 300#. It is expected that PBII will be taking the Teams on photo, fishing and meandering trips around the waterways we encounter during our travels. PBII is being rigged while reclining on the picnic table so the OFM does not have to bend over to do the work.

For travel PBII will rest in the back of the Truck. The OFM will not have to wrestle anything onto the top of the Truck with this arrangement. That alone will save him the cost of a lot of ibuprofen.

The Teams are looking forward to PBII helping us get out and try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



Hungry For Grease

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas

Rolling Date: 3-10-13 maybe

The OFM has had a day of mostly horizontal time recovering from some malaise.  There are no definite symptoms except a general feeling of severe blah and lack of energy. We did a 1.6 mile walk early this morning and that was it for serious moving around.

With this lazy day to use up we spent some time checking the weather in other parts of the west we had considered for the winter time. A popular area is the Tucson area and it is a nice area. We seriously considered this area but a couple of fears held us back from going to that area. It is 300 miles north from our current location. That seems the wrong direction for comfortable winter living.

Then another item is that the Tucson area is about a half mile higher in elevation than our 14 feet here in Rockport.  And now they have snow this late in the year. Yep we did good staying south and low this year.

The Truck is sick again. The serpentine belt idler pulley is crying. It wants some grease. The honest and competent shop in the area is booked solid until our appointment on Tuesday. This is an easy job the OFM is just plain not strong enough to do on his own. So we wait for the Truck doctor to do the surgery.

In the meantime the OFM is keeping a low profile until we can again get busy trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Good Eyes

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas

Rolling Date: 3-10-13 maybe

Writing a blog entry dilated with dilated eyes is a really nasty chore. The eyeexam went very   well.

Good eyesight helps the OFM when he is tryingto have tooooo much fun. TheOFM,


Tear Drop Time

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas

Rolling Date: 3-10-13 maybe

Getting the income tax done was the major emphasis for the day. On waking in the morning the OFM was forced by the Teams into getting finished with the income tax and getting it filed. The Teams do not want that mess getting in the way of running around.

Back at the Castle right after filing the tax forms a major migraine hit with a vengeance. Naturally the OFM went into survival mode and hit the bed. But the income tax work was finished. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!

When lunch time rolled past the OFM got up and we went to Whataburger for a sandwich and free tea in Aransas Pass. Coming out of Whataburger was some pretty bright flowers on a bush. The camera missed the focus a little bit but they are still pretty.

 After that the OFM was feeling like some gentle walking so the Truck took us to the waterfront along hwy 361 for some gentle exercise and recuperation. TheOFM even got out a rod and lure for some fruitless fishing. But his energy was waning after a bit so we headed back to the Castle and some more horizontal time.

Then late in the afternoon the Ofm got up and moving again. The next item on the fix-it list was to get Sightseer’s seat set up correctly for the new way of riding more gently. That was nice comfortable gentle effort and most importantly was successful. Now SS is ready for longer rides again.

Back in Del Rio the Teams ran across an old RV in great condition. It is a Twilight Bungalow. TB brand is one of the very early good brands of RV. We did not even know that they had made a teardrop version. Here is a front and rear view of it.

The owners said they got it from a family whose ancestor had put it into a garage a long time ago and never used it or had it out until they bought it last year. From their research they had found only six more and none in near this excellent condition. Even if it was neat to see, there is no way the OFM would get along with this style of camping.

He is way too soft to put up with much to put up with much lack of comfort while out trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas

Rolling Date: 3-10-13 maybe

Laundry was number one on the agenda this beautiful morning. The good news is that Bay Wash Laundry is two blocks from one of the public piers on the bay front. So while the laundry washed, the Camera Team went looking for pictures. We even found a couple.

As we approached the pier the morning sun was doing a great job of trying to evaporate the entire Gulf of Mexico. The reflection from the water was very strong. The wood pier is the private pier for the motel just behind where the Team was standing.

We walked along the shore toward the public pier enjoying the many different reflections that the sun and water was generating. Looking back at the pier at one point gave us this great view of the interaction of the wind ripples on the water and the reflected image of the pier.

A few more feet and we were looking across a nice area toward the Rockport boat harbor. It would have been great to be out playing in a yak with water this calm. Later in the day the wind got high and made this area a maelstrom.

We made the walk out to the end of the pier. The tide was low so we could see a few critters crittering around on the bottom of the area. A camera shy egret stood guard at the end of the pier. That was one elusive bird to try to photograph.

On the way back to shore a reflection of one of the many palm trees in the area was interesting.  This is actually right side up. It is a neat picture in our opinion.

Back at the laundry the drudgery of laundry was finally finished.

Speaking of finished, let us finish the mystery tool identifications.

This tool was about 20 inches long and the foot part seems to have a pivoting gadget on it. Good luck my friends. Hopefully we will have an answer soon.

Getting neat pictures of reflections is another good way of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM


Winter Weather

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas

Rolling Date: 3-10-13 maybe

Hordes of folks were out braving this horrible winter weather to get in some fishing time.

They were having a great time trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Another Mystery Object

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas

Rolling Date: 3-10-13 maybe

All the maintenance chores the OFM let pile up while we were in Del Rio have come home to haunt him. The weather has been very nice for fishing and catching. Several folks from the campground have been out in their boats catching fish these last two days.

The Teams have been fishing some but more doing chores than fishing. With a little luck we will be caught up on Sunday including the stupid Income Tax.  The OFM has no taxable income but when we take a little money from the IRA the IRS keeps 20% until we file the 1040 to get it back. So we fill out forms to get our money back each year. This is dumb in our opinion.

The good news is that the OFM is doing well on the chores instead of sittin doing nuttin. The bad news is that there are still chores to be done. Heck he even (sorta) washed the Truck this afternoon. At least the Truck weighs a lot less now than when we got here to Rockport.

How about another mystery object?

So far some reader has always been able to tell us what each mystery object has been over the years. Guessing at objects function is another way of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Table Move

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas

Rolling Date: 3-10-13 maybe

The major chore for today was moving the dining table back about a foot toward the rear of the Castle. This will give the Teams a nicer open area between the couch and the dining table.

It was an interesting chore to do while wearing tri-focal glasses. A ton of the under the table work was done with the OFM holding his glasses up with one hand and using the other hand in an awkward position and his fat body twisted into a knot that would make a pretzel baker proud. All the brackets and pivots and other stuff was removed and discarded. As BillyBob says “a Hunnert” screws had to be removed. Then only about fifty had to be installed in new locations.

The main thing that caused this change was the table was set up originally to be let down between the two dinette benches to become a bed. When door dinette went away the letdown feature was not needed anymore.

The office chair has been being strapped to the table while the Teams are rolling. The extra weight of the chair jerking on the table had loosened the original hardware. Now the table is firmly affixed at several points and should be able to restrain the chair without any difficulty. Future travels will test that optimism.

During one rest period the Teams went to visit an old friend at his new house. They quit the RV traveling a few years ago and stayed in an RV park here in Rockport. Now they have purchased and moved into a very nice home backing up to one of the lakes in the Community Park of Rockport. It was a really great location, nice home and good lot to park all the toys.

Finishing the table move without any bloodletting is a wonderful way of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



Different Level Needed

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas

Rolling Date: 3-10-13 maybe

The most important things come first. Readers Sharon and John stopped by today for a wonderful visit. They are really nice folks and have a blog that is totally different from this one. It has very important information about places to visit and enjoy. Enjoy their blog at http://zeetraveler.blogspot.com/  .

The stove top in the Castle is set at a slightly different “level” than the Castle’s idea of “level”. When the Castle is level the stove top tilts back to the rear of the stove. This has proven to be a nuisance often but not really a major trouble. Finally the OFM had another of his “ideas” but for a change this one might work out OK.

He decided to place flat washers under the supports on one side of the grill on the stove top.

The new wonderful wok was supplied with a small amount of water to use for the gage of how level things were working out.  It took three adjustments before the wok was a happy wok.  Every cook knows that a happy wok is a good cooking wok. This fix will be tried out for a few days to evaluate the OFM’s silly idea.

Part of the day was spent working on a new fishing rod. The tip was too flimsy for the OFM. He likes a firmer tip. So we hit the harbor to try out the rod. Then we came home and cut some of the tip off. A new tip was installed. Then, of course, we had to go to the harbor and test it again. Still not just right was the conclusion.

After a few minutes thought the decision was made to drop back to 20# braid fishing line from the 30# that was on the reel. Then back to the harbor for another test. AHHHH now it feels right.

Meanwhile the weather warmed a little and the sun came out and the clouds made funny little shapes.

Something about the sewer hose support brought about some comments and emails. Here is what the sewer support looks like for this site.

We generally carry two sections of rain gutter. One is four feet long and the other is a bit over six feet long. A few weeks ago the long piece became shattered from some accident. That meant we had to go purchase another section of rain gutter to replace the six foot section. So now the secret to our sewer support is out in the open.

We guarantee you that having a sewer that works properly is critical to trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



Old Tools

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Rolling Date: 3-10-13

We rolled out of the Whitsett roadside rest area about 0630 this morning and rolled for an hour or so until the Teams got to Indian Point pull off. There the OFM cooked breakfast in his new wok.  It did extremely well cooking eggs and onions. This seems to be the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

While eating breakfast and waiting for a spell this was the view. The day is very overcast but the temperature was 73.

 The Castle arrived at its new home right at 1000. We were greeted with several howdy’s from folks that were here when we left in December. A lot of the day was spent just visiting with folks. It was a pleasant way of easing back into the coastal lifestyle.

Back in Del Rio is a restaurant with all sorts of tools hanging on the wall. Most of the tools the OFM is familiar with but this one (and a few more another night) he has no idea what they were used for.

If this tools function is known to any reader, please post up so all the rest of us can be edjumacated too.

We did some driving around to see what is new in the area. Not a lot of change in the immediate vicinity. However south on 35 is a lot of dirt work going on. It looks like some fancy housing development is starting up. Maybe we can find out more in the near future.

Meanwhile it is time to get rested up from all the fast travel. There are chores to do and folks to visit. It is all part of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Quick Decision Made

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

Rolling Date: 2-09-13

Yes Sir, that Grandson Gavin guy knows how to have tooooo much fun. He gets his parents to take him to Walt Disney World and carry him around. Check out this big grin. The Teams are envious.

A morning grocery shopping trip worked out well. The Cooking Team has been searching for a smaller wok to use. The smallest we had found was a 14” and is way too large for our needs. Today in Wal-Mart was this very overpriced small wok that is very heavy aluminum. After handling it to check that my arthritic hands could easily hold the wok, it was added to our bulging shopping cart.

We have great hopes for this wok. The OFM really likes to stir fry his fish when cooking. This might be the perfect item to get back to doing that type of cooking. It was $20.

The OFM was just sittin there watching the drizzle coming down and the cold wind blowing. He decided to read BillyBobs blog. That set his mind into motion. BB thought about going back to the coast for a couple of reasons. The OFM considered that the Teams would have access to several things easily back in Rockport to assist with the modifications to the Castle. A weather check was made. Del Rio is nasty for the next couple of weeks. Rockport is much better. So with twenty minutes of get ready time we rolled out of San Pedro at 1430.

Tonight we are at the Whitsett, Texas rest area on I-37. Tomorrow we will be set up in Rockport, Texas for a couple to four weeks depending on the weather and modifications success. Some serious planning is going on in the OFM’s rattling skull. Plans make a horrible racket when they are banging around in his skull.

There are several items left to blog about, from the wonderful stay in Del Rio that will be getting reported soon. In the meantime the Teams will be very busy trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



Low Level Adventure

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

Rolling Date: After 2-11-2013

The letdown after the stress of worrying about the Castle and how much it would cost for repairs was strong today. Naturally the mild cost of the repair was appreciated by the Teams bank account. SSA income keeps it thin anyway.

A few things happened today but the most fun was the low level adventures. With Lake Amistad being raped of 4” of water a day, lots of new lake bottom show up every day. It is sort of like beachcombing. You chose and area and meander around to see what is new to see.

Our first stop was at the 277 bridge where the OFM used to catch all those white bass. The area is basically dry now. The red line on the picture is where the water level was when the fish were being caught.

While meandering that area we found two and a half links of a chain and then a few meters away were the other two and a half links of the chain.

That would make a great kayak anchor. The OFM could not lift even one link off the ground. Wow that chain is massive.

For the next stop the Truck took us over to Governor’s Landing Recreation area. Since it has been several days since the last escapade there, a lot of new ground has been uncovered. Out near the end of one of the many points sticking into what is left of the Lake was a couple of interesting finds.

The first one noticed was a landing net leaning against a bridge column. Apparently it took a mighty leap from a boat sometime in the past and is now waiting for a new home. The Teams have a never used landing net in the Truck so we passed up this opportunity.

Not too far from the net and up the hill a little is these cable anchors. At least that is what the OFM thinks they are. They are aligned parallel with the bridge structure as if they were for some item used during construction. One thing for sure they are very strong still after all these years since they were installed.

The final item for tonight was a canvas cover and frame lying in the dirt. The synthetic canvas was in very good shape but dirty.  The pipe frame work was badly corroded.

The pipe that arched like the leading edge of some sort of cover has a crank arm on it.  The crank arm has a universal joint in it. We were not able to determine how the cover works or used to work.

Very near to the cover is this large slab that apparently used to have some sort of equipment bolted to it.  Maybe the cover was some sort of protection for the unknown equipment that sat on the slab.

You never know what you will find when the water recedes from an area. However meandering around checking things out is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


The Castle Hospital Adventure

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

Rolling Date: After 2-11-2013

The dad gum alarm clock got the OFM going in time to get the Castle to the trailer hospital on time. The Teams rolled into the parking lot about ten minutes early. The name of this place is Arc Rite on hwy 90 north of Del Rio, TX. It is highly recommended by the OFM Teams.

The entry is into the accessories store and it is quite a toy store for truck folks.

Attached to the store is the small shop area. They are in process of expanding into three huge shop buildings in behind the current building. Here is the current small shop.

Right at 0830 the Teams were rolling the Castle into the diagnostics bay for evaluation. Of course it was drizzling rain messing up the mirrors on the Truck. We made it into the bay with no trouble because the OFM is such a great backer of trailers.

Within a few minutes the Castle was in the air spinning its wheels. The doctor, Cory, and his helper went to work checking everything. They measured this and that, then some more here and there. After about fifteen minutes Cory came up for air and announced “all the axles and suspension is well within specs”. That was sort of a relief, but what was the real trouble?

Cory stood there a minute then went to spinning the wheels individually and checking something. The first two wheels passed apparently. Then he went to the curb side of the Castle and started spinning wheels again. Within a few seconds we heard a big “A HA” and around the Castle we hurried. By then Cory was spinning the front curbside wheel. When he was satisfied, he showed me the rear curbside tire had a separating tread. It was a bubble in the tread about a half inch wide and six inches long. The Teams are glad Cory has good eyesight. It took the OFM a good long stare to see the trouble. Man o man his eyes are getting bad up close.

As it turns out the bent holding tank support was all the visible damage anywhere under the Castle.  It is not important and will be left as is for now.

The OFM made the command decision of what to do next.  The spare tire has been sitting in the sun for eight plus years now. The street side tire with some uneven wear is only two years old. So we swapped the street side tire to the spare location. The old spare tire was chunked into the junk pile. Two new tires were put on the rear axle.

From the difference in tread between the two year old tires on the front axle and the new tires on the rear axle is very noticeable. The OFM expects that the front axle tires will need replacement within a year. At least we will have a few SSA payments to get ready for that event. This event cost us $300.

Now we know we have first class shoes on the Castle so we can roam without worry as we get out trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Home Used To Be Lake Amistad

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

Rolling Date: In the morning.

Rolling where? To the axle doctor.

For some reason the OFM got busy this morning and started another of his famous clean out and get rid of it adventures. The basic idea is that if he has not needed it in two years it goes away. If it has only been a year, can it be replaced at Wal-Mart. If the answer is yes out it goes. If it is not sold at Wal-Mart consideration is given to the need to carry the item. At least a 50% chance it will also be gone shortly.

Here is most of the stuff that was in the bin. The chairs do not live in the bin nor does the concrete picnic table.

That garbage can on the upper right was filled to the ¾ mark before it was all over with. For example we found FOUR extension cords in the bin. One was over 35 years old and worn heavily. It was like an old buddy but its time was over.  The two heavier gage cords were kept. One is 25 feet and the other is 50 feet in length. If we cannot get by with that we need to think things over again. The two other cords were given a “free cords” note and laid on a picnic table for a case of finders keepers.

Lots of other stuff was in the nether reaches of the bin but it was all counted. A couple of sewer hose sections that were left overs but in great shape found their way into the garbage can. That left the Teams with a 20’ and a 12’ hose. Both hoses have a full set of fittings for sewer use. The Teams certainly did not have a reason to carry two more spares. And the pattern kept on repeating for a couple of hours.

We even found brand new drinking water hoses we did not remember purchasing. One is 25’ long and two others were 10’ long each. Those were put back in the far reach of the bin for future use. Our current normal use hose is 2 each 10’ hoses. In the last three years for sure we have not needed more than those two sections.

Here is the bin all cleared out.

The small shovel was used to get the dirt and debris out of the bin. Then the OFM Portable Vacuum Cleaner was used to get the rest of the dirt out. Repacking proved to be interesting with all the room gained. It turned into a major adventure to get things in in such a manner they would not bounce around with all the extra room.

The evening was mild and gentle. It was time to cook some food. Pots are used for pan frying to control the grease spatter. Done correctly, 99% of the grease spatter remains in the pot. Here is the large pot during the pan frying of tonight’s delight.

This is the final product.

Those fish used to swim in Lake Amistad.  Our favorite fish coating is Zatarains Southern Fish Fry mix. Pan frying in scant olive oil makes very crispy filets normally. And then the OFM is planning on having freshly fileted strawberries before going to bed tonight.

Some days that fool does a great job of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


To The Trailer Hospital

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

Rolling Date: Who Knows?

The bad news is that the Castle is headed to the frame hospital on Thursday. The good news is that the hospital is close by and seems very well equipped to handle the operation successfully.

This morning was time to get serious about the tire wear on the Castle’s tires. So the OFM crawled under the Castle on the door side to check for damage. Other than the tire tread being gone on the inside edge, nothing looked abnormal.

Then he moved over to the other side. Now we have a different story completely.  The tire was worn on the inside edge but not nearly as bad as the door side tire.  But what was evident was some structural damage to the Castle. Now we are not going to fool around. This has to go to someplace with the expertise and ability to correct the trouble.
The axle was carefully eyeballed for damage. Now the OFM has bad astigmatism so he is suspect when making judgments on if something is straight or not. The axle is supposed to have a slight upward bow. This axle looks more like a slight S curve to the OFM now.

The puzzle is when and where did the damage happen. We have not been able to figure a location that we had an event that we can remember. No matter now, it has to be repaired.

The Teams stopped at Broke Mill RV Park to ask the owner for a recommendation. Mike, the owner, has been in the area for years and has had several trailers get repairs. Mike immediately recommended a local shop. We got to the shop about 1000 this morning and explained the trouble to the fellow at the counter. He immediately got into their computer system and scheduled the Castle for diagnostics on Thursday morning. What happens after that will, of course, depend on the diagnosis. We expect to have to replace the axle and at least one or two tires.

We will see but you can be assured that keeping the Castle in first class shape is important to our goal of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Worn Out Already

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

Rolling Date: Who Knows?

The morning started with a fantastic show of sunlight that produced the new header picture.

From there things got better and better.  Since the propane ran out on the port side bottle, the first chore today after breakfast was to refill that bottle. Off to the propane store we went. The nice folks there took care of us quickly. Seven gallons of propane cost us $20. The filler fellow even loaded my bottle into the Truck for me.

It was an easy ride back to the Castle because all of the Teams were in a lazy mode. But when the refilled bottle was installed and the OFM sat down at the table, he immediately started a CHORES TO BE DONE list. First on the list was water the Truck batts. Then he added a few other things.

The Truck batts did not need any of the freshly purchased distilled water to our surprise. So that chore is over for a couple of months.

Next was to cut down the oversize leveling boards we have been carrying around. After about an hour with the Teams short handsaw hacking on the leveling boards, we now have boards sized to fit the Castle tires without a lot of excess to take up room and weigh more than necessary. They are now 2 x 8 boards 10” long.

While measuring the tire size at the ground, the OFM noticed that the Castle’s tires are rather well worn. Some research on the internet brought up a new to us piece of information that the Goodyear ST tires on the Castle are only designed to last 12,000 miles.  In fact some other brands are as low as 9000 miles. Our records were examined. Then the blog was used to estimate the amount of miles on the tires. 14,000 miles already. Good Grief the Teams cover a lot of ground. It looks like new shoes for the Castle will be coming up soon. Ouch says the bank account.

By now it was lunch time and then time for a nap. Only today the OFM could not go to sleep. He was trying to figure out whether to ride SightSeer or go fishing. Fishing won the toss.

The Fishing Team got over to the Diablo East parking lot and found a lot of boat trailers there. We still had plenty of room to park. The nice fellow we had met while fishing this area had parked his truck here also. We walked down the hill to the rock peninsula and found the nice fellow. He had two nice bass. A few pleasantries were exchanged and the OFM headed over to the water to get busy drowning lures.

Wouldn’t you know it? On the first cast a nice small bass hit the lure. After landing the fish, we decided to take it over to the nice fellow. He appreciated it and took a picture of the OFM holding the fish. We measured the fish at 20 inches and 4.5 pounds. It was just barely short of BillyBob’s heart throb size bass of 14 ½ pounds.

Back we went to catch a bunch more of them bass. Nope not another bite in three hours of wearing out the water with lures. At least catching one nice fish did a lot toward trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Line Contest

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

Rolling Date: Who Knows?

Fishing Report:

Adventure Report:

Let us discuss fishing line tonight. For years the OFM had used good quality monofilament fishing line. Usually Stren or Trilene by brand was used and it was good. Then about a year ago the first try of using braid, Windtamer by name, made him switch over to using braid. It casted farther, easier and you could feel the lure and fish much better was his impression at that time.

This morning while cleaning up a bit we found a spool of Trilene mono that was about a year old. It has been in the dark of a cabinet since it was purchased just before the swap to braid line. OK it is time to test our current feel for the mono versus braid line.

The mono was spooled onto the reel and we went fishing. The first immediate thing notice was how much shorter the mono could cast a 1/8 ounce lure.  Then the lack of feel of the lure bouncing off the rocks beneath the surface was very noticeable.  It surprised the OFM how dramatic the difference is between the two styles of line. Both lines are 20# test.

Then the fish in the picture above was hooked.  The mono seemed to be a weak rubber band while fighting the fish. The mono definitely puts some cushion in your line when using it.  The mono will be going into the garbage tonight.  This test satisfied the OFM that his previous choice of using braid is a major improvement in line performance for his style of fishing.

Near where the line testing was going on was a very large “steel plate” under the water that we had been watching. Today the water in the lake had gone down enough that most of the “steel plate” was exposed. As the Team fished along the shore line plate was examined. Surprise, it is ¾” plywood so water logged it does not float anymore.

We have no idea what or why the sheet of plywood is in the lake. It is covered with mud and slime but not attached to anything. Maybe it came loose from a dock in the nearby marina.

Now that the fishing line examination is complete, it must be time to get out and get busy trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.