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Brantley Lake, NM


Sock Liners

Adventure Location: Sinton Golf Course, Texas

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BillyBob emailed the OFM to come on up north to the Sinton Golf Course and get a stomping on your head.  A time was settled upon. The OFM reported for torture right on time. The good news is the weather up north could not have been any better.  Cool with bright sunshine was our situation.

After nine holes BB was six shots ahead of the OFM. 45 to 51. The OFM even had an 8 on a par three. We will not be discussing the rest of the round.

The new shoes were worn for most of a day and then put away for hiking. They seemed to be just about right.  The new socks were just fine but did not seem to create any more cushion than the Coolmax socks. However they were definitely warmer to wear. We still will have to try the socks out when hiking to be able to give a reasonable review.

The subject of liner socks came up and what the OFM has been doing for many years now is use ladies ankle high nylon stockings for liners. This keeps his skin from staying wet from sweat and prevents his skin from rubbing the socks or shoes and creating blisters. This has been very successful when water sports are involved.

There are many different types of liner socks out in the world and we would like to hear from others on their experiences with liners for their socks. It does not need to be just hiking but any other use for liners would be good to add to our general knowledge.

Even though the golf score was not so great, the weather made it a great day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.

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