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Sticks and Leaf, Decatur, Al.


Tioga George

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama

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Tioga George has written in his blog that he has moved back into the USA.

On a recent walk we saw some minor little items of interest. The first thing that caught our attention was this wall of vines hanging near the path.

They are nearly a solid wall and hang almost all the way down to the water. If they get much heavier they might pull the tree into the lake.

Somewhere along the path were these pretty but very small flowers. It took several tries before we got on shot mostly in focus. Practice with the macro setting is definitely needed. These little digital cameras have more settings than my brain can hold. Data just pours out the left side when we pour it in the right side of the OFM’s head. It is sad.

At another place the trees are very tall and straight. We snuggled up to one of them without the poison ivy wrapped around it to take this picture.

The sun was very bright and gave the camera fits getting the trees exposed correctly with all the back lighting.

We have definitely not been having a drought at all but the trees are starting to lose leaves.  Everywhere you walk is more fallen leaves. This is a picture of the river water and the leaves floating on the surface. A couple of days ago there were only one of two leaves and now the surface has lots of them. Does this mean cooler weather soon? We hope so.

Click on the pic to see all the leaves floating.

Cooler weather will let us run around more while trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.

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