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Sticks and Leaf, Decatur, Al.


Ready To Roll

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

Rolling Date: 3-6-2013

The Teams are as ready to go as we can get until tomorrow morning. It will take about ten minutes to finish up the “git redy” and roll. Destination is somewhere legal south of Marathon, Texas. Clothing is all freshly clean as of noon today. Food is resupplied as of late afternoon today. Refreshing of the OFM’s mind of the roads in the destination area is complete. We are ready for tomorrows rolling.

Since it was late in the afternoon and too late to roll on out, the Teams had to find something to do. Sitting doing nothing creates sitting doing nothing and that is not how the OFM wants to live. Go out at full throttle is one of his many mottos. The Grim Reaper better be in good shape to catch the OFM.
The OFM definitely needs the practice, so out comes the 60° wedge and practice got under way. We guarantee that if you can play the golf ball off the rocks of this campground, you will have an easy time on a golf course. After about an hour of shock waves going up the OFM’s arm from the hard surface, he stopped. It was an interesting practice session for sure.

So here we are sitting at the picnic table with time to kill. Suddenly another silly thought comes to the OFM. Apply some wax to the Castle. So up and away he went. Next thing we knew there is some waxed sections on the side of the Castle. It certainly cannot hurt anything.

After writing this blog entry there will be nothing to do until rolling time tomorrow. For those who have never been to Bibe and would like to see what it is all about, do a web search for Big Bend pictures. This area is not for everyone. We have heard many times of folks who spent a weekend in Bibe and saw the whole thing. Yeah right. The OFM has been coming to Bibe for forty years and feels like he has covered nearly 3% of the park. However it does have more appeal for folks who like to do more than sit on their spreading butt in their vehicle and ride around.

The Wi-Fi in the park is sparse and aircard service is non-existent, so blogs after tonight may come at any time and may have more than one day published at a time. Be assured that there is plenty of stuff for writing blog entries in the park so if nothing is published for a few days be ready for an avalanche of blog entries when we get service.

There is definitely no shortage of things coming to help the Teams in our goal of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.

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