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Sticks and Leaf, Decatur, Al.


Motorcycle Rider

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

Rolling Date: 3-7-2013

Good grief it was a busy day from the moment the OFM got his fat body out of bed. The wind was calm and the planned trip to Rough Canyon awaited us. So after breakfast and the mile fast walk around the campground loop, the Truck was started and away we went. Our hope is to see the submerged dam at Rough Canyon part of the Devils River. This is the calm water covering the dam.

It did not happen. There is still water over the dam. However the long peninsula that sticks out from the campground has a lot more of the dam infrastructure exposed now. All of this territory in the foreground was covered with water the last time we were here three weeks ago. It is treacherous walking on the loose rock and slimy moss left from the water receding.

The hike back up the hill to the Truck took the OFM three rest breaks to complete the hike. Then it was back to the Castle for lunch. Just as lunch was started a motorcycle pulled up across from the Castle. The rider dismounted and started toward the Castle. TheOFM grabbed a couple of shotguns to be ready for battle.

When the rider came around the corner he said “Are you Barney?” That was a surprise. It turns out Cliff is a reader of my blog and came by to say HI.

He is a very nice fellow and we visited for about two hours. The Teams hope we get to visit again sometime. Cliff lives in Del Rio and found the OFM through MsB’s blog Terlingua Dreams.

Next on the agenda was to check out a launch spot over at Spur406 campground. The launch spot is very good with a gravel bottom next to the paved road.

The water is shallow for several feet out. That gives the OFM a chance to fall off Puddle Boat without drowning.

By now the temperature was plain old hot.

Some not so nice news came our way by way of a couple of blogs and a forum. It seems that Bibe campgrounds are already getting crowded. Spring break doesn’t even start until next Saturday. Now we have to consider alternate plans for when we get to Bibe in case there is no room for the Teams in the park. The developed campgrounds we fit into are Cottonwood Campground and Rio Grande Village. There are three primitive roadside campsites we can fit into also. If they are all filled then we will have to go to Study Butte or Stillwell Ranch to find a campsite. Or we can turn around and come back to Amistad to catch fish until spring break is over.

Trying to find legal spots to camp can be a way of having adventures while trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



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