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Rockport Texas



Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

Rolling Date: 3-7-2013

The Teams were rolling about 0845 this morning. It was a good day with very little traffic for the whole 325 miles. The OFM made use of both of the fancy Texas Rest Stops on our route so he was not beat to a pulp with the driving.

Our arrival to the San Pedro campground was about 1630 with ALL the campsites available. We chose the usual SP34 since it has served well in the past. Here is a picture of our cramped situation.

A neat feature of this campground is that you feel like you are way out in the middle of nowhere. The reality is that you are barely outside of Del Rio. The Wal-Mart is only 6 miles away.

We needed to pick up breakfast food for tomorrow so we made a run to Wal-Mart. Tomorrow we will inventory our supplies and restock in preparation for heading to Bibe. The rent for the site here was paid through Wednesday night. Thursday we will head on out for Bibe and new adventures.

While at Wal-Mart the OFM noticed that fans were in stock again. We had one of our two fans become garbage can fodder a few weeks ago. It was the one that would not run from our inverter. The other fan that still works got a broken mounting clip a few days ago and is in limp mode.

Here is the first new fan. The new model has both a clip mount and a stand mount. The OFM is going to have to try it out in both modes to see which is better for our Team needs.

Andy Baird has a great reference source for RVers at http://www.andybaird.com/travels/eureka/  . In that source he talks about the O2Cool fan and how reliable they have been. Tonight the fan was in stock and we brought one home with us to try out.  Our intent is to wire it direct to the 12 volt system to provide boondocking air movement.

Being back in the desert certainly feels great. It will be a cool night tonight but another beautiful day tomorrow. Now that hunting season is over all the hunt areas are available for hiking. The fish are biting like crazy. The biking roads have not been opened to vehicles yet.  It makes the Teams wonder if there is anything to do to try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.

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