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Rockport Beach, Texas


Finally A Decent Thought

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Estimated Next Rolling Date: February 12, 2012

Let us begin where the story left off yesterday.  The trip to Port Aransas to have lunch with BillyBob was delayed by a half hour wait for the ferry.  But his pup Sadie Mae was so happy to see me she nearly bit my leg off or at least pretended like she would.  She is an excellent watch dog and alarms very well to let BB take care of any trouble.

Lunch was good at the Tex-mex place.  Then afterward BB and I took a walk in the small park where the birders go to watch feather legs mess around.  The picture that was taken of BB at the birdwatchers location was given to BB since he threatened me with severe bodily harm if it was even mentioned he was bird watching.

After that he took me to three secret spots he knows where you always catch at least a hunnert fish.  We caught nothing.  Check his blog to see a picture of one of the spots.  But the day was beautiful and the sun warm, the breeze nice and lots of folks were out playing and laughing. This is the normal winter weather here in Port Aransas.

 There was a fake sand castle in a planter shaped like a boat.  It looked like cement and sand mix was used to build it.  The detail was very good.

After a bit BB was dropped off at his place and the OFM went on his way.  To my surprise the ferry line to leave the island was only twenty minutes.  When the Team came close to Rockport, it was decided that some pier fishing was needed.  But it was not to be.  As my way was made out onto the pier, two nice folks were encountered and we visited for until it started getting chilly.  They were Jim and Jerry Kimmel. He teaches at a college and she is a photographer.  They have written a book about the Brazos River in Texas that might be pretty good reading. If it is a good as the visiting was then it is a very interesting book.

Then it was time to get home, fed and cleaned and into bed.  Man that was an intense day.

This morning has been severe fog.  Then sun for about four hours in the mid-day and severe fog again in the late afternoon and evening was the weather.  Staying inside seemed to be the best idea.

There is a hole in the floor that used to be covered by the bench seat that was taken out.  Every now and then it catches the wheel of the chair that is my main seating.  Today it was fixed.  The rug was pulled back.  An electrical junction box plate was put on the sheet vinyl.  A black line was traced around the plate.  Then a knife was used to trim along the line.  The chunk of vinyl was removed.  The plate put against the wood floor and screwed down.  The plate and the vinyl are just about the same thickness so it worked out very well.

Sometimes my stupidity scares me.  For two years now efforts have been made to make it easy to cut the electricity to the converter.  Everything seemed to involve taking the front grill of the cabinet on and off.  That is a real pain. Nothing has worked out very well.  Then suddenly the answer flashed in front of me as pots were being put away.

The converter is plugged into a receptacle mounted on the cabinet wall between the under sink area and the under stove area.  Finally my peanut brain realized that all that has to be done is unscrew two screws, move the receptacle to the other side of the wall and screw it back to the new wall location.  There was way plenty of electrical power wire slack to easily do it.

 Now all that is required is to open the pan cabinet and plug or unplug the converter as needed.  It would have been nice if my brain had worked two years ago. GEZZZZ.

Late this evening a trip to the harbor was taken in hopes of getting some neat fog shots.  The new header is one of them.  There is about fifty more yet to edit before showing them to the world.  Taking pictures in a shore fog can be a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Monkey Business

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Estimated Next Rolling Date: February 12, 2012

The last of my Christmas presents arrived today.  It is a cute little monkey carved from a peach pit.  My sister had a friend from high school carve it for me.  It will look good hanging with the sparkle makers and whirligigs in my main window. Thank you Sis.

The repair shop got busy on the Truck right on time. Two and a half hours later the hose had been replaced.  It is a good thing there was no attempt on my part to replace the hose.  The flexible, strong young man that did not need trifocals to see worked very diligently for nearly an hour removing parts of the engine assembly and practicing extreme contortionism to get to the clamps that would not let go. Here is a shot into the depths of the engine compartment early into the project.

When the hose finally let go of the engine, it was triumphantly posed next to the new hose on the floor of the shop.

The new hose assembly was installed and the cooling system filled with coolant of the type recommended for the Chevrolet.  Inspection of the hoses revealed no leaks on the first try.   You could successfully bet that if TheOFM had done it there would have been leaks to correct.  It seems to be another first class job by the mechanics at Craig’s Tires in Rockport.  I am very satisfied with the work and prices they charge for doing a COMPLETE job.

While my feet wandered the shop floor a customer brought in a trailer tire that had failed “for no good reason” to be replaced.

You can bet that a tire shredded like that failed due to owner neglect.  Usually it is too low an inflation, too high a load and speeds in excess of the tire rating when you see this kind of damage.

All this happened before 1100 hours but the pace of the day was just getting started.  By the time my day slowed down it was after 1900 hours and my brain is mush needing rest. More coverage tomorrow is planned.  Hint: Fishing, BillyBob, fishing, visiting and more.

It is early to bed for me tonight as my rest is needed for the exciting day tomorrow of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


High Dollar Hose

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Estimated Next Rolling Date: February 12, 2012

Surprise, the new a month ago alarm clock that uses batteries actually works as an alarm clock.  It started being obnoxious right at the time it was set to alarm.  Naturally my body did not want to get up at the unreasonable hour of 0630 but the Truck needed to be on time at the mechanic shop for its repairs.

As it works out it was only diagnostics today.  The leak trouble was spotted after the removal of a bunch of rock shields.  The radiator hose had to be shipped in from Corpus Christi and will not arrive until late today. Now the Truck has to go back tomorrow for the real repair.  It was a relief to be able to find the leaking spot so a repair can be made.  It is now leaking enough that spots are showing up on the dirt where the Truck parks.  It is time to spend some more money on the Truck. 

The hose price is $182.  There are connections from the hose to other things under the hood that was not visible to me.  That is one complicated looking piece of plastic and hose.  It will be very interesting to see what it actually looks like when they get it out tomorrow.

Needless to say but it will be said anyway, the Teams stuck close to the Castle all of today.  A close by trip to the harbor pier netted this nice picture of a cabbage head jellyfish. There were several floating around enjoying the warm sun of the proper winter day again.  For a short while we were at 75degrees F down at the pier.

My sister sent me this really great backscratcher.  It telescopes so it is easy to carry.  Then when needed, it can grow to enormous lengths to take care of your needs.

It stays here by the computer where a lot of head scratching goes on as I try to figure out what did I say or mean to say on the blog.

And finally there was a trip back to the pier to see if the fish were back in the area yet.  Nope.  But it was another beautiful day here.  Even the fishing rod and the lure were glad to be hanging around the water.

An excellent backscratcher and a warm day goes a long way toward trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Giggle Time

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Estimated Next Rolling Date: February 12, 2012

The OFM has been telling folks from other parts of the world how this winter is so different from the previous winters here in the Rockport area.  This morning my blog entries for all the winters since 2007 were explored.  Big Surprises were waiting for me.

The cold has not been any worse than the winters since 07 to my surprise.  We have had warm days and cold days just like the last few years.  The rain or equal has not been any worse either.  It is a good thing my blog works since my memory does not.

Now gray days seem to be in greater abundance this year than in the past.  The sun shining mitigates a lot of cooler weather for my body.  The wind is also running about normal. When it is all said and done, so far it is a normal winter and I am complaining just like the last four years. The good news is that it is fairly consistent that by Valentine’s Day the winter weather is over and the spring WINDS will be back with extreme vigor. It looks like my Estimated Next Rolling Date: February 12, 2012   will be an interesting time for blogging.

Along about noon the clouds went away and the sky got bright with sunshine.  The air temperature was still chilly but the afternoon was very nice.  The fish catching was horrible.  No bites, tugs or nibbles at all on my lures here on the pier.

Later down at the end of the beach park a nice group was having fun.  If I heard correctly it was grandpa, daughter and two grand kids out for fun and excitement. 

The young kid on the bike would ride up the sloped sidewalk and come back flying down for his mom to catch him.  They were having a giggling good time.  Now that is some serious trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Red Green Man

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Estimated Next Rolling Date: February 12, 2012

It was a great day for not being outside so the Team went down to visit BillyBob in Port Aransas.  The deck crews on the ferries were looking cold when we boarded the ferry coming and going.  Sadie Mae was on the alert when we arrived.  She announced my arrival loud and clear then went back to the couch to the nap position.  Naturally she got a little ear scratching for doing such a great job.

BB and I had an excellent visit.  We talked of many things including where we will be going next.  At this moment we happen to be leaning toward going toward the same general location.  But who know what the reality will be in the next month. 

Back in Rockport in the late afternoon some fishing was tried but it was just too cold for my hands.  Then it was back to the Castle to admire my new Christmas presents from my son and DIL.  She knitted these for my thin hair head.  Don’t they make me handsome?

 Actually they were requested to help keep my head, neck and ears warm.  As it works out one will be used to keep my head warm at night when the temps drop below 45.  The wall at the head of my bed seems to let in cold and causes me a cold scalp.  Now with this cap tied on my sleeping should be much better.

And we all can agree that a good night’s sleep really helps when you are trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Big Present

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Estimated Next Rolling Date: February 12, 2012

For the trivia fans an accounting for the cost of campground fees including electrical for the last year came out to just under $11 a day.  During that year there was not even a smidgen of effort made to keep the campground costs down.  The Team went where we wanted to and stayed where we wanted to for the whole year. That made the cost about $330 a month.  With a little effort at not paying daily rates and taking advantage of cheaper places like San Pedro Campground for $2 a night or New Mexico parks boondocking areas for $0 etc. that amount could easily have made a noticeable drop. Now the Team has a good handle on the expected maximum cost of camping fees for the next year.  Yep budget planning for the New Year is in progress because that Estimated Next Rolling Date: February 12, 2012 is not far off.  That would be four months in one spot, amazing.

The weather was just right for going to do laundry.

But the visiting was great.  A couple from south west Canada and I had a great visit.  They are on a six week loop around inside the USA.  Usually they go straight down into Mexico for the warm weather.  Their travels have taken them all sorts of neat places in South America.  The experiences they have had were wonderful to hear about. You meet lots of interesting folks when you get out of your shell and talk to folks. Even with cold, wet and windy weather there are neat adventures available all around us.

This evening a Christmas present was opened and in it was a HUGE bread machine.

That sucker is bigger than my counter in the kitchen.  Oh my goodness it is large.  I bet it makes good bread though.  No wonder the present was taking up half of my couch waiting for Christmas Eve.  There are more presents to open so I have to get to work tonight.

Merry Christmas to everyone and may 2012 be your best year ever for trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Another Burner Test

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

The sun came out for a few minutes so the Fishing Team hit the harbor pier.  The sun may have been out but the cold attacked my poor finger joints.  After about six casts it was time to warm my hands up.  We headed back to the Castle and some cooking.

More chicken stoup was made and it is delicious.  Here is the mountain of food getting ready for the freezer.

As a side event of cooking for three hours plus, the Castle was kept closed up tight to test the production of CO by the stove burner.  It was getting to where the oxygen needed to be replenished by then so some windows were opened.  Here is the CO reading right before the windows were opened.

As you can see, once again the stove is still a clean burning flame like the Blue Flame type heaters.  So the burner on the stove will continue to be my boondocking heater.  Of course needing to heat during boondocking will be a very seldom experience in my life.  If it is cold enough to need heat then “dem wheels need to be rollin.”

There is a lot of hustling going on around town since tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  The Teams will be staying out of the way in our effort of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


The Fall Guy

Adventure Location: Mustang Island State Park, TX

The day turned out great as you will see.  So it was back to MISP to do some Red Tide checking and beachcombing.  Along the way is BillyBobs RV in Port Aransas.  A pass by his RV was made but his Jeep was gone so a visit did not happen.  It was the same story on the way back.  The Truck headed on out to the State Park and adventure.  The team checked into the park and scrambled on the soft sand down to the Fish Pass Jetties.  The tide was way in and we had to run the beach close to the dunes where the surface is a bit soft for a heavy truck.

  After parking and paying attention to all the hordes of folks out and about the decision was to just walk out on the jetty checking things.  All went very well all the way to the end.  There were many surfers out trying their luck on the rather small waves coming ashore.

They did seem to be having a great time anyway.  Every now and then a wave barely big enough would come in and they would get a short ride.  The view back toward the shore showed more and more folks coming onto the beach.  It must be time for the Team to be somewhere else. So the scramble back to shore was started.  The difficult part of the rocks was passed without event.  About the second rock on the easy section had a piece that broke under my foot as my weight transferred forward. Down my body went among the cracks and edges of the boulders. It has been many years since my last fall on this type of surface.

It was nice that all my old training and practice came back and got me to roll into the impact.  All the visible damage was two small scratches on my hand.  However a somewhat twisted right ankle was noticed when my body got up right.  That put an end to any thought of walking the beach looking for junk. Here is roughly where my acrobatics took place.

An extremely nice fellow from South Africa saw me go down and got over to check on me as I was getting up.  He said he happened to be looking at me when the incident occurred.  He said my foot made an ugly twist and then I started down.  I think he was surprised I did not get hurt worse.  He and his family were down to enjoy the winter weather.  It was delightful visiting with them for a few minutes.  Tonight the ankle is sore but a little rest should fix it right up.

On the way back to the Castle we checked BillyBobs rig and he was still gone. So the Truck headed on to the Castle until the idea of fishing at the harbor came into my head.  The Truck thought it was a good idea and diverted to the Rockport harbor pier.

Of course my progress along the pier was a bit slower than usual but the Fishing Team still got out on the pier for some fun.  About the third cast a foolish fish hit my four inch paddle tail grub in the color of electric chicken.  To my amazement the foolish fish stayed on the hook until the FF was over the walkway then fell off.

After the required picture, the FF was put back into the water to fight another day.  The other fellow on the pier managed to catch three FF on a 4 inch one quarter ounce DOA white shrimp lure.  All of his FF went back it to grow up also.

For fun tomorrow it is necessary to call Polk County in East Texas to see what to do about the jury summons I received in the mail today for a date of two weeks ago.  That piece of mail was offset by getting the notice of my SSA going up a few dollars for next year.  It was an exciting day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

My DIL and son have given me a new phone for Christmas.  It came a few weeks ago and is, for me, incredibly complex to use.  This is from a fellow who spent the last 15+ years operating CAD computers designing all sorts of industrial things.  So computer like things do not frighten me at all, especially while my hammer is close by.

So anyway there was a message left on the phone that needed to be heard or at least that was my thought. The operating manual was written in English by someone that has zero logical ability.  The instructions were written for someone who was already an expert in designing and operating the phone.  For instance “press the view key”.  There is no view key on the phone or a key identified by the operating manual as a view key.  That sort of stuff is not my idea of good instructions.

Finally a little pamphlet was uncovered called a Quick Start.  It was written by a human for a human.  In that pamphlet was the instructions that should have been in the manual that has been fighting me for several hours.  One amazing weird phenomena of un-natural occurrence was that I actually remembered my password from a few weeks ago.  WOW miracles still happen.

Finally the message was obtained.  It was left over from yesterday to come get the glasses on my face right now.  And I was successful in clearing the phone of the old message. THE MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH was that now it is known how to turn the speaker on and loud so my bad Viet Nam rocket damaged ears can hear the phone well.  Yea Me.

The day was gray, cold and windy but learning something new, especially something worthwhile made it a great day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Attack Hound

Adventure Location: Port Aransas, TX

The first worthwhile thing done today was to vacuum the Castle.  It not like it needed it after only six months in the desert and in sandy Rockport.  The vacuum cleaner was only emptied three times so it was not too bad.  Then while the vacuum cleaner was out the Truck was attacked also.  When it was all over the new floor mats were installed.  Now it will be easier to clean the sand out of the Truck.

Since old BillyBob is now in the area, it was important to go over to Port Aransas to visit with him. After the long hard trip over to Port Aransas (PA) the Visiting Team finally arrived at BB’s RV all worn out and ragged from the thirty minute ride.  When the Team knocked on the door, Sadie Mae started in her protection and alarm mode.  She was ready to leap at my throat and rip me to shreds or at least sounded like it.

As soon as she got a look at this fool she quieted down and got ready for some serious ear scratching. Then she climbed on the couch and lay down.  Now she was ready for all the hot air about to flow.

BB is looking good isn’t he?

We visited for a couple of hours and covered many subjects of great importance to the universe. We even discussed future plans that each of us was considering.  Surely we will cross paths again this next year.  Heck we might even get in a golf round somewhere in 2012. 

My need for my new glasses caused me to cut out and head back in the early afternoon.  They were ready at the optic shop and WOW do they make a difference.  It was definitely a good move to get these new ones.

Back in Rockport some fishing happened at the harbor jetty but not even one nibble was felt.  But at least some sunshine came out to play for a little while.  It was a mostly gloomy day.

But my readers know by now that a gloomy day will not stop me from trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Babe Magnet

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

The Truck has me over at the harbor pier checking on the Red Tide situation.  As my feet are motivating me back to the Truck a sound attracts my attention.  My head looks around for the sound and this really pretty young lady says to me “Yes I am following you”.

Then she says she recognized me from this blog.  WOW what a surprise!  She and her husband are camped in the area and recognized me and the Truck.  Boy that Truck is a babe magnet it seems, because it is a given fact that TheOFM is not.  After a few minutes chat, we head over to where her husband is trying to convince some sheepshead fish that they should do battle with him.  John and Becky are great folks for a visit if you get a chance.  We had about a half hour of fun and then they had to head on down the road to an appointment.  And John did not get any sheepshead to take home.

After a wonderful encounter like that the rest of the day was pretty ordinary.  The Beach Park pier area was checked for Red Tide also.  The day was bright sun, 73 and windy.  You can see the wave action on the beach front and the folks out on the pier having fun in this next picture.

The concrete bulkhead close by was catching a lot of wave action.  The waves were coming into the bulkhead just right to splash high.  Then the 20+ mph wind would blow the spray across the grass area onto the parking lot.  The birds seemed to be enjoying the water spray where they were bunched on the parking lot.

A longer walk seemed in order since most of my body was feeling decent.  The path turned out to be across the parking lot, down by the channel, loop around the roped off swimming area then around the picnic area on Little Bay with the big Christmas Tree in the middle and back to the Truck.  Something a bit over a mile is my guess.  It certainly did feel good to get out and walk without being chilled.

Warm weather really helps in the attempt at trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Severe Beatings

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

The last time the carpet in the Truck was vacuumed, the sand from the beaches and fishing expeditions would not come out of the floor mats until they were beat severely on the picnic table.  And that even took a lot of time to get the ultra-fine sand to let go of the pile on the carpet.

Here is just one days sand from this afternoon’s fishing attempt near the Port Aransas ferry.

When the team arrived back at the Castle and pulled the mat out to knock off some of the dirt the decision was made that something else needs to be done.  Brushing with a small broom did not clean the mat decently.  Finally a late evening trip was made to the “answer store” (Wal-Mart).  But this trip took an hour instead of ten minutes.

When my body neared the fishing rods, a short look at a rod or two lead to a fellow just arrived in town this afternoon asking about fishing the area and yakking.  We had a great visit and he was given lots of great information to use. 

He has had lots of experience fishing freshwater in Indiana so he knew the right questions to ask.  He even knew what type of fishing he wanted to do.  His goal was shallow water and light spinning and fly fishing.  In a few minutes a nice lady joined in the conversation and then her friend, another lady fisherperson, joined us.  We had lots of fun discussing the various techniques that work around here.

After that fun session was over it was time to get after my problem. A visit to the automotive section resulted in noticing some vinyl floor mats that look like they will clean up well.  After reading the label to make certain they would fit the Truck, they were purchased.

 However by the time they arrived back at the Castle it was getting dark.  Tomorrow will be clean up and install time for the new mats.

Making the Truck easier to keep clean, especially of the fish smell sand, will go a long ways toward trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Identification Made

Adventure Location: Multiple Beaches, TX

About eight miles of beaches were combed today with very little treasure to show for it.  The beaches were basically deserted and all mine to play with.

Down on Padre Island National Seashore (PINS) was my big almost find.

This pile of yellow stuff had cracked sunglasses, several fishing weights, lots of leaders and the bottom half of a fishing rod and broken reel.  None of it was worth keeping.  The yellow stuff that was asked about in a previous blog entry was finally identified.  The Malaquite Visitor Center fellow was able to identify it as Sea whip coral  .  It is a critter!!!!!

The surf was full of jelly fish and pushing lots of them up onto the beach.  The stinging tentacles were all over the place.  My technique was to walk among the jellyfish first during my searching.  Then walk back up in the dry sand of the dunes to wear off the bits of tentacles from the soles of my shoes.  Yes they can transfer from your shoes to your hands and then to who knows where and make you dance a jig.

All of the beaches were having this jellyfish event like shown in the above picture.  What a mess!

Lots of folks on the RV forums and blogs ask about driving a motorhome on the beach.  This motorhome was about three miles down the beach from the entrance.  It looks like it will be there for a lot longer.

This set of ruts was down at the required turnaround point on one of the beaches.

From the looks of the sand someone got a good sized pickup or van stuck there.  You can usually dig one out if you have shovels and boards.  The indications were that someone came and winched the vehicle out of the soft sand.  The proper place to drive most vehicles on the Gulf of Mexico beaches is where the sand is wet but not in the waves.  Actually you can drive in the waves just fine, but your vehicle will be a rusted hulk in a year or so if you do.

When the Team got back to Rockport, we stopped at the harbor to fish for a bit.  A really nice lady came walking down the pier and struck up a conversation about fishing.  She is here for three weeks from Wisconsin and wants to try for some fish.  We had a wonderful conversation for about twenty minutes before she headed on out.  That made a great finish to a day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


A New Shirt

Adventure Location: Corpus Christi, TX

The time had arrived for a repeat of one of the few right things I have done all my life.  It was Blood Donor time again.  The trip to the Coastal Bend Blood Center was pleasant in the cold weather.  The folks at the center welcomed me with ready needles.  It always surprises me how little time it takes to do so much good.

Afterward they supplied some good lemonade and cookies.  While sitting there letting my body acclimate to the weight loss, this very nice quilt came into view.  Actually it was already there but I finally paid attention to it.

The nice black shirt that the Blood Center gave me was my immediate reward for the donation.

The day was misty with cold temperatures and cold winds.  Still time was taken to hit up Hobby Lobby for some artists tape to hold my papers still while some fool scribbles on it.  Then it was back to the Castle for a resting day.  That included at nearly three hour nap. It has been evident the last few donation days that taking it really easy is a requirement.  Tonight a chicken breast and some yams were cooked for dinner.  Now it is just rest and recuperation time until we find out what tomorrow brings.

Most likely it will be a great effort at trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Thigh Deep

Adventure Location: Shrimp Boat Channel, Aransas Pass City, TX

A beautiful day was getting going as breakfast was being eaten.  RATZZZ it is going to be wasted trying to fix the Truck.  So with a cannot fail ATTITUDE the Working On The Truck Team walked out to the Truck to get busy.  The Truck got so scared that it decided to operate correctly and the Team did not have to do anything to the Truck. What is going on is beyond my knowledge!

WOW that leaves a lot of sunshine and warm weather to do the next chore whatever that is.  Oh yeah install the new chain ring on SightSeer.  SS was taken from the back of the Truck and flopped on its topside for the operation on the chain ring.  Since the proper tools are now in my possession it was a relatively easy change out.  Then it was time for test riding.  A small adjustment here and there and now SS is a much improved bike for my wants.

Christmas time must mean that a Christmas tree is in order for the Castle.  My extremely limited abilities were used to paint a Christmas tree for the season’s excitement.  It is pinned to the valance above my main window that is my normal seating anything I am in the Castle.

How’s that for really getting into the spirit of the season?

While out making the Truck prove it was going to behave we passed near the shrimp boat channel outside of Aransas Pass City.  The water was looking beautiful and the sun was warm on my shoulders.  Hmmm the waders are in the back and my fishing rod for jetties is in the back seat.  There are lots of places to park and wade to try my luck.  Ok let’s do it and we did.

But were there any fish?  Yep there were two fish that were fooled by my lure.  Both of them were speckled trout and both of them were long enough to be legal to keep.  However they are still swimming with the other tonight. Here are their pictures in the order they were caught.

This one put up a nice fight and was my first ever speck to catch while wade fishing.

This second one was caught when my wading water depth was deeper than normal and the camera could not be held still as the speck jerked around on the line.  But it was released successfully also.

 It was a very interesting battle in the deeper water.  The waves and wind seemed to be coordinating their efforts to knock me around some.  At least the knowledge of maximum depth that is my comfort zone has been earned in the real world.

When the time for fishing was over, my body was getting tired, it was nice to only have to take off the wading boots and put on my normal shoes to be finished with the getting the Truck ready to go. Wade fishing is a good bit more strenuous than my mind thought it would be. This was a lot less mess than using a kayak and WAY less trouble than having a power boat.  The number of fish caught while wading/pier fishing/jetty fishing and surf fishing seems to be about the same as in my past lives using boats.  Hmmm the Fishing Team may be onto something.

It was nice to learn today that being thigh deep in the water with the critters can be another great way of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



Adventure Location: The Beach at Fish Pass, TX

With THE ATTITUDE, even a day that starts out like this cannot hold you back.

With the Truck dash air control system acting up what else is there to do but go to the beach.  So the Beach Team loaded up and headed out for Mustang Island to play in the sunshine and sand.  Good grief it was a fantastic day down there.

Everyone else but TheOFM was out somewhere else leaving the whole beach for the Beach Team to explore and we did explore. 

Up and over and around the dunes, across and between the rocks of the jetties and all along the water line we meandered.  The goal was to look for something to see.  We were very successful. Now the question is have you ever seen or wondered what the inside of a sand dollar looks like?

Hang on to your hair because you are about to find out.  Here is the partial sand dollar that was found reclining in comfort on the beach.

For some weird reason it occurred to me to check the internal structure of the critter. And now you have the answer to the burning question that has caused you so many restless nights.

Now wasn’t that an exciting adventure.  Of course the Team found other things that were of interest including a neat seed.  In fact several seeds were found.  It seems that it must be getting close to time to hit up the Padre Island National Sea Shore beach.  In the winter is when lots of great stuff washes ashore there.  The word that was received today is that the Red Tide down there is gone, so meandering the area is possible again.

As the weather cools off again it will be great to be beachcombing in the search of having tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Road Running Requirement

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

Wide eyed driving was exciting this afternoon.  After the Doc got finished with my very detailed eye exam, it was late in the evening.  My dilated eyes had some trouble finding my way home.  Along the way the Whataburger came into fuzzy view and buying instead of cooking seemed like a good idea.

  It is a good thing the menu is one of the things in my memory bank.  My order of a Whatachicken sandwich and a free senior drink was pleasantly taken.  My feet stumbled over to the drinks counter and got me some beverage.  Then the nearest table sort of in focus was taken.

The good news is that my eyes are progressing just like an Old Fat Man’s eyes can be expected to deteriorate. The bad news is the cataracts, especially in the left eye, are moving along well also.  No disease or other bad stuff was found to be concerned about at this time.

One cute item of interest is the Christmas tree in the Docs office.  It is an artificial palm tree decorated for Christmas.  It was very cute.  Maybe tomorrow when the itty bitty buttons on the camera are visible again, the picture that was taken can be added to this blog entry.

Having decent vision is critical to running the roads trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.