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Rockport Beach, Texas


Water Modifications Finished

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

On the way to the grocery store at 7 am this morning it was 70 degrees with a wet light breeze. OK. During the shopping for some hose male end adapters to build the short male by male hose for using the on board pump for outside water supply, a spot of brilliance slapped me between the eyes. There is no need to build a hose, just use a wye connector. Every RVer in the world has or should have a few wye connectors lying around.

The plastic plug that fits in the water inlet can be put into a wye adaptor and the adaptor screwed into the water inlet. That leaves a male hose end for my water hose to screw onto.

That even gives me a nice shut off valve to control the outside water flow. That solution is like me, easy, simple and under $2. Now that chore is totally finished. WOW Am I a genius or just very lucky??

Most of the day the Team stayed out of the way of all the out of school kids and families. Late in the evening as the wind switched to the North so fishing at the harbor was tried. After a lot of hard work a fish was caught. It was a five inch long perch. YEA Me! It was returned to the water apparently not harmed. The end of the year was celebrated with catching a fish as a way of trying to have tooooo much fun. Not a bad way to go! TheOFM.


Water Inlet Modification

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The big excitement today is the installation of several Direct TV dishes in the campground since the owner ran Time Warner cable TV out of the campground. The full time residents are all getting the new service. Many of the part time residents who only come in on the weekend have placed orders for Direct TV today. TheOFM of course just uses his roof top antenna for any TV he gets to watch.

One more thing has been checked off the getting ready to go list. The check valve at the water inlet of the Castle was removed today. Now the onboard pump can provide water to the outside of the Castle. That will give me wash down capability when not in a campground. It also means that the plastic plug will have to be in the water inlet connection in order for the onboard pump to pump to the outlets inside the Castle. The plug is always installed for travel anyway to keep the connection sanitary. Now the assembly needs to be made of a short hose with a male connector on both ends. That is one more thing out of the way towards successful boondocking.

Now what could be on tap tomorrow to do in the quest of trying to have tooooo much fun? TheOFM.


Charlie's Pasture Trails

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Port Aransas, Texas

The adventure for today was at Charlie’s Pasture in Port Aransas. The initial report on this revamped park is at http://ofmadventures.blogspot.com/2010/11/hot-water-again.html .

The trails were attempted but not nearly finished. The walk on the what I thought would be a short trail started at 12:18 on the Truck clock and that same clock said 3:03 when the walking Team returned. Thank goodness there was a Whataburger chicken sandwich in my tummy when the walking Team got started. The entire trail is very navigable by wheel chairs, canes, crutches, walkers and any thing else that my mind could think of. However pets are not allowed on the trails. They do have a trail watcher to make sure you obey the rules.

Three years ago the Truck team came over into this area. Everything here was sand, mud and salt grass muck. Now we have this wonderful park and walking trails all over the place. Here is one of the early “roads” the Truck team used to tour the area.

Now it is great trails all over the place. On the first trail to the north, the concrete path goes way back in the marsh to this gazebo.

It is obvious that the original concrete path to the gazebo came in from the town area somewhere. The new concrete path joins the old path a bit before the gazebo. That was my first clue that the trail system was way more extensive than it was thought to be.

Now let us skip over to the south side trails. These trails are gravel or boardwalks. They are still totally accessible to every one. So off the walking team continued. By the way at the wrong time of the year you will need two machetes to be here. One is required for each hand for fighting the mosquitoes so they do not carry you off for dinner. In the winter they are not a problem. There were some short boardwalks here and there. Then the walking Team got to this huge long boardwalk.

Look carefully and you can see the next shade shelter and bench spot in the distance on the right. The walking Team continued on this boardwalk. The land around the Team is firm to soft mud with lots of odd footprints in it. The mud gets an organic stuff covering on it. When it starts to dry it becomes like wet felt material. Then you can lift it up and wrinkle it. But it will not support your weight no matter how firm it looks.

When the shade shelter was finally entered it was time to consider our situation. The next picture was taken from this shade shelter. The board walk continues out and around to the left to another shade shelter. Then back across the photograph left to right to the shade shelter seen in the upper right of the picture. Then on back across the picture right to left to the elevated viewing platform near the left of the upper picture. What happens after you get there is not known. You may have to clik the pic to see all those structures.

After the walking Team had a serious discussion and the drinking water was checked, the tummy consulted and my left knee made its intentions known, the decision was to head back to the Truck. There is a lot of trail left to check out down here at Charlie’s Pasture but it will have to wait. There was no sign prohibiting bicycles so Sightseer may carry me on the next adventure down here.

The rest of the Charlie’s Pasture Park is long and along a waterfront which could make great riding while trying to have tooooo much fun. The sore OFM.


Get Peppered

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The most important key on a keyboard would be the OH NO, I DID NOT MEAN TO SEND THAT email retrieval key.

What we have here is a lack of adventures! The wind has been horrible and the clouds thick. Some running around was done but nothing of merit happened.

With that in mind here is a pic of some great pepper rings. They are spicy without being very hot. Extremely good flavored and actually fairly cheap to purchase makes them a favorite for me.

However a ring of them put into your hot chocolate is not the best use of the pepper. But it was a great day of TRYING to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Cable TV Fires

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Morning entry

It is time to get started on the Castle modifications and readiness for 2011 travels. An inverter is needed. A 400 watt inverter by Black and Decker lasted for about ten hours over the course of two years. That is not good enough. It is used mostly to charge the laptop and camera batteries from the Castles 12v system. Suggestions and experiences requested please.

About 9 am the excitement started. The campground owner was running around with a fire extinguisher. There were little fires popping up around the campground. The cable TV system was bursting into flames. It seems that a main feed up on the power poles and the cable TV cable had crossed paths and united. Another fellow and I ran around disconnecting the TV cable from the trailers and any other spot that had not already melted. In a half hour or so everything was under control. Here is a picture of one of the junction boxes that was on fire.

Only one trailer had melted cable going into it. No fire in that trailer thank goodness. By 11:30 am it was all under control and power shut off to the campground. The power company was able to get on site two and a half hours after it was called in and an hour plus after the fire department requested help.

The power rep thinks it will be late evening before the power is back on. Once again it is nice to be self contained.

This fighting fires business in not my idea of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Power Pooters

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Noon Edition:
Good grief it is cold out there in the wild. It was 36 this morning when I looked at the thermometer. MAJOR YUK. So what do YOU do when it is cold outside…..? Cook up some of the food my Sis sent me for Christmas presents. Today is the first time to cook dried beans. My normal lazy style is to use canned beans or other food products. It seems that attitude comes from me being extremely lazy. Check out all the work involved instead of just opening a can.

That takes a lot longer than opening a can. Fat Men and especially Old Fat Men are not supposed to work that hard. But the end results were very good.

The side effect of all the cooking was that it heated the Castle so that my electric heater did not run all morning. Down here in this campground electricity is cheaper than running propane for heating things. When the stove is used for cooking you get double duty out of the propane use so that is a good thing.

Five meals of the bean soup are in the freezer and one in my tummy. That will be some great eating for the next week. After that the Team will start on another of the jars of food sent for my enjoyment. Due to the increasing excessively extreme obesity of my body, the mix for the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies was donated to a lady who bakes a lot here in the campground. If they were in my sight my will power has not even a little chance of restraining me from making the Cookie Monster look like a minor amateur.

Evening Edition:
For a very nice piece of poetry, visit http://benntexas.blogspot.com/ and go to the bottom of today's post.

Later in the day of this horrible cold winter day the Team just had to take a ride down to the Rockport harbor to get out of the Castle. The sun looks good but the temperature was in the low forties with a bit of a wet wind slicing your innards to mush. There were a few characters out in the weather trying to catch a fish or two. Here are some of them.

The tide must have been nearly two feet low. A normal tide change for here is less than a foot. HMMMMM maybe some of the line snagging obstacles near the break water are exposed. So the Truck was parked next to the normal spot of my fishing to check it out. There was nothing special showing so the Truck was moved down to where lots of folks lose terminal tackle to check that out. Now we found some trouble. Almost all the rocks and posts you see are normally under water. No wonder lots of folks spend a lot of money on terminal tackle at this spot.

Notice at the center bottom is a lost cast net tangled in the rocks. The person who lost that net just wasted a nice chunk of money. If you cannot spot it here is a close up of the net.

By now the chill was all the way to my bones so it was back to the warm Castle for a gentle evening to complete my attempt at trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Popping Tight Flags

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

EARLY Edition:

The heat was left turned off in the Castle last night since the forecast was for 45 as a low. The temperature was 38 at eight am this morning and the Castle was down to a cold 62 so the first order of business was to get this home warm. Now and then the thought of winter living in dryer areas more inland crosses my brain. Then a couple of days of miserable cold like this comes in to remind me about how much cold hurts my joints, especially my finger joints. A person only has to go inland less than fifty miles to get winter temps that average over ten degrees colder than this little finger of sand sticking into the warm salt water at Rockport. Well, the Castle is up to 72 now, my fingers are working again and it is time for breakfast!

Afternoon Edition:
Should you happen to think that holidays in a camp ground would be boring, get on over to Shoeless Joe’s blog at http://travlinwithjohn.blogspot.com/ and check out a little of the fun. Our feast is finished here in Rockport and my dishes are all washed. Now what should a filled to the brim OFM do???? HE HE HE

Evening Edition:

The Truck made me take it out for a spin around the area instead of taking a nap. That is one sadistic Truck. Any way the wind was the main story for the evening. We road down toward and into Fulton to see if there was anything to see. At the Fulton harbor area the water was extremely choppy and would have been exciting for someone else to be in there in a yak.

Nearby was a bait house with the flags popping tight in the wind. It is surprising that there was any paint still on the building.
Back south to Cove Harbor to check out the flats across from the cleaning station was the next part of the trip. It was COLD and wet windy there. My body had to suck it up and get out into the wind at the cleaning station for this next picture. We did not linger long to admire the scenery. Those poor pelicans did not seem to be having a good time of it.

Finally the Team decided the best thing to do was get back inside the warm Castle. Sometimes staying warm is the best way to try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

First thing this morning was paying the rent and utilities. Another month here was paid. That cost me $255 for months rent and electricity. Then it was off to get rid of some excess blood. There was a lot of trouble getting my blood to keep flowing. Four times the tech had to move the needle around to get the flow started again. She has done my blood draw a few times before flawlessly so it is known she is good at her work. Finally we got finished and my reward was a real red neck tee shirt.

The time was almost 10:30 am when the blood draw was finished and the temperature was nice and warm to go with the sunshine.

After some grocery shopping for tomorrows semi pot luck it was time for me to get horizontal. For some reason today the blood letting caused me some weakness. That bed fit my back very well as my resting progressed. It was about three when my body felt good enough to get busy again.

The mail man had come and gone and the mail was out for us to get ours. My new golf glasses from Zenni optical had arrived. Look out BillyBob and pesky Wayne. These were a little under $20 delivered to me total cost. Those prices are good for my limited SSA budget.

Tonight a wild thunderstorm is passing through the area. The TV antenna was lowered since it was creaking and groaning in the wind gusts. Now the rain is fairly strong to go with the wind.

Recently the information has come to me that where the Castle is sitting is at elevation fourteen feet. That is fairly high for the area. The area average elevation is something like seven feet. Things like that are very important when dealing with hurricane or storm flooding on the coast. There is only one “high road” to get out of this area and now that route is firmly embedded in my brain.

The good part is that the Team only has to move about twenty miles inland to be totally safe from the flood waters and at elevations around fifty feet.

Tonight is supposed to get down to 46. Tomorrow night is forecast to get down to 38. With a smidgen of luck we will not get too much snow and ice to get in the way of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


All Moved And Set Again

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The move over one spot to site 22 was finished about 11 AM this morning. Now the mesquite tree can give me some shade. Shade will likely be needed in about two weeks,

The Truck got about thirty gallons of sand and sixteen pounds of gravel vacuumed out of the cab this afternoon. It certainly feels lighter on its tires than it did before. Maybe the fuel mileage will be noticeably better also.

It looks like I am not the only person running into stupidity in the RV Park owners. A friend of mine is in a park that is going to start charging for water. They claim the electric meters they have will meter both the electric and the water. Seems like some more gene pool cleaning needs to be done.

A near disaster was adverted this afternoon. My last roll of toilet paper was taken from under the lavatory to use. After the paper work was finished, I reached into the main storage cabinet to replenish my under counter supply. WOOPS there was no TP in the cabinet! My memory was not doing too well apparently since no more TP had been purchased to refill the main cabinet. But never fear Wal-Mart had plenty to sell me.

It has been alternating gray clouds with bright sun, but this evening it is gray time again. It must be time to brew some coffee and contemplate some new ways of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


The Flake Speaks

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Poor Dizzy Dick asked a question in the comments of yesterday’s blog. “When are you planning on rolling?” To let everyone in on the correct answer, I have no idea. By now my readers usually understand that my rolling and my plans rarely have anything to do with each other. The only fact that can usually be stated is when the next rent payment is due at the spot occupied at the moment. On this coming Dec. 24 the choice as to whether pay for a month, a week or a day has to be made. For now it is very likely that a month will be purchased. The weather away from the coast is still too cold for this Team. Heck the choice in the past has even changed as a check was being written for the rent. It tickles my innards the way not having hard “have to follow them” plans to follow drives some folks nuts. Does this make me a flake? Yep and I love it.

The day dawned warm and very wet. It was a nasty salty wet all over everything. Fog was moderately thick. Late in the morning a trip out to get out was taken and the Team checked on the condition of the little used kayak launch in the City of Aransas Pass.

Two fellows were starting out in the foggy light. Notice the water is so low that none is into the grass. Usually the grass is sitting in about six inches of water. The fellows had some concern that they might not be able to clear the oyster reef at the entrance to the slough. My worthless opinion was that the reef would be sticking out of the water and block them into the slough.

While checking the weather forecasts today, it became apparent that there will not be any winter for the next ten days. The forecast for Saturday night was 38 but now is in the lower forties. My body is sweating sitting here in front of the open window with a breeze coming in. The decision was made to move from this winter spot that gets evening sun to one that has some tree shade and shade from a big fifth wheel in the evening. That move will be done early in the morning. The park owner tells me he has enough folks due here right after Christmas to fill the park so I have to get the Castle moved in the morning.

The Christmas pot luck will have deep fried turkey and a bone in ham done on the BBQ. Last time the ham was wonderful. The bad part is that it is full of nap inducing drugs. Oh Well an afternoon nap on Christmas day can be another wonderful way of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Treasure Hunting

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Friday is the celebration of two months on the coast already. According to historical weather data, on January 15, 2011 the temperatures start back up. My laziness is catching up with me. It is time to get busy and prep everything that needed some maintenance or other stuff. It is amazing how time swiftly disappears with no chance to regain any of it. Rolling time is getting very close and an old fat man does not have enough life time left to waste any rolling time.

The Castle is not always where there is 120 volt electricity available. Most of the time the Team does have 120v power, but it is not guaranteed everywhere we venture. A few things in the Castle are easier when we have 120v but, for example, to make coffee it is always done on the propane stove top in one of two ways. My steamer that uses 120v power does a wonderful job. However for more ability to boondock, this morning a steamer tray for my large pot was purchased.

There is nothing magic about it but it is a little less convenient than the electric one with a timer to turn it off. To have enough batteries and an inverter big enough to handle the high electric load appliances is way too expensive for my lifestyle abilities. So when boondocking things get done the old fashioned way with fire. And in reality it is not all that inconvenient.

For fun this afternoon and walking a trip to Goose Island SP was made. The walking was excellent with high temps around 79 and nice breeze. Only about four mosquitoes got blood out of me. That is near a miracle for that area. A potential yak launch point was checked out very carefully. It had been viewed before but this time careful observation was done with yak launching in mind.

It looks promising with the long shore line to stay near. Shorelines are a lot more interesting than open water anyway. Heck there might even be some fish in there worth catching. Speaking of catching fish, an ice chest large enough to hold a legal fish was finally remembered and purchased today. Tomorrow is re arrange the back of the Truck day and the chest will have a spot to live full time as it stands ready to accept all the large volume of fish that will be caught. There is no way that the Team can cover all the places we want to be this spring and that is frustrating. Something will have to wait.

While the Team was at the SP some airboats were running around trying to harvest some ducks for eating. Most airboats around here are olive drab or camouflage painted. However this one is quite different. The pic was telephoto, hand held in a strong wind, with a lot of mist in the way so the Team is proud that there was even a recognizable image to so my readers.

That pink one should be easy to spot from an airplane or helicopter.

My good luck at finding things held on this afternoon. As my feet were carrying me along and on a concrete bulkhead, an orange flash of color caught my eye. Lo and behold wrapped in a LARGE MESS of seaweed and sea grass was this treasure waiting for me.

Lately treasure like this has been coming home with me often.

The walk back to the Truck was pleasant and on the way home the mist was rising and starting to obscure the roadways. Walking and finding treasure is a great way to try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

A beautiful day with 73 degree temps and bright sunshine deserves some pretty fresh flowers.

http://www.geocaching.com/ is where you can find out all about the fun adventures available chasing geocaches. Over the course of the last decade or so my finds have been limited to a few because I have not worked at it much. Basically folks hide little containers all over the world. Then you go to the website and collect the coordinates and clues to find the cache. After searching they can usually be located. Then some have a sign in log. Some do not have a log. All of them can be recorded that you found them on the main website.

There is one at a spot in the Rockport Beach park that was my target one day. After locating the coordinates on the website it was time to track that devil down. The Truck took us carefully to the general area indicated on the highway map. The Truck was parked and the GPS unlimbered for tracking. A few minutes put me at the coordinate’s location. A chunk of dirt was placed at the point the GPS called Ground Zero.

My GPS usually has a radius of 20-30 feet for accuracy. From that point it is like an Easter egg hunt. You look in suspicious places until you find it. Since the rest of the area was a grass field and this power pole and stop sign were the only things in the area, I started my search at the pole.

As an experienced geocacher and the clue from the web site that you might need a stick to get to the Geocache, my search quickly centered on openings in the pole or street sign behind it.

In the picture above, we have the hole in the power pole with the Geocache hidden in it. Of course before the exact hole was found several others had to be examined.

This Geocache was a small bright metal container that had an extremely tight fitting lid that I could not get off.

The whole thing was put back together and replaced in the power pole hole for the next adventurer to enjoy.

My experience with geocaching has found them in Washington, Oregon, New Mexico and Texas. By the way they are world wide for your finding. They have been hidden in cracks in rocks, under a lone rock in a big field, inside the gate post to a field, hanging in trees, hidden under a bush and anywhere a fertile mind can figure to hide one. Some are little like the one from the power pole. The size goes all the way up to ammo can size sitting behind a rock on an old abandoned railroad right of way near the Columbia River at Mc Nary dam in Washington state.

Geocaching is a great way to get some light exercise while trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Devilish Items

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Yesterday’s blog had a major error in my battery calculations. My initial results were not divided by to 2 to account for the difference in 6 volt and 12 volt. An edit has been made to correct my foolish error and pop my five day bubble down to two and a half days. Thank you reader Ed.

Oh my goodness a devilish mood just hit me really hard. Here is a tickler for you my readers. If you have never traveled the Notom-Bullfrog road you have missed a major treat in your life. It is MAJOR WOW in my opinion. Have fun checking it out! HE HE HE

This book should be required reading for anyone headed to BIBE in West Texas.

It is the main book of new walkers for that area. This next picture is of the walk that was not done last time out there. The Truck was having troubles and needed repairs so after standing at the parking lot for over an hour of wishing but knowing it was not smart to go for it, my feet took me back up the hill to the Truck. TheOFM is getting too old for this “try another time later” garbage.

The excerpt from the BIBE walking book tells of a trail that my left knee might be able to make and has been on my list of walks for years. Remember TheOFM motto “Don’t wait, tomorrow starts now.” Come on folks get out from in front of that television or movie screen or video console and start having a real life of your own instead of watching fake lives. It will be a life changing improvement.

As for me the hiking books are coming out of their storage spots. They were color coded for trails by length that would accommodate my previous body abilities. Now the coding must be changed to designate those trails my left knee could walk. Recoding the hiking books seems like a great way to try to have tooooo much fun when it is cold here in Rockport. TheOFM.


Electrifying News

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport and Bayside, Texas

Time is quickly getting away from me and travel time is rapidly approaching. Those little things that need to be done before hitting the road again have been back burnered long enough now. New Castle batteries are on the shopping list. What kind and what size were the main questions. The battery spot on the front of the castle is very restrictive. It was designed for two group 24 batts which give a usable capacity of 75 amp hours. For batts in great shape that is just barely enough for two nights boondocking without recharge from the solar panels. It has proven to be insufficient. One possibility is shown in this next picture.

After extensive measuring was done, it was guaranteed that those were the largest capacity 12v batts that can be put in that spot due to horizontal restrictions. The next step was to see what could be done with 6v batts. It turns out that two T105 6v batts will just barely fit into the same spot. Vertical restrictions come into play with the taller 6v batts. The usable capacity for these larger overall batts is 110 amp hours at 12 v. That is a serious increase for the Castle.

On Edit 12-18-2010: I made a major math error on capacity and have deleted the statements that were in this space. Thank you Ed for bringing this to my attention.

A lot of study about putting in AGM batts vs. flooded cell batts was done. Flooded cell is $88 a batt. AGM is a bit over $200 a batt. After sending out some emails and visiting with some other full timers here in Rockport, the conclusion is that the fluid level on the flooded cell batts will only need to be checked every couple of months. For over a $100 each I can spend five minutes a month checking the fluid level in the batts. Most of the folks that use solar to charge the batts are finding that fluid added every six months is about all they need.

That leaves me with nothing else to choose about except when to get busy and swap out the weak batts for the 6v batts. Before any reader gets antsy, yes I know all about wiring them properly to deliver 12v to the Castle’s system.

After lunch the Truck was complaining that it wanted to roll the tires some to keep them from getting square. We toured around the Mission Bay area as much as the meager roads allowed. The only interesting thing new that was found is this historic home.

Here is the explanation plaque out front of the house.

Since the Castle is very small, my Christmas tree is very small. Here is a picture of the decorating inside the Castle.

And for all my readers here is a Christmas card for you to enjoy.

Christmas time is a great time for trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


World Record Flounder

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

It is with great sadness that you are informed that a new world record flounder escaped me this evening. It was upon the rocks below the breakwater with my jig hanging from its mouth. As my hands scrambled to get a picture for the blog and my body bent over to take the picture the line was allowed to go slack and the fish escaped. Since it escaped it obviously had to be a new world record. If anyone does not believe that please step forward and prove me wrong. It was on the third cast and an hour later still no more bites—ratzzzzzz.

My walking exercise turned into some fun this afternoon. The Rockport beach was the first of the walk. Along the beach folks were having a great time in the water. The sun was bright and the temperatures perfect for playing in the small waves. These four fellows were playing some sort of football game and really having a great time.

Several places along the beach there were beach sculptures left from earlier efforts of folks. This was the largest and stretched about twelve feet long. What is it???

In one of the grass areas were these pretty blue flowers just waiting to be admired.

Back across the park is the main boat ramp. The fish cleaning station is there and well manned by pelicans. This one looks like has been very successful in getting more than its share of the fish discards.

That particular pier could be considered Pelican Pier on some days. The pelicans do not bother you but do stay very close to grab any morsel they can. Do not lay a fillet down on the cleaning table and turn your back on it. The fillet will evaporate instantly.

Now it is time to go back in time to yesteryear. When you went fishing in the fifties on the coast in a small boat this is what it looked like. They populated the Gulf Coast from Miami to Brownsville. Most of them were 14 feet to 17 feet in length and powered with a modest by today’s standards outboard motor. This one does not look to be an old boat, but a new one built to an old design. It looks pretty sharp to me.

The cool front came in while my fishing effort was going on this evening. It will be cool for a couple of days before summer returns. Cool weather for sleeping makes for a good effort at trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Old Loading Facility

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

That funny green mist you could see making its way across the land and bay was the green the winds were blowing out of the vegetation. Man the leaves look odd with the green color blown out of them.

In fact it reminded me to make some side windshields for my glasses. Years ago we used some sort of like these in the industrial plants. They were worthless as safety protection but great at stopping the wind from causing your eyes to tear. The plastic is from a 2 liter Root Beer bottle. The shape is cut and try.

Now being outside in this wind will be a lot better. So in the afternoon the Team headed out to a spot that had never had a good exploration and blog entry about it. It is the southeast shore line at the Copano Bay Bridge. Frequently lots of folks are there fishing. The water is normally pretty clear and good fish are caught often.

After parking on a hump a walk was taken around the area. It apparently was a loading facility for liquids into boats at one time. There are a few old pipe lines and a crane with an old rubber hose on it like the ones used on barges back in the industrial plants that I used to design for a living.

It turns out that most of the area in the above picture is owned by HEB grocery company as a retreat where they brainwash employees. However the part nearer to the highway is public use land for a few more months. A new six lane bridge is scheduled to be built starting next year and will eliminate this fishing area.

That strong wind was playing the devil with the fishermen. Two fellows were out wading in the waves attempting to catch fish. That had to be high up the misery scale it seemed to me.

From this spot the Truck took me to the Lamar Peninsula. After parking at the Big Tree that is part of USA history meandering was the order of the day. A lot of just messing around was done. There was even some sitting at a bench near the Big Tree and remembering good times a long time ago in my previous life. My son really enjoyed climbing around on the trees back then.

When the Team left the Big Tree we stopped at the Copano Bay boat ramp for a necessities stop. That is a really excellent rest room facility there. AND two fishing sinkers were found. That will save me purchasing any before surf fishing is tried down at Padre Island. Of course my new side shields were left at home on the table where they were made.

A wonderful trip down memory lane is another good way of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Flounder Beds

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

A walk out on the wooden pier at the Rockport Beach was interesting. The water is very shallow today and clear. The first interesting thing that was seen was that LOTS of flounder were in the area. The images of flounder in the sand where they spent the night were all over the place. Here is one as appears normally.

The impression the flounder made is in the center of the picture. Here is an enlargement of the center of the picture.
My guess is that there were well over a hundred of those impressions visible in the sand in the couple of hundred feet walked on the pier. One fellow that was visited had been gigging the night before and limited out in about an hour. That is very good results.

Of course not all creatures in the shallow water are highly desirable. This is the original picture of a young stingray swimming along the sand bottom. It is fun to watch them because as the wings come down they poof the sand into cute clouds behind the ray. These small rays are already armed very well so they can hurt you very badly with their sticking mechanism.

If you could not spot the ray, here is an enlargement of it.
Late this afternoon three folks from the campground showed up at the harbor breakwater to do some fishing. They were quickly catching sheepshead and other fish. Velma had caught this keeper size flounder on live shrimp. She is also a very nice lady from Missouri.
My success was only with taking the picture. One lure was lost to the oyster shells. It was replaced with a different lure that did just as much good as the first. Make no mistake it was a great beautiful cool sunny day for trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.