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Rockport Beach, Texas


Godzilla Tool

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

For those who REPEATEDLY complain in emails or in person that my blog entries are not long enough or have enough pictures; GO AWAY. I hope that is plain enough for you this time.

Meanwhile for the rest of us the day was very good. It was chores day and Christmas present planning day and eventually trimming the Sightseer’s handle bars. The weather was cool but good sunshine. The town is slowly filling with winter Texans as evidenced by the Wal-Mart parking lot occupancy level. It is fun inside the store to hear all the different accents from around the country gathered in one place. One that always gives me a giggle is to hear someone shopping for “choose” for their feet. It is still fresh in my memory how my Texas accent caused many a repeat when my Washington State residency first started. The accents are not bad but theirs and mine are fun to listen to.

Finally the time for searching for Christmas presents was over (or I gave up). Out of the back of the Truck came Sightseer (ss) for modification. Ss was wedged into the picnic table to hold the handle bar steady when a hacksaw was applied to it for trimming. First the trim line needs to be marked. No longer is a thin pencil line good enough for my old eyes. Some white ½” wide tape was used to mark the cut line.

The hacksaw and a fresh blade were pressed into service. A few hard strokes and the teeth were all gone from the hacksaw blade!!!! OK it is time to get out the Godzilla tool for cutting metal. Of course the angle grinder was put away very well in some cabinet. It took a few minutes to find it. Then another few minutes to find the 12 gage extension cord to get power to the picnic table area. OK now we are all set up.

The white towel is to protect the paint of SS from the hot sparks of the grinding wheel that was used to cut off the piece from the handlebar. Extra care was taken in the use of the grinder since it had been nearly a year since my last use of the grinder. After the small piece fell away the grinder was used to touch up the ends of the handlebar some. After that a file was used to finish off the end of the handle bar totally. This is a picture of the piece removed from this side of the handlebar.

The brake levers, shifter and Ergon grips were moved roughly back into position for use. During the next riding event all the handle bar mounted stuff will have a session of fine tuning to fit my body posture just right. Then SS was put away into the back of the Truck and the tools all put back into the proper cabinets where they can again hide from me before the next repair.

Riding SS in nice weather is a great way to try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Winter? Bike Ride

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Lake Corpus Christi State Park, Texas

It definitely was not winter weather on this bike ride today.

One loop of the part of the park that is open yielded 7.5 miles. To my surprise my knee that gives me trouble on stairs and hills performed flawlessly pedaling Sightseer, even up hill. Every time Sightseer has me out for a ride, my thought is THANK YOU TAMIA.

The park is converting a lot of the screen shelters to AC shelters. The Texas weather for eight months of the years just cries out for AC so the parks system is trying to respond to the demand. Here is one of the shelters.
It is one large room with a picnic table inside and a concrete floor. One light in the center of the room serves for giving the illumination. Any thing else you want has to be brought with you.

One of the shelters has this for its view.
Back down of the high hill where the shelters are located is this nice area for fishing. The lake has only recently come back up. Last year most of this scene was dry sand and rocks instead of water.
On around the loop of the park you get to access the water from many locations. From this one you can see the Truck patiently waiting on us.
The water would have been perfect for yakking, but PB was back in Rockport. My attempts at fishing with a white salt water lure were totally unsuccessful. Even the weeds were uncatchable.

On the road was some fresh road kill. My first thought was a copperhead, but later it was realized that was incorrect. Internet research yielded that it was most likely a Texas rat snake. It was a vibrant copper color, but definitely not a poisonous copperhead. Copperhead snakes are beautiful when lying out in the sun getting warm.

After riding for a good while my decrepit shoulders started their usual aching. Suddenly a thought arose in my brain. Boy that unusual event did hurt. What if my grips are too far apart??? So holding in closer to the stem was tried. There was immediate better feeling in my shoulders. So some shade was found and all handle bar equipment was moved closer to the middle by about an inch on each side. Tamia has some great information on handle bar width in her website, but this is the first I can remember anyone talking about a handle bar grips being too wide.
The relief was wonderful. Another stop was made and the stuff moved in about another ¾” to see if that helps. MMMMMMM maybe that is too much. Tomorrow will see some more experiments on the handle bar sizing. It was not part of my previous knowledge or experience that that small of an adjustment on grip spread could make that much difference.

Pretty soon it will be necessary to be careful when riding Sightseer. The bike will be so comfortable it could put me to sleep while out riding trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Flutterby Fly-by

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

It has been an easy going day all day. Excitement was somewhere else. Down at the beach was a chance for a new header picture. It turned out nice didn’t it?

A bit north of the header picture was this family having a good time with a large kite. When it got up into the stronger breeze the flyer of the kite was getting jerked around a lot.
The shade shelters made of reeds are nice. One reader wanted to see how they are made so here is a picture of the frame on the underside of the reeds.

During the evenings walk along the beach so things caught my eye. A couple of orange beads that are used on fishing leaders to help catch fishermen’s money were lying around all alone. Then on down a ways was a popping cork just sitting there in the sand waiting for an OFM to pick it up to recycle in his gear. But the real excitement was a single butterfly flitting around in the strong breeze. My attempts to capture it in a picture while in flight were not successful. The closest that it got to success is this one just as the flutterby landed on a flower. It rested there for a good while.

There are a lot of fresh birds here in town lately. Apparently a migration of some sort is in progress. Birding is not one of my thrills. Some birds I just get a kick out of watching. The wading shoreline birds are usually good for a laugh or two. This curlew was really high stepping across the sand as the picture was taken.
That pretty well sums up my day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Exploding Fish

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

10:30 am edition

WHAT a morning! It was 39 this morning at 6 am. So a late morning in the bed and a slow breakfast was in order. Then it was time to return two books to the library and hit the Memorial Park trail system for some walking. I had on long underwear bottoms and my normal nylon pants. On top were a blood donor T shirt and a thin, lined wind breaker. That left me a little chilled in the breeze. By the time the 1.9 mile circuit was finished that was too much clothing. When the Truck got me back to the Castle the outside temp was 61 with extremely bright sunshine. It did not take long to get shed of a lot of clothes and whip open a window. The fresh cool breeze feels great.

When my walk was finished, a couple of pictures of the new playground equipment were taken. A posted sign says the equipment was designed for 5 to 12 year old kids. It is a popular place in the park. The parks folks did a good job of locating it near several benches and picnic tables. These two pictures were taken from opposite sides of the equipment.

After Lunch Edition

YOU DO NOT put two Tilapia fillets on a plate, put another plate upside down on top and put it into a 1500 watt microwave to cook for 4-7 minutes as the microwave instructions say to do. In about two minutes and twenty three seconds you have exploded Tilapia. Small fuzzy looking bits of fish firmly driven into the corning ware plates are your reward for following instructions. It appears that some testing is still needed in reference to cooking fish in my microwave.

More testing and reading brought out the fact that this microwave does not have a reduced power setting. The reduced power setting is actually full power for a few seconds then no power for a few seconds. Over the course of the nearly four years of living with this microwave, several things have not responded well to the power of the microwave. My current thought is to change it out for a lower power microwave machine that is more versatile. An example is that popcorn goes from popped to burned in about five seconds. Boiling water does happen rather quickly and a plastic cup can get soft soon after.

Evening edition

Now it was time to try out my hiking boots instead of my walking shoes. The beach park was the location of this test. The object is to attempt to determine if my footwear was any part of the trouble hiking in the hills a couple of months ago. It was not lonesome at the beach this afternoon. There were many families taking advantage of the beautiful weather at the beach.
About two and a half miles were walked. The path included some on the soft sand, some on the pavement and some on the grass. At one point it was funny to see the seagulls resting in the shade to keep from getting sunburned.

The stairs up to the restrooms at the middle pavilions gave me a chance to try out my knee with these boots. The left knee is still an impossibility to use effectively going up or down. RATZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Hey Sis does this mean TheOFM may be restricted to being a beach bum????? Oh the horror of spending a lot of time on the Gulf of Mexico beaches eating fresh fish and shrimp and watching bikinis. Oh well every one has some burden to bear.

Back at the campground the owner was putting up Christmas lights in this horrible winter weather.
With nice warm weather predicted tomorrow it could be an ordinary perfect day for lying on the beach and drinking lemonade in an extreme effort toward trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Saying stolen from an apron seen in the desert.
Somewhat like my motto on the header.

It was too cold for me this morning so most of the morning was spent inside preventing shivering. Piddle here, piddle there and nothing special was accomplished. Then a bit into the afternoon the gray, wet, nasty part of the weather went away and we had shadows again.
Since the sun was out a little trip to the harbor area to see how things are going with the water in the bays was made. The north wind has not blown too much water out. That will be good for the fishing on Sunday.

However the cold wind was causing un-normal behavior in the critters. This bird was really hunkered down in the grass to get out of the wind. It was not the only one. The sun made it nice when you could get shelter from the cold wind.

Starting tomorrow morning the temperatures are supposed to go on up to decent for the next ten days. That will let me get out, exercise, relieve the joint pains and do other things in the effort of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Gobble Oink, Burp.

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Not everyone had turkeys as the only thing on their mind. Proof was in the Wal-mart parking lot this morning.
The traffic was light at ten am and the weather was bright, hot and windy. The cold front is not due here until about ten pm so we have enjoyed the day with enthusiasm. A nice walk in the Memorial Park filled in the morning until it was time to get the garlic bread ready for the feast. Finally feast time of one pm got here and the trough was opened for the folks.

The place to report to for the feast was the rec hall, sometimes called the wreck hall.
After a proper blessing was given over the folks and food it was time for an orderly buffet line. That way nobody gets trampled in a stampede. Here come the first plates from the serving line. That ice chest is what the garlic bread is put in. Under the bread is my heating pad for my body keeping the bread warm and moist. YUM YUM.

The table was full of folks and pleasant conversations. Severe damage was done to the food supply for the participants.

At least one ofm managed to clean his plate pretty well. He was very reserved and did not partake in any of the pies causing his drooling.

That pretty well put an end to many efforts on my part, but it did make a good day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Reality Of Rockport, Texas

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport Beach and Harbor, Texas

Most mornings this is a site that is checked to see the weather around the country. This morning the town where my life evolved for over five years in Washington State looked like it was cold.


Upon checking it specifically the morning temperature was 3 degrees while here in Rockport it was 74 degrees. It only got cold down to 14 once while my stay progressed up there. It is nice to not have to endure that sort of cold now.

Coincidentally this morning an email came in that basically asked what it is really like in Rockport. The reader could not believe the warm weather here. Check out this picture of TheOFM out taking pictures for tonight’s blog about 2 pm this afternoon. You cannot see the sweat on my forehead but it was there.

And here is the thermometer in the Truck telling the actual temperature.

Many folks were out enjoying the “winter” weather. This first fellow was doing chip carving while at one of the picnic tables next to the fishing pier at the harbor.

Over at the salt water swimming area of the Beach Park was this lady swimming in the warm salt water.

And back at the beach were several kids and mommas out playing in the light surf.

Of course Nita needs some flowers and here they are. First is the Texas sage blooming as usual.

Next we have the vibrant yellow flowers that constantly make me forget their name. How about YELLOW FLOWERS?

The winds were fairly ferocious today at times. Over at the breakwater the waves were splashing over the wall at times. They were not washing over like has happened at times in the past, but the splashes were sufficient to soak you to the bone and my camera to the memory card. Care was needed.

And finally it was remembered to get a shot of the end of the breakwater from the harbor mooring area as previously promised. A few blog entries ago the end in this next picture is where the Team stood to take the picture of the harbor. Check out the very end. That is also where the jelly fish with the pink circles was photographed.

Tomorrow is the pot luck feast for Thanksgiving. My garlic bread will be prepared at the last minute and kept warm in my ice chest.

To answer the original email question, this is what it really is like in Rockport, Texas. It is a great winter location for trying to have tooooo much fun, IF you like warmer weather most of the winter. TheOFM.


My Favorite Type Of Power Boat

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Aransas Pass Jetty, Texas

My favorite type of power boat is shrimpers. Either bay or gulf type is fine by me. This is a gulf shrimper.

Bay shrimpers are smaller but similar in style.

Sitting on a jetty in the nice sun and 82 degree warmth is a great way to try to have tooooo much fun.TheOFM


Beach Bird

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The Castle’s AC has been switched to on since late yesterday. The outside temps have been hot enough that coupled with the high humidity that the AC is needed to keep the inside from becoming one big moldy mess. When my walk at the beach took place this afternoon, even an egret was hanging in the shade.

When the walk was finished, my body felt like it was covered in salt crust. The salt mist is ferocious lately.

There is not a lot to use for blog entries when you stay at home doing chores. This area has been covered fairly well in past blog entries so it seems like maybe daily is too often. Today’s entry is one where there was not really anything of an adventure to write about. In other words if there is nothing worth saying, it is time to be quiet until there is.

The big accomplishment today was getting started on my Christmas card preparations. There is even two Christmas presents waiting to be wrapped. It seems that a good start has been made. Getting all that stuff finished would be my idea of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Bad Water

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

A lot of running around but there were no good adventures again. It could have been really exciting at the Port Aransas jetty this morning. The waves were breaking across the top of the jetty. My mind stayed in reasonable mode and did not make me try to go out on the jetty. The current was running outbound very strongly and the wind was straight up the channel inbound. That made for some unruly swells in the channel and most boats had to be careful to navigate them safely. This large sailboat was having a very difficult time for some reason.

Later in the afternoon it was time to explore a new to me yak launching site. It is easy to get too but the area is not to my liking. At least the hot sun did give me a chance for a nice picture of Port Bay.

Tamia has a wonderful blog ( see the link) about bicycle riding in really cold (below 50 degrees) weather. Check it out. My comment to her said if it is cold in Rockport I just wait a day and then ride in a tee shirt and shorts. It got up to 83 degrees F. at one point today. The A/C on the Truck was used because the humidity was also very high. High humidity can put a damper (pun intended) on trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Alligator Heaven?

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Adventures were in short supply today. A trip to the grocery store seemed to be the major excitement for most of the day.

Cavasso Creek is the name of an alternate launching spot to get to St. Charles Bay in this area. It is also a location notorious for have alligators waiting to visit with you. Searching the internet finally paid off and the location of Cavasso Creek was determined. It is north of me a few miles.

On the way to CC a stop was made at Goose Island State Park to check it out again. Mistake. They are booked solid for the weekend and it seemed that there were more folks there than fire ants. Mosquitoes were also getting a nice feeding if you went near the grass or trees. It did not take me long to look at this hot horseshoe.

Back on the highway it was only a short distance to CC. Where you pull off the highway next to the bridge is very rough and a regular car might have a lot of trouble. Even the Truck with high clearance came close to bottoming out in one spot. The “ramp” is not really a ramp, but is a muddy slope into the marsh water. This is definitely marsh country like Puddle Boat was purchased to use in.

As far as you can see it is marsh waiting to be explored. The two vehicles parked at the ramp were obviously used to transport shallow draft boats. The boats were nowhere to be seen as you can see in this picture.

That area may get to be visited with PB some day in the future.

In preparation for going to the Aransas Pass jetty again some wire leaders were purchased. They are longer than my preference. This afternoon they were each made into two leaders. Of course that means that they needed a good tryout. The back side of the Beach Park was the chosen location. The good news is that the leader worked just fine with my lures. The bad news is that the speckled trout that was caught was (you guessed it) a half inch too short to be legal to harvest. Back it went into the water to grow up.

As the sun was going down the temperature got down to 71 as the Truck was started to leave the area. The Whataburger is close so it was there that supper was eaten. It was a great day of eating with fish fillets steamed at home for lunch and a chicken sandwich for supper. That is a great way to finish a day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Sore Nose Hair

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

High /Low (°F)
Precip. %
TonightNov 19
Mostly Clear

Sat Nov 20
Mostly Sunny

Sun Nov 21
Partly Cloudy

Mon Nov 22
Partly Cloudy

Tue Nov 23
Partly Cloudy

Wed Nov 24
Partly Cloudy

Thu Nov 25
Partly Cloudy

Fri Nov 26
Partly Cloudy

Sat Nov 27

Sun Nov 28
Mostly Sunny

Above this is the weather prediction for the next 10 days. Except for Thanksgiving it is looking pretty good to me.

For the morning’s excitement, TheOFM did some Olympic quality gymnastics and acrobatics that even made my nose hairs sore. But to start at the beginning we go back to early morning. A choice was made to get over to the beach park and do some longer distance walking while it was still cool, 49 this morning. So after logging something around two miles the chosen path went out on the concrete pier near the harbor. When a graceful exit from the pier to the beach was attempted things went wrong. Keep in mind this is an exit path I have done at least fifty times in the past. As my path went down the rocks to the beach, my bad left knee failed to hold me, my left foot slipped on some dry vegetation and my right foot hit a slick spot on its intended rock. That left me with a decision to make. Should I face plant into the marsh mud and riprap rocks or should I do wondrous deeds and try to get over to the sand to land and roll. As it worked out the sand was achieved and an upright finish was also achieved to my great surprise.

The only damage was a lightly sprained left ankle, slightly twisted left knee and a slight gimp of the right hip. For an OFM event this is very limited damage. Just as surprising was that none of my red fluid was scattered anywhere. WOW

No folks were out to witness the excitement yet. In fact the place was occupied by the kiosk attendant and me. Check out this “busy” morning beach.
Late this evening, after being a good boy all day letting my injuries rest, another walk was made out on the harbor jetty. This is the one paved all the way to the end, so no special foot work is required to walk on it. Out at the end was a new style of jelly fish. Never before has this been seen with my eyes!! It was very pretty and about a foot diameter when spread out. The cloverleaf part that is visible was a beautiful pink that almost glowed.

It flowed with the currents and waves in a very delicate and graceful manner. To me it was very pretty as it responded to the movements of the water.

My luck held out when supper was purchased at the Texmex restaurant of my preference here in town. My menu choice was the chicken fried steak dinner. It was the special of the night!!!!!! Then they ran out of the mashed potatoes that were to come with it and substituted a HUGE pile of French fries. The whole meal with a quart glass of iced tea and a small cup of their fantastic tortilla soup was $7.01 before tip.

Now it is going to be a great night remembering the pier event in the effort of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Howdy Folks

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Port Aransas, Texas

After a cold morning hiding in the warmth of the Castle, an adventure trip over to Port Aransas enlivened the afternoon. As the Team waited for the ferry to leave the dock, some seagulls landed on the mooring dolphin next to us. See if you can tell which one is most likely related to the OFM.

First stop of the PA area was at the Station St. pier. The winter Texans are pouring into the area and several groups were here to see the sights. It is funny to see the first timers trying to gently sidle up to a pelican to take a picture. In a couple of months the same person will know that you can walk up to about four feet from the bird before it flies off.

This group had not gotten into the Texas friendly mode yet. In a couple of weeks they will do better. My HOWDY FOLKS was pretty well ignored. The winter Texans that are returnees will jump right in to visit. The new ones run around like they are afraid someone might talk to them. It takes a little time and we get them broken in to being friendly everywhere.

Next on the adventure was the beach where the jetty intersects the land from seaward. A small car had tried to drive over some fluffy sand and ended up settling in for a nap. Two big guys were trying to push it out of the sand as the driver revved up the engine so the tires could dig deeper into the sand.

The Truck was not paying attention to its route and suddenly started crow hopping the rear tires and came to a stop. A push on the 4 wheel high button brought us on out of trouble. By now two more vehicles had stopped to help the stuck car so the Truck was not volunteered to help. The Truck does not carry a chain or tow strap and most small cars have no location to tie onto them in the rear to pull them out of trouble anyway. There were five good sized fellows who pushed the car free in quick order.

The Team parked at the base of the jetty and my feet started out walk to the end. Shortly the path got to be pretty uneven as you can see.

The bad news is that my left knee decided that it was going to be ornery and put a halt to the full trek. The good news is that my resting spot put me near a couple of nice folks to talk to. Even better the fellow closest caught a fish brand that was unfamiliar to me. It was a bluefish with mean looking teeth. After it was unhooked and tossed back into the water, the catcher told me lots of them were in the area right now. Tomorrow is back to the jetty time for me, when it warms up that is.

This afternoon the breeze had a chill to it out on the jetty, but the sun was warm. So it you were behind the rocks out of the wind it was really nice as this fellow shows evidence.

My jacket had to come off after a few minutes out of the wind and in the sun. It seems to me that that fellow must still have his “north” blood in him because it was not quite that warm to me. The water was beautiful and lots of folks were catching fish. One fellow that was walking back in from the end of the jetty told me he only caught two fish today. Both of them were bull redfish measuring around 32 inches. Both were returned to the water to continue producing more redfish of better eating size.

A run up to the local “we have everything you need” fishing tackle store, Tackle Town, to get a couple of light wire leaders for tomorrow was successful. Now the Team is wired for trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Tartar Sauce Taste Results

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The only interesting items of today were affiliated with the first use of the steamer. Three tilapia fillets were steamed for lunch.

The steaming of fish is a wonderful way to cook them. Only fish and seasonings taste was evident. No taste of any fried grease was great.

Tilapia is a decent tasting fish. They are a long way from crappie or redfish, but are still a decent tasting fish.

Heinz tartar sauce is as far down the taste arena as you can get and still be called tartar sauce. I need to find some Hellmann’s somewhere around here.

Serious progress on my personal project was made. Which means it was a good day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Shiver His Bones

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Not really any adventure today. A little shopping was done. Then some successful work on a personal but small project was accomplished.

This morning when my body first encountered the outside temperature it was a major shock. From inside it looked like bright sunshine and a wonderful day. Step outside and it was bright sunshine, 58 degrees and about an 18 degree wind chill with the humidity and north wind. Some items for the secret project were gathered out back on the “wild” part of the campground. John and his Chihuahua, Pepe, were coming past and we chatted a moment but the poor pup was about to shiver himself out of his coat so bad his bones were rattling. So John headed in very soon. OFM headed in too.

By early afternoon it was calm, 71 and bright sunshine and my walk was wonderful. Along the way one picture of the sunset over Little Bay was taken.

A Geocache was also located at the Rockport Beach. After that it was getting cool and on the way down to 55 tonight and 78 tomorrow. The Team returned to the Castle to enjoy the rest of the evening celebrating a day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Berry Nice

Comfort Castle Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

So you want a good laugh or too? Here is a fellow with my kind of humor and it is about fishing no less!

The whole Castle was shaking with my laughter before long. Enjoy.

The adventure for today took a big setback about four am this morning when a severe unrelenting cramp hit my right calf. When it was finally time to get up my leg was so sore it was hard to walk. A lot of time was spent playing on the computer where the site shown above helped lift my spirits.

Late this afternoon a walk down at the Memorial Park here in Rockport was taken. Make that a slow walk. Make that a very slow walk. However it was a very nice day out with sunshine and about 68 degrees. There is a bench there that has been in several of my pictures and today it was in another one of a peaceful scene.

Along the route was a supervising bird to keep everyone in line and behaving. It certainly kept a close eye on me when my path meandered past it.

Several of the grasses or weeds have their fall show going on. Some attempts were made to catch them in a photogenic pose. You get to chose how successful the attempts were.

The yaupon was doing great with their berry production. In the sunlight they were nearly glowing. These are some of the prettiest berries in the world. Too bad they do not taste very good like strawberries.

The good news is that at this later hour my leg is doing very well which give me hopes of some good adventure to experience tomorrow in the effort of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.