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Wild Rose Pass, Texas


Water Again

Rockport, Tex

A pilot explaining to his copilot:
'If you hear me yell;"Eject, Eject, Eject!", the last two will be echos.' If you stop to ask "Why?", you'll be talking to yourself, because by then you'll be the pilot.'

After finally getting going this morning my body climbed into the Truck and we went to Lake Corpus Christi State Park for some hilly walking. It is the closest place around that is not flat. The hills are short but steep so it can be a good work out for getting ready for west Texas.

The lake was slightly over full for the first time in two years. Where this picture was taken a few months ago this was a dry gulley about fifteen feet deep. Now it has plenty of water for having fun. The lake had lots of boats and folks enjoying water sports.

When the Truck was parked and my body got to feel the breeze, it seemed almost chilly. The outside temperature was 78 and the breeze had a wonderful feeling. The walk got started and the walking was wonderful. The path was around down by the lake then up the hill and around to the full hookup camping area. From there it was a nice walk down hill back to the Truck. At least that was the plan.

About the time the top of the hill was achieved the wind quit and the temperature jumped several degrees. My overheating head was glad it was downhill to the Truck from there. The shade of the trees was used to a maximum.

The long drive back to the Castle was nice since the AC in the Truck works very well. The heat outside made this today’s peak of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


It Really Sucks

Rockport, Tex

It was too hot outside today so cleaning Comfort Castle was the chore of choice. A year or so ago a special kit of attachments for my shop vacuum was purchased.

Very little use of the attachments was made until today. One of the attachments is a cone shaped item that comes to about a 3/8” hole for increasing air velocity and getting into small places. It was used to clean every crevice that could be found in the Castle. The amazing thing for me was that it worked very well.

Another tool tried out was a very small brush with a vacuum hole in the middle. It does wonders on the grills in the Castle and all the crevices in the appliances. RVs are well known to get very dusty inside due to their type of use in the outdoors. This little brush makes a big difference in cleaning the tight spots.

A set of these special tools can be found at many stores like Lowe’s and Wal-mart where they sell shop vacuum cleaners. There are about seven special tools in the package. It certainly helps increase the versatility of the shop vacuum.

Increasing the versatility of the shop vacuum really helps give more time for trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


New Guard Cat

Rockport, Tex

The internet garbage jerks have forced me to go ahead and put word verification on this blog for comments. There was another pile of garbage comments this morning. It has been a hard decision since word verification stuff is not something of my preference. The hope is that anonymous comments will still be allowed. However some fellow bloggers have cautioned me that those will likely be disallowed also. The sales and garbage jerks in this world certainly can make life complicated for the rest of us. My apologies to my readers for having to take this action.

There was not much else exciting after the trip to Corpus Christi to get blood drawn for testing. The doctor visit is next week. The blood sucker was good and quick. My appointment was at 10:10 and the needle went in at 10:10. By ten minutes later the Truck was on the way out of the parking lot. Now that is efficient work. It was already over 90 when the Truck left the parking lot and the trip back to the Castle was gentle and easy. The rest of the day was in the AC except for the trips over to the laundry room.

Finally after supper it was less hot so a walk near the harbor was taken. There are some flowers blooming there in spite of the heat. The yellow ones were very vibrant and the picture does not do them justice.

The white ones were glowing it seemed. They pretty well washed out their picture since they were so bright.

While walking around a chance opportunity to visit with some folks from San Angelo Texas gave me a chance to give lessons on catching blue crabs. When my walk was continued, they were left with high hopes of success.

Back near the rear entrance to the art house was a new guard cat in training. That is one ferocious looking attack cat isn’t it.

It was a low key day for trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Montana Hiking

Rockport, Tex

Diana is over into some very nice country in Montana. Check out the pictures of today’s blog. http://lifeontheopenroad.blogspot.com/2010/07/other-hikes-in-glacier.html
It was nice when the Team was there and it is nice now. It seems like a trip back up there could be in order.

In desperation the Team went over to the Lamar peninsula in search of cooler air and a place to get in a long walk. The air was cooler and the short walk was VERY fast. The place chosen to park was at the kayak launch area near the Big Tree of Texas history fame. The Truck was pulled off the road and a check of the thunder line a long ways away was made.

Then a short walk back of the truck of twenty five or so feet was made to check out the spot for launching Puddle Boat. It looked ok but not perfect so it is added to my launch spots list.

Now we are three minutes after the first picture. While standing there checking out the launch area a low volume “growl” was heard coming from the water behind me. Now what can that be??? A turn to see what it was gave me this view of the rain drops hitting the water making the noise that was heard. Check out what had moved near in just four or five minutes.

A fast “walk” back to the Truck got me in the cab just as the first rain hit the Truck. WOW that was close. When my body gets wet it becomes a wet skunk it seems. PHEWWW. Anyway the Truck was dry and a few minutes were spent enjoying the rain all over us waiting for the intensity to come down. After the rain it was hotter and wetter so the Team called it quits and headed back to the Castle.

After supper the weather looked as if it might allow a walk at the beach park. After parking, the first encounter was with this exceptionally critical evil eyed park superintendent.

That picture was not shot with telephoto, but by getting in that close.

The walk continued along the boat launch pier toward the boat ramp. There was an odd object at the end of the pier.

Most likely somebody is going to wish this PFD and anchor had not been forgotten. There were several boats and PWCs running around in the ski basin with folks having a lot of fun.

Toward the turn back point of my walk, a nice fellow said HI and we talked for a long time. He camps in an extended Ford van for a few weeks now and then. His home is a house north of Austin, Texas. As it turns out he has been researching Bibe and with my help he now has even more places to go see. He is four years older than me. We parted company with good lucks and waves to each chase their way of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


600 Horsepower!!!

Rockport, Tex

This morning it was storms, thunder and heavy rain that woke me from a nice sleep. The pointer hand is on Rockport. After ten am the rain pretty well stayed away until late in the day as you will see later. The threatening cloud banks did keep Puddle Boat tied down on the picnic table.

The above picture was taken during my evening walk at the Rockport Beach area. Every time a serious look outside was taken; it was those kinds of clouds that kept Puddle Boat and Sightseer out of action.

Finally things cleared off enough to get down to the beach area for a decent walk. It was hot but not miserably so. Lots of folks were out enjoying the evening and playing in the water.

One lady was riding loops on a crank forward bicycle. They are particularly good for gentle social riding. As an exercise bike they will give your legs a lot of exercise. This lady was making very good time with the wind in the picture above. In to the wind she did not do as well. Maybe she did not realize she needed to shift down a few gears. At least she was out doing something fun.

Several sorts of boats were playing in the ski basin. Some were sail boats like these on this trailer.
Others were fishing craft or personal watercraft and even a couple of yaks. Last and least were two inflatable toy rafts. The small wind really made those folks work for their fun.

This next boat towed in two PWCs and stuck close while they were loaded on a trailer. This boat looked to be only about 23 feet long.

Notice all the horsepower on that boat. It is had for me to imagine any use for that much gas guzzling to get out fishing.

My walk was truncated to get into the Truck ahead of a rain squall. We made it back to the campground just in time. My body took up a nice position on the porch to watch the rain. A loud noise caught my attention. It was the awning of the trailer in the next picture partially collapsing from the weight of all the water trapped on top.
The owner was lucky the fabric did not rip through or the fasteners rip out of the trailer.

At least the walk was nice and made a nice finish to a day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM


Wierd Phenomenon Attacks

Rockport, Tex

And there you have today’s story. About two minutes before my body was headed out the door for exercise the rain hit. Later the sun was out so a trip to the dumpster was made and finished in a rain storm. Bear in mind the distance to the dumpster is about a hundred feet.

At least the temperature has only been 85 range until around 2 pm. Now it is low 90’s and very excessive humidity. However about 3pm a ride to the harbor to walk without fighting mosquitoes was made. It was a pleasant but hot walk. Sunscreen should have been used. At least an eye could be kept on the far thunder storms and judgments made as to the safe distance to meander from the Truck.

There is a protective jetty for the harbor out at the end of one road. The road is nice and wide but the jetty is narrow but can be walked. My choice with the weather acting up was to stay on the road. Occasional wave were breaking over the jetty and swimming is not on my list of activities for today.

The first boat moored in the harbor is a pirate vessel. At least it flies a skull and crossbones flag most of the time. It was not up this afternoon for the picture below. How would you like to be floating gently along in your nine foot kayak and look up to see this bearing down on you???

I think your day was about to get a lot worse.

The rest of the walk just looped around the harbor. Experiencing the fragrances and stenches of the harbor is part of the adventure. The bait shops have some strong odors at times but other times the fragrances are pleasant maritime style. Some of these boats never leave the harbor and in fact seem like they would break apart if a wave hit them. Many of them have full time live aboards similar to the RV world. It seems to me that there are more “characters” living aboard boats than in RVs.

It was a weird phenomenon on a part of the bulkhead walkway.

When walking next to the edge by the water the temperature was hot. If you moved across the yellow line the temperature seemed to go up at least six degrees and be TOO HOT. That effect was checked a few times before my mind would accept that the four feet made that much difference. The walk back around the harbor was not eventful except for paying close attention to the storm cloud headed toward me. The Truck welcomed me in plenty of time to keep me from getting drenched.

This type of weather certainly puts a lot of effort into trying to stop me, but the Team cannot be stopped from trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



Rockport, Tex

In old downtown Rockport is the sort of artsy area. In that area is a woodshop that is supposed to be where wood artsy things happen. My camera has never made it into the shop. However they have interesting boats sitting outside on occasion. This set of boats is an example of boats found there lately.

This is a plywood pieced together boat of simple lines. It is a short boat of around 12 feet with a nice canopy on top. There are oar locks on the gunnels but the boat hull shape would make it difficult to row any significant distance. A small outboard could make for a decent performance.

Next to it is another simple plywood boat that was built for sailing. The lines are also simple skiff style. The mast step is well forward and the boat has a nicely laid out interior. There is a serious keel to the aft section of the hull. The paint job was very nice.

The next boat noticed as my body was fighting the hordes of mosquitoes was a fiber glass sailing boat with rounded style to it. It looked to be ready for some serious maintenance. It looked like the transom once held a motor of some sort.

Next and last was the whatizzit boat. On the short “superstructure” are some duck head emblems. It appears to be a take off of an old style marsh boat from the sixties. The cockpit coaming was much taller than the ones in my past. My guess is that the plywood cover is just to keep the rain out while it rots in the grass. Part of the top deck has been breached and allows rainwater to enter the hull.

Now you have had the tour of the boat yard in the artsy area. Exploring it was a pleasant way to try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM


The New OFM

Rockport, Tex

Thanks to Ray Bolger’s site http://www.slackpacker.com there are new terms for folks like me.

"slackpacker has come to represent anyone that fits in between the casual day hiker and the backpacker.”

His site is fun to read and is recommended. So it seems my style is slack packer, slack paddler, slack peddler and maybe all around slacker genius. Since Mr. Bolger is a fan of going fast when doing his slacking, it seems reasonable that the OFM’s other title of Meanderthall may be a subspecies of slacker.

We Meanderthalls tend to be long on the trail but not necessarily go very far but we do wander around and observe and study major and minute details. GrannyJ with her blog introduced me to the concept of looking at everything at least twice and taking my time about it. She has passed on now and I am thankful I took the time to learn from her.

Another important person has been Tamia Nelson of http://www.tamiasoutside.com/ . She taught me HOW to look for the small or normally un-noticed things when I take the time as GrannyJ taught me. Sometimes it is a simple as carrying a magnifying glass with you or maybe paying attention to the grasshopper flying next to you as you bike in the New Mexico desert. If you want to know how fast a grasshopper flies visit my blog entry of http://ofmadventures.blogspot.com/2008/09/brantley-park-tour.html .

So there we have it. My alter ego is a Meanderthall slacker and he so loves it when he is out trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Wood Or Aluminum

Rockport, Tex

Morning edition

You know it will not be a day of hard core outside activities when you step out to go to the store at 9:30 am and the thermometer in the shade is reading 91. At least when the successful shopping trip finished at 11 am it was still ONLY 91. A successful trip means that the local HEB store had edamame beans in stock today.

Evening edition

Just a hot one today. There was an ant invasion in progress this afternoon. However an application of Terro insecticide seems to have taken care of the trouble. They gained entry from the ground by way of my right rear stabilizer jack. More insecticide there ended that threat to the best that can be determined.

When the roof was being checked to see if the ants were coming out of the tree, a small crack in the caulking was noticed. Down the ladder and a search of the interior found some caulk to seal the .5” long crack. Now that should stop any leaks from happening and causing damage to the frame.

The Castle is wood framed construction. That is my preference over aluminum framed trailers. My two tries with aluminum framed trailers were not pretty. Both transferred heat heavily in the winter and caused lots of sweating inside where the aluminum was located. Even the little thin insulation strips between the stud and the interior wall did not do the job. The Mobile Scout had the insulation strips and the Aerolite had nothing at all to help. It was BAD.

Of course aluminum framing would have saved nearly 100 pounds on this 5000 pound dry weight trailer. Going to metal siding instead of fiberglas would have saved around 600 pounds according to the manufacturers catalog in 2005. Both types of exterior siding have been in my life and both have done the job very well.

The bad news today is that my stay here has been extended until around August 17. At least by then my doctor appointments will be finished and rolling can happen at any moment that the owner returns to take command of the park again.

Then it will be time to head out for other locations for trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Palm Tree Haircuts

Rockport, Tex

The palm trees can get to looking a bit ragged after a year of growth. These in the park were getting very ragged. Today was haircut for the palms day. The trees are pretty tall and definitely sway in the breeze. The two fellows who came to trim the palm trees seemed to know what they were doing.

The tree trimmers use a very long extension ladder with the heavier fellow holding the bottom steady for the chain saw fellow to work on the haircut. The ground would make a solid loud THUMPP when a frond or long skinny thing (whatever it is) hits the ground. It certainly sounded like it would put a memorable knot on your head. Those saw teeth edges of the stems of the fronds would slice you open enough for you to regret it for a long time.

When the trimmer was finished, there were only four or so fronds left on the tree. It looked almost bald.

The electric chain saw was nearly identical to the electric chainsaw that used to reside in my tool storage area. It worked very well for many years.

Just watching all the action was plenty of involvement for me in the chore of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


A Fanny Story

Rockport, Tex

The thermostat for the Castle is stuck back in a corner by an outside wall surrounded by a cabinet above, a dinette seat below and the television on the remaining side. It has trouble getting a decent chance to determine what to do. My current solution is to have a small fan sitting on the dinette seat blowing air across the thermostat. It works very well.

A few days ago it was getting very cold in the Castle. The thermometer in the kitchen showed 68. What in the world now???? The search for truth led to the little fan. The fan blades were not turning. Fool was my thought, turn it on. A flip of the switch caused nothing to happen. The outlet was checked and had power. HMMMMMMM

Ok time for a fan tear apart and testing. The disassembly was going well when this picture was taken.

As the fan came apart the circuits were being tested. This is good and that is good and ok over here went on for a while. Finally it got down to the fan armature wiring. It was there that an open circuit was finally detected. Ratzzz.

A $10 fan motor is not worth trying to rewire an armature. Therefore the fan hit the dumpster.

A trip was made to obtain a replacement. Since an armature winding going out is likely a very random happening, a duplicate fan was purchased. When it was put into service it was nice again. However the next day it developed a very noise rattle like worn bushings. A couple of days later (today) the rattle was getting very obnoxious. So today the new fan was taken apart to check the bearings. The bushings are loose on the shaft. Ratzzzzz. So some oil was put on the bushings. The fan was reassembled and ran a lot quieter. Now several hours later it is rattling again. My guess is that the next fan should not be one of these.

Of course that is not enough nonsense. The plan is to use my 2” thick foam mattress over a 2 ½”self inflating camping mattress for my bed. That will give me a portable mattress for use in camping from the back of the Truck. The new mattress came in and was put to use Friday night. It was inflated to my preference of firmness and had a wonderful feeling when my body assumed the horizontal that night. In the morning it was flat. Fool shut the valve better was my thought.

Saturday night was a repeat of Friday night. Now in my life has been two of these type mattresses by Thermorest and they performed flawlessly for over ten years before they were given to new owners. Today the new mattress was checked for leaks and a seam is leaking. Another RATZZZZZ! The mattress was packed up and mailed back to Campmor for replacement. This is the reason my preference is to purchase things locally when possible.

For a finish on the day some unfruitful fishing was done, and then a wonderful Tex-Mex supper jumped in front of me and failed to escape. That made a good ending to a day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


A Front Fender For Sightseer

Rockport, Tex

It was like a trip from here to the next campsite by way of Alaska. Installing a front fender on the Sightseer turned into a several hour adventure all of its own. First you need to get all nasty with mosquito repellent. That stuff just plain stinks to me, but it works.

A couple of rides in the past on the Sightseer reminded me that a front fender of my style would be a good thing to have on occasion. So the search was made and Campmor had a sale on a decent set of fenders. Of course they come in pairs, but of course the OFM only uses one. They came last week but had to wait until today for installation.

Sightseer was removed from the Truck and flipped over for the first fitting of the new fender.
Amazingly the front fender was tried out first instead of the rear fender on the wrong wheel as my history suggests would happen. This fitting showed several changes required to fit my style of riding.

The fender sticks out past the mounting point and annoys the front brake. Brakes should never be annoyed with you or they might get really cantankerous at the wrong time. The fender is too far from the tire. The fender also is way to far from the ground. That allows too much road slop to get up onto the drive train for my liking.

So all that was needed was a trimming of the fender at the top, relocate the riveted L bracket and trimming the fender supports. A very important part of this modification is when you remove the L bracket. It has to be put somewhere very safe and difficult to remember where you put it so you can spend over an hour hunting for it as the temperature climbs. It does not seem rational to get to do outside work unless it is at least 90. A little before eleven the L bracket was found safe and sound in the bottom of my tool box. It was resting peacefully while my frustration was hitting new highs with every degree the thermometer went up.

Ok ten thirty and hot enough in the shade of the tree that the L bracket was found and “normal” production could continue.

The “high speed rotary tool” was used with a cutting disk to grind the old rivets off the fender. It certainly is a handy tool even if it eats disks like they are free. New the same disk was used to cut off the front of the fender to get it the correct length for my preference.

After a couple of tries the L bracket was riveted back on the fender and ready for a trial mounting.

That finally went well and it was on to the lower supports. The “high speed rotary tool” was used to trim the supports to my chosen length. This allows for some adjustments of the tire to fender distance as experience may require. The supports are very hard steel and required two disks per support to trim the excess off the support.

After the nuts were all tightened to the specified torque the Sightseer is ready for puddles while riding.

Notice that my choice is to have the fender end very close to the ground. Most folks set it a lot higher because it looks better. It is agreed that it looks better but it does not stop near as much slop from getting on me and the drive train.

Now all that is needed is some cooler weather so the Sightseer can take me out to try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


New Campsite

Rockport, Tex

The start this morning was not early but the Team rolled out a bit after seven. Traffic was light all the way back to Rockport. This will be our location until the VA doctor appointments are finished in early August (I hope).

As we rolled comfortably south the thunderstorms hit us again and again. For a few minutes it would pour down very hard. Then in a few hundred feet it would be bright sun and very hot. The temperature outside varied on the Truck thermometer from 81 to 96 depending on the moment. It was a constant fiddle with the AC controls. Freeze one minute and fry the next.

When we crossed Copano Bay Bridge the goofy weather was over. Now all we had was severe sun and mid 90s temperatures. The humidity was around 600% when the Team pulled into our new campsite. The old site did not get shade and my choice of it was not the best. During the last few days before the surfside trip, the shade was mapped carefully on many sites. Site 29 is my new choice for the summer time. It gets shade for all but three hours all day long.

Here the Team is situated in the new site. Notice all the beautiful shade for the Castle. It should help some on the cost of cooling.

Now seems like a good opportunity to answer a question from this blog. The reader wanted to know my style of how the utilities were hooked up. One thing done as often as possible is to keep the electrical cord and hose off the ground. That way the weed eaters can cut the grass without cutting my cords or hoses. The sewer is always put in some roof gutter materials and propped to slope the correct direction.
A prop to get the water and electrical up will be installed tomorrow.

Usually only the back stabilizers are put down. Between the front jackstand and the back stabilizers the Castle is steady enough for my needs. And we all know my needs are to try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Surfside Jetty And Beach

Surfside Beach, Tex

The storm that passed through last night tossed a few things around for some of the campers. At least this one should have put his awning away before night fall.

For some fun this morning a walk on the surfside jetty was taken. Over all it was disappointing. There was lots of trash left by the folks visiting the jetty. Here is the view from the foot of the jetty.

As you walk out on the jetty you get a good view of the beach down that direction.

Out on the jetty were folks who use cast nets to get bait. It seems a lot of shad are in the water. This was part of the catch from one of the cast net tries.

This is not one of the best campgrounds in Texas and it will be nice to be headed back to Rockport tomorrow to try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach, Tex

Other than missing a turn this morning, the trip went well and safe. The missed turn did get me a tour of the petrochemical complex down in Freeport. That was not exciting at all since most of my “career” was spent designing and fixing those kinds of plants.

Part of the trip got into the pecan and oak trees and became a road in a rut of trees. This picture was taken in the town of Jones Creek and is typical of a large segment of Texas around here.

The campground turned out to be very clean, a little tight but very acceptable. However the Castle is about fifty feet from the only road down the barrier island. The weekend crowd is definitely boisterous around here. Sleeping may get to be a premium at night.

The sun is strong and the crowds mighty. The beaches are filling quickly so it will be an interesting weekend.

Across the street from the Castle are the main mosquito breeding grounds for the upper Texas coast. It is a natural wildlife area of some sort with a few “developed” areas for people to use. Here is a picture of the most beautiful part of the breeding grounds. It is just a badly maintained boat ramp.

Maybe when the rest of the bunch gets down here things will be better for trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Sea Monster Cages

Rockport, Tex

Back to the airport park this morning for the first trial run of Puddle Boat (PB). The get wet, sweaty and dirty clothes were installed on my body in anticipation of more adventure than was wanted. PB was loaded into the Truck and we were ready for the fun to begin.

The nine mile drive over to the launch point did not take long. Parking in the small parking lot was available. My flats boots were put on my feet and the gear taken to the water at the launch point.

Several wade fishermen were already working the flats diligently. The nice fellow in the picture above later told me he caught a bunch of undersized specs and a few rat reds. My yak path was carefully chosen to keep from bothering any of the fishermen. As PB and I were out from shore some distance a look back to see what it would look like on the return was taken. It is always important to look at what the return area looks like from the water. Pay attention there will be a test later. In other conditions the test is a life or death test so paying attention is important.

It had been forgotten how wonderful it feels to have a paddle boat under you for just looking around and general fun. PB turned out to be a very excellent boat for what is needed for me in a boat. Finally after four yaks it was time to get it right. Details on PB will be forth coming after a couple of more episodes of playing with it.

On into the cruise and off to the port side is an odd object. So we went for a look. What is it????

When approaching something odd on the water it is very important to watch for underwater objects that want to surprise you, as you will see later. Down near Port Aransas is an old ship sunken next to the Intracoastal Waterway. The ships name is the Worthington. However this object appears to be a 6” pipe barely sticking out of the water with a PVC pipe stuck in it marking its position. Circling the pipe did not bring anything underwater into view and we went on our way.

Keeping close to shore and in shallow water was important to me as the PB and I were getting used to each other. So we piddled along and got some pictures of shore birds as we drifted and tried different paddle strokes for training.

Along the shore were odd things every now and then. Here we have a very well formed concrete structure for use as a curiosity item. You tell me what it is.

Here is a nice example of a weekend house for the folks with more money than can even be dreamed of by folks like me.

Lying along the shore is this tree with red, green and blue colored plastic wrapped around it. Surely it had some very important purpose in its previous life. What it was is way beyond me!

In the distance was some object in the water that needed to be checked out. Apprehension fills my mind when objects in the water are not identifiable to me while paddling a small boat. Think sea monsters and 6000 pound alligators or whatever else you can dream up. The closer we got the weirder it looked. As we got fairly close it was obvious that there was a lot of debris in the water and some sticking out of the water. A large metal box about 10 feet cube was partially sticking out of the water. Other parts and pieces of “things” were somewhat visible under the water. We paddled very gently through all the obstructions. Here is the first close up of the main structure.

Maybe it was cages for sea monsters at one time. HMMMM where are the monsters now????? There were two fellows wade fishing out by it and they were catching fish. Later it was checked on Google and it still seems like an odd structure.

This proved to be my turn around point. We went out into the bay about a half mile. There were porpoises playing all over the area. Now that the PB has been turned back toward the launch point it is time for the test. WHERE IS THE LAUNCH POINT??????

Click on the picture and see if you can spot the launch point. The picture was taken with a 3 power telephoto and shows a lot more than the naked eye. Since we are a nice ways out into Copano Bay now and not along the shore line it would be good to get a line on the right spot on shore to head for. Otherwise you could be in for a lot longer paddle.

AHHH once again the OldFatMan’s superior navigation skills come into play and the launch is nailed on the money. See the Truck anxiously waiting for us to show up to go home.

The total miles, according to Google maps, was only about 3 miles of adventure. A great time it was for trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.