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Rockport Beach, Texas


The Owner Returns

Rockport, Texas

The campground owner returned this morning. After some greetings he took over the duties of running the place again. Now that is finished. During the following conversation he was asked to have his plans for my next stint as manager firmed up by tomorrow. We will see what evolves on that issue. Meanwhile the search is on for local ways to try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Surveillance Crew

Rockport, Texas

The Truck let me know it was time for an oil change. Therefore it was impossible to get anything done until the Truck was satisfied. The trip to Portland and the Wal-mart was gentle. The oil change bay was waiting for us and the Truck finished the required maintenance with a grin on its grill.

Back at the campground my able assistants were keeping a close eye on everything. Tig was manning the grass level surveillance.

And Toby was high on the porch keeping track of all the elevated happenings.

They are quite a team.

As you can see they are invaluable to the operation of the campground. Believe me they really know how to try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Mosquitoes Mess

Rockport, Texas

The mosquitoes around here must have saw tooth blood sucker snouts. When they bite, the bite hurts and hurts for over an hour. The county was fogging yesterday but it is still very serious trying to walk around outside in the campground.

On the way back from purchasing a fishing rod repair part, there was this funny moving bump in the road. When the Truck finally got close enough for my bad eyes to discern the object, it turned out to be a large turtle. Thanks to Tamia’s articles on turtles, this one got a hand out of the roadway.

It was headed toward a neighbor yard and his dogs. Nope not that way turtle. It was lifted as Tamia taught. Then it urinated for forever leaving a long trail across the roadway to the bushes along the ditch where it was left.

On checking later, its path through the bushes showed that it headed toward the ditch and water. Hopefully it will have a much better life there than where it was heading.

And so as my fat fingers are here typing incorrect keys to express my deviant ideas, up pulls Lloyd in his truck and stops. As he gets out of his truck, I exit the office to see if there is a problem. He flings me a new fishing hat. WOW it is even white like the rest of the good guys hats.

Boy Howdy that new hat makes me look good. Some even say that the more of my face that gets covered the better I look. It is all in a day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



Rockport, Texas

If you are tied down to an office minding the campground, this is the place for trying to have tooooo much fun, TheOFM


Living Aboard A Sailboat

Rockport, Texas

This beautiful morning made for a wonderful early walk down at the harbor. It was a long wandering path that meandered hither and fro worse than a hungry ant in a desperate search for food.

There is a lot of full time or at least long vacation sailors in their sailboats moored in the harbor. Usually there are is a few but now there has to be four times as many as normal. Here are a couple of them.
Of course there were a couple heading out for a day of adventure and excitement. The day was too pretty to stay in port.

The thought of living aboard one flashed through my mind before reality set in. We have a couple in the campground that lived like that for a few years and recommend that that be an experience left undone. When the initial glamour passes, the rest of the reality does not look that good to me.

By noon it was time to man my duty station for the next few days until Friday. The owner will be back to the campground Friday sometime. Then my duties will revert to the owner. When the Team clears the campground it will never, except for emergency reasons, ever be a campground manager again. It has been interesting and worthwhile to experience the task. However been there, done that, goodbye.

The work load was very light today and several nice folks stopped by to visit and help me pass the day. Over all it made for a nice day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Trip To Anywhere

Rockport, Texas

What a wonderful beautiful day it was today!!!!!!!!!! An itchy fuel pedal in the Truck talked me into a trip to anywhere. A trip to anywhere starts with the Truck heading out and a choice made at each intersection. Sooner or later we get somewhere and it does not really matter where.

Along the road are many corn fields. Most of them are doing very well as evidenced in this photograph taken with one had at sixty mph through the passenger window from the drivers seat. It is amazing it came out at all much less this well.

As the path went past Sinton, a nice visit with Luella at the RV Park there happened. She is doing well and sparkling all over the place. That is wonderful to see.

A bit North of Luella’s place is the town of Skidmore and the Chisholm Trail CafĂ©. Lunch was decent and very affordable. On the front porch is a bench for tired folks to rest. This bench is unique in that it is made of farm parts.

The wheel is from an irrigation system that rolls across the field while spreading water on the crops. Neat HUH.

Eventually the Team ended up at Goliad, Texas and the state park there. The vegetation in that area has exploded. Everything is very dense now and the flowers are densely crowding the road ways.

Back at the day use parking lot, a shady spot was found, the seat leaned back and attempt at total relaxation was made. It is not known if it worked or not. My eyelids closed and over an hour passed by before my senses returned and my eyes opened again.

The sight for these refreshed eyes was of the Mission in the park towering over the trees.

After a bit of stretching, a walk was taken through the main RV camping area. There were only three slots open and as my path was leaving the area, another RV was checking in. Probably will be a full house tonight.

The ride back to the Castle was easy and uneventful. After supper tonight it seemed proper to do a little fishing. The concrete pier at the harbor was the location of the fish catching. A fish hit about every third cast. Only one was hooked and landed. The speckled trout was unhooked from my barb less hook and chunked into the water.

That active fishing made a nice end to a day to trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Lake Havasu Write Up

Rockport, Texas

My friend John of Travlin with John on the left margin refers to sweating as body leakage. Too bad that was not one of my brilliant pieces of literature. Check him out; he is at Lake Havasu now and showing lots and lots of great pictures and narratives.

It has been two days of not much happening. The summer temperatures are here and active.

While riding around today, it was needed to have the Truck A/C running due to the heat. The A/C does a great job of keeping me and all my fat cooled off.

This is the command post of the RV Campground. It will be an interesting week. Then there is another week in mid May to do this job. After that there will be no more working in this type of slot. There is too much personality work for me.

Running a campground is not the way to try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


New Truck Tires

Rockport, Texas

My yak is a Folbot Edisto. This is the fourth Folbot to have been in my life. A boat in my life has to be very tough. The Folbots have just laughed at my adventures. The Folbot Company is very reputable and reliable. A few days ago they participated in a demo day and the owner reported it in his site.

From that site is this picture to help temp you to take a look at the event and the boats.

The winds here have not slowed enough to allow me to try out my new Edisto yet. It eventually will prove that the OFM is the wimp not the boat.

This afternoon a fishing spot was tried in the banshee winds we are having. The fish were there making wakes in the dirty brown water. Some were even within a few inches of where my feet were slowing sinking into the muck. Now my shoes have to have a serious bath. The fish were not interested in my offerings at all. In essence it was a practice session of casting in the wind.

The first thing this morning was going to Wal-Mart to get new tires for the Truck. Wal-Mart was ready for me and the Truck was taken right into the tire bay. A couple of very nice fellows worked on the tire swap, balance etc and in about an hour the change over was complete.

Examining the under side of the Truck was a goal for me today also. The salt atmosphere is taking its toll on the steel of the Truck. The front wheel area is shown here and the rust is visible.

The rear wheel area is shown here.

Notice the heavy duty extra spring leaf hanging down. That is what gives the Truck the large rear bed capacity and the very rough ride on unpaved roads. Now put 2000+ pounds in the bed and the Truck gets really smooth. The tires are run at 55 psi front and rear because the Castle does not cause any strain on the Truck at all. If a large load is applied to the Truck then the rear tires are supposed to be run at 80 psi.

Here is the cheapest load range E tire Wal-Mart had and it still cost me $625 for four tires today.
These are 50,000 mile tires. The previous tires were 50,000 mile tires and had 49850 miles and two years on them at the time of this change out. The tread was almost down to the wear indicators embedded in the tread. However a lot of miles were on crushed rock in the West like Big Bend and that chews off tread like it is free. So all in all the previous tires did a very good job in the durability department in my opinion. Cheaper good tires are my choice since out west a destructive rock or cactus or a lot of other things can ruin a tire totally in an instant.

Now the Castle and Truck both have new shoes. Everything is ready for the western trek this summer. By mid November it is normally getting too cold for my joints from Interstate 10 north, so a winter place needs to be verified before the Team heads south for the winter. Right now it looks like we need to choose a location for mid November until the end of March. Sinton is very high on my list of locations.

To my surprise the lower elevations of New Mexico are still running fairly cold in the mornings. Getting out there too soon would not be good. My feeling is that when it warms enough that NM will be a great place to try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


The Manager

Rockport, Texas

Suddenly at 11:30 am this morning my duties as campground manager started. Lots of phone calls and a few folks coming by made for a less boring day than it could have been. However there is not any time for an adventure. So it is easy to say this is not the best way to try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Tv Antenna Modification

Rockport, Texas

http://www.antennaweb.org/ is a website that gives you the best angle to aim an antenna from your location in the USA. The Castle’s antenna has not been able to receive very well here in Rockport. Today some careful angular measurements were made on the antenna rotation. The result was that the antenna cannot rotate to the optimum angle due to a small protrusion from the antenna base.

So the major adventure was to make the protrusion shorter so the antenna could rotate to exactly the correct angle. As the antenna was being lifted and rotated the inside mechanism exploded from the ceiling and scattered around the Castle. The pieces were gathered and the evidence suggested that the set screw had worked loose.

The ceiling plate looked very barren without the crank and indexing plate.

My handy small one hand hack saw was gathered and onto the roof went my fat body. The antenna was rotated out of the way along with the antenna cable. After about twenty minutes of slow sawing and resting and sawing the top portion of the small protrusion was removed. Still the antenna could not clear the protrusion easily. A file was used to remove more of the protrusion. Lying on the roof in a cramped position was not lots of fun. However the job was finally finished and the antenna riser now clears the protrusion.

The bad part is now the antenna can be wound around and pull the cable from the roof damaging several items. So extreme care is now required when setting up and taking down the antenna. The interior parts were reassembled and function well again.

After setting the antenna to the correct azimuth and reprogramming the television, the picture was absolutely just the same as before. RATZZZZZZZ what a disappointment. The problem must just be the over forty miles distance from the Corpus Christi antenna.

After supper this evening some pleasant time was spent visiting with folks down by the harbor. They were fishing and my jaws were flapping as usual. The small pinfish were having a feast on the folks live shrimp. A couple was down from San Antonio for a week vacation. Friendly folks and a very nice visit made a great evening.

The sunset was pretty and made a good ending to a wonderful day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM



Rockport, Texas

The Truck is very resistant to running around without a spare tire. It was coaxed out this morning to get a picture down near the beach.

That dark cloud is what was left of the ugly front that dropped a lot of rain on us last night. The sunshine eventually won the battle and the day was very nice in many ways.

Starting tomorrow my role here is changing for a few weeks. The campground owners troubles mentioned a couple of days ago have evolved and now include a funeral away from here. Please be patient as the time available to chase bloggable items will be limited frequently.

Therefore my good readers it is time for you to get busy and work on trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Truck Shoes Soon

Rockport, Texas

A little bit of roaming happened today and it did not follow anywhere close to the planned path. The original heading was up toward San Antonio. Before long the weather was so dreary the Team turned off toward Beeville. As the Truck was sitting at the stoplight near the Wal-Mart, a nice fellow pulled up next to me and pointed out the Truck’s nearly flat left rear tire.

At least we were very near the tire repair store Wal-Mart. After the nice shop fellow found the leak, it proved to be a disaster. It was right in the corner of the tread and the side wall. The hole was pretty large at the outside, so the item that punctured the tire must have been only a few yards behind us at the stop light.

The Wal-Mart did not have the load range E tire the truck needs, so the old spare was installed on the Truck. The local Wal-Mart did not carry the same tire any more. An examination of the tires showed that they were all nearly down to the wear bars molded into the tread. So a set of four new tires are now on order and due in next Tuesday. There goes another $700+. The old tires had a 50k tread wear guarantee and they have 49,800 on them right now. They have had a hard life of gravel and rock roads out west on many occasions.

The areas a bit inland from us have gotten a lot of rain recently. The fields up there are getting killed with all the rain and standing water. This picture was taken outside Sinton this afternoon.

Sinton had something like 4 inches yesterday. Several roads were closed due to flooding. It was nice that my head knew the way around the blockages instead of the long detours the highway folks wanted to send you on.

Maybe the good news is that the Castle and the Truck will have new shoes when we get to get out roaming in search of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


The Good Samaritan

Rockport, Texas

Just so my readers know something about what is going on here is the story. My location will likely be here in Rockport until early June. The campground owner has hit some hard times and TheOFM is acting as a Good Samaritan and minding the campground for him until he is able to take over totally again. So my blog entries are rather small because my roaming ability is limited for now. Enjoy what does get reported and please be patient.

The grocery shopping trip to Wal-Mart yielded one interesting photo. Sometimes a person just has to make do with what they have available. And sometimes it is entirely adequate as it works out.

Late this afternoon a short trip to practice golf pitching and chipping turned out well. The practice area at the course was excellent. Pitching, chipping and sand bunker practice all added up to having tooooo much fun. The OFM.


New Corn

Rockport, Texas

A trip to check out some more RV campgrounds was very productive. Victoria Texas has four campgrounds in their town. The town has a good sized population of over 60000 folks. Almost any store you could want has a presence there. The campgrounds are decent and will do just fine for folks of my style. You can check them all out at rvparkreviews.com. On the way back some rain was encountered but Rockport did not get any of it. The driving was slippery for a few miles then the rain disappeared.

The crop fields are showing good color. This is one of the corn fields with corn plants about four inches tall. The light rain is great for a bumper crop of vegetables of all sorts.

Some diesel fuel had to be purchased in Victoria and it was $2.999 a gallon. It is “only” $2.83 a gallon here in Rockport. One place on the way to Victoria was $3.08 a gallon. Looks like living costs are going up even when my SSA did not go up. Oh Well I am sure Mr. Obama has everyone under control for those of us living in the USA!!!!

This afternoon three to four of use did some heavy goofing off in the porch chairs over to the office. Many problems were discussed or made up and we solved them all. Then the rest of the evening was spent helping a neighbor decide about getting a bicycle.

So over all it was a very productive day. Of course my buddy here in the park, Jimmie L, would like me to get back to more photographs to help him in trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


New Blog To Read

Rockport, Texas

There is a new reader with a neat blog for us to enjoy. http://www.edwardfrey.com/
This gentleman has really roamed around. Check his site out and see how he tries to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM


No Backlashes

Rockport, Texas

The blood donation recovery is very well on its way to finishing. Most of today was easing along so the recovery is going extremely well. About noon the owners left for a day away from the park so my manager duties started. My luck held out and only three duties were to be performed. Sort and put into the boxes the incoming mail. That was the hard chore. Lock the office door at dark was another difficult task. But the really hard chore was to walk down to the entrance a whole hundred feet away and turn on the night light for the entrance sign. Man o Man that tired me out. This working business is hard on me.

Part of the afternoon was spent talking boats and bicycles with my neighbor. He needs a replacement bike that will fit his body. TheOFM is the right person to get him set up properly. His current bike is about two sizes too large for his body size. He has never been comfortable he told me. When he gets ready we will get over to a bike shop and get him fitted with the right size and style bike for his needs. On Darn another trip to a bike shop.

For two days now there has been severe thunderstorms coming in from the south out of Mexico. They were supposed to come rolling through here so the yak was just left in the Truck. Both days the bad weather just stalled out the other side of Corpus Christi. We had a lot of strong wind, but not rain. Maybe tomorrow the weather will be ignored and the yak put together anyway.

For more practice casting with the new reel, a “fishing” trip to the only protected public access place resulted in getting my touch back with a casting reel. It works very well when done correctly. Of course getting a fish instead of sea grasses hit the lure would have been nice. But anything that gets you out at the water on a beautiful sunshine day helps toward trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM


More Blood Letting

Rockport, Texas

How about some more blood letting for today? Early, for me, this morning a trip to the Coastal Bend Blood Center was made for the purpose of donating blood. The folks were very glad to see me since the building was empty of donors. That is sad. We had a great visit and the donation went very well. My schedule is running very well. It was donation 12 in the last two years. Here is a picture of the free t shirt from this donation.

My body did not like this blood letting very well later in the day, so a nap was taken. A little extra food and water and my body is happy again as this is being written. This little inconvenience is nothing in relation to all the good my unit of blood will do for others.

Late this afternoon a ride over to a fishing spot that has a reputation for producing good size redfish was taken. This next pic is from the internet.

Of course the howling winds were straight into the shore and all the water was dirty brown from all the sediment disturbed by the wave action. At least the location has been scouted and is recorded for a future fishing attempt.

A nice long discussion during the evening produced more things to do and places to visit in the effort of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



Rockport, Texas

Watching a nice guy win the Masters again is a wonderful way to try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Frothy Water

Rockport, Texas

A bike ride was attempted this morning, but knee and leg pain stopped it after four miles. It was very nice while it lasted. Goose Island State Park was the location. Before the ride was aborted a couple of nice pictures were gathered in. Near the pier were several kayakers. As my riding got closer they scattered so only two were captured in pixels. This closer yakker was staying close to the grasses to keep out of the wind. That is an effective technique when it is available.

Back near the old recreation center is a field of bluebonnets. The main day use picnic area is also located here. Some kid playground equipment is also in this area. The flowers were fragrant and beautiful.
One fisherwoman managed to catch a stingray about twenty inches wide. It was a major fight and her fishing rod lost the battle. However the ray did get brought in and then the line had to be cut. Stingrays are a dangerous to your health critter. No good picture was achieved since the stingray was resisting with great vigor. Here is the least bad picture of the close fight that went on. Water was sprayed over about a ten foot radius.

My fishing reels for years have been spinning reels. They worked very well most of the time. Occasionally they would cause twisting of the line and have to have a major unreeling and rereeling to correct the trouble. Today a cheap bait caster style reel was purchased to try out. It has been years since my thumb was educated on casting a bait caster reel.

However the new education went well. Bait caster reels have really improved since my last one over thirty years ago. Casting into this 20+ mph wind here today was not easy but was done successfully to my surprise. Now there is no line twist to worry with. That will make it easier to try to have tooooo much fun when fishing. TheOFM.


Trail Terrorist

Rockport, Texas

A brilliant thought happened in my head today. When does gardening become farming and farming become gardening????? That is enough heavy thinking for this morning. My head hurts now.

The Memorial Park walking trail provided a lot of fun this morning before lunch. There were not many cars in the parking lot and few folks on the trails. However a trail terrorist was waiting on folks to harass them as they passed by.

But first some nice things happened. There was a man and a very nice black pup walking also. The pup was very friendly but not pushy at all. He was ready for some good petting or ready for some more walking whichever came his way. My hands got in three good pup pettings before the walking was over. Here is the man and his owner the black pup.

As they walked along the pup would jump up and push on the man’s hips with both front feet. The pup wanted to be carried. Later when we met again the pup was walking. The man said that as soon as they got beyond that stretch of woods the pup had wanted down again. The pup must have smelled something that made it nervous. They were fun to visit.

One of the many benches on the trail was looking like a great spot to idle some time away in peaceful conditions. The things in the pond to the left side of the picture are floating chunks of foam for the turtles to climb on and do whatever turtles do. The aerator helps keep the water in good shape for the critters. The bench is for old fat men to rest if needed. The scene is refreshing.

Part of the path is still blocked by the over abundance of water in the ponds. Luckily it is the far back loop and you can approach the blockage from either or both sides. My preference is to walk all the way from one direction then all the way back around from the other direction. The deepest part is about three inches deep. Walking in wet socks is not a good idea to me. So no wading during a walk for this old fat man.

Many thistles are blooming now. They have one of the prettiest flowers in the flower world. This one was freshly opened and just begging to have its picture in my blog.

And now the trail terrorist must be handled. Actually there are several of them scattered around the park.

They hang back until you get close then come running out to confront you and extract a passage tax. They will chase you for quite a distance trying to get the tax from you. Apparently many folks pay the tax right out of their hands, usually in the form of deer corn.

It was a pleasant day and a wonderful opportunity to try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Grapes Getting Ready

Rockport, Texas

The wild grapes in this area are coming on strong. The vines are looking good and healthy with extremely vigorous growth. LOTS of baby grapes are on the vines. The native Texas grapes are horrible to eat. However they make excellent jellies and wines.
These little devils will be ready for picking in a few months. That is a sticky nasty job with wonderful rewards afterwards.

Several wildflower pictures have been taken over the last few days. Tonight they all come out of hiding for your pleasure. These were all taken in the Rockport area.

Taking wildflower pictures is a pretty good way of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Campground Upgrades

Rockport, Texas

The owner of this park works diligently to upgrade it as often as money allows. Today he was re-leveling the site pads after the folks left. The next visitors will have great level pads to park on whenever they arrive.

When he returns from vacation there are big plans for improvements to the park. It certainly will make things very nice here when they are finished.

For my amazement and information gathering a lot of road time was put in today. Part of it was for deciding if a stay at some locations is warranted. Some was just to see how things are going after the drought of last year. It seems all the pastures and fields are coming back full strength and very green.

Over at Choke Canyon Lake, the water level is much better than it was during my last visit. There were a good number of boats out fishing. The water was very calm. In this next picture the two fellows caught a couple fish each while my eyes were scrutinizing them carefully. As you can tell part of the trip was checking out yakking locations also.
During the ride back to the Castle by way of Corpus Christi, several small rain squalls were encountered. None were very heavy or windy but the rain is needed to keep the crops growing. The corn fields are showing plants in the 3 to 6 inch height range. Proper water is critical for a good crop.

The Castle was relocated within my site today to get it out from under one branch of a tree. The roof is covered in leaves and pollen and other debris. A few small ants have fallen from the tree and found their way inside the Castle. So it was time to move from under the tree limb. That took nearly thirty minutes to break the trailer down, move it and re set it up again. But now it is in the spot that it should have been placed in the first place. It was a hot and sweaty job to make the move.

This evening the temperatures dropped to very pleasant and some serious visiting went on at the porch. It made a great finish to a day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


The Big Tree

Rockport, Texas

A slow starting day was enjoyed this morning. Some visiting on the porch with the owner yielded solutions to many of the world problems. Then a trip was made in the Truck to just move around some. Diesel was cheaper at a Valero station than Wal-Mart by six cents a gallon. The trip ended up over on the Lamar Peninsula and eventually down to the Big Tree state park.

My first visit here was around forty years ago before an idiot poured herbicide on the tree in an attempt to kill it. The tree lost some major limbs but was saved by quick action on the part of the caretakers.

It is minimally fenced now, but when my son was young and before the fence, we had a picture of him sitting on one of the low hanging limbs. That was one of the limbs destroyed by the idiot. The tree has a lot of history around it of the early Texas nation and then state.

The trunk shows the wear and tear of the years this tree has been serving for a land mark for travelers. It is known that Native Americans used the area for their living and the big tree was a special landmark for them.

Near by on the under brush the honey bees were diligently gathering the pollen for honey making. Here is one of the devils hard at work.

The whole area has flowers giving great views. The day was very overcast in this area so the sparkle is not really fantastic like it can be when the sun hits the flowers. These were right across the street from the Big Tree.
As if that was not enough activity, the golf course called me to come over and mutilate it. Of course it was mutilated to perfection on only the back nine holes. By the time my body finished walking the back nine, it was pooped. My pull cart was used to carry the bag and clubs. My time of carrying my clubs seems to be over for this lifetime. It was bad enough just pulling the cart. My score cannot be told since it exceeded the number of my fingers and toes on the first hole. But it was a great way to end the day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.

EDIT after the comments: Part of yesterdays post got waylaid and lost in transit to the blog. The rv park manager position is only for while the owner goes on vacation, not permanent.


Easy Walk Day

Rockport, Texas

Nothing exciting today happened in my life. A walk down at the Memorial Park in town was pleasant and peaceful. Many folks were out enjoying the sun and fresh fragrances.

Some more of the day was spent getting oriented for learning the duties required to be the manager of the RV Park. That is coming up soon and being ready is important. My first job in over two years. WOW that is exciting.

The wind prevented me from doing any fishing today. So a nap had to take care of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Cute Smiles

Rockport, Texas

Surprise today went as planned. The morning was frittered away goofing off. Then over to Sinton for Luella’s big party with lots of folks and MAJOR FOOD to be enjoyed. She had her son and daughter there along with three grandkids. A lot of visiting and laughter occupied the first part of the gathering. For the meats we had baked ham and fresh fried sheepshead and it was belly swelling great.

One of the conversations turned to the picture of an alligator. The picture was taken at the pond inside the park. Two nice ladies wanted to see the gator, so my duty became tour guide. We hopped onto Luella’s golf cart and headed to the pond. A little side trip was make to show them where the birders gazebo is located. Then around the pond we went carefully looking for the alligator.

We found it. The gator was just gatoring along when it was spotted.

Look at left upper center of the picture and there the gator is. If you still need help, here is an enlarged picture of the head.

We even got a picture of the gator eyeing the ladies. It is in the lower left. Check out those cute smiles.
We toured a little of the back country and found some pretty flowers to show my readers.

Luella called on the cell phone that she needed the cart back so we hurried back for the clean up of the club house. A couple of family pictures were taken and then we were gone. LOTS AND LOTS of folks were out to the park today doing BBQ and other foods. You could gain weight just from the aromas floating around.

Here is a picture of the least crowded part of the park.

The Truck got me home OK but my back attacked the bed for a nap that was wonderful. This was certainly was a fun day that came very close to having tooooo much fun. TheOFM.