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Rockport Beach, Texas


Plastic Home Going Away

Sinton, Texas

The wind today is blowing the creosote out of the power poles. It is not good to stand down wind of them. YUCK. The golf effort hoped for this afternoon was a blow out, pun intended.

This morning before the wind got too awful bad; my efforts went to the birds or at least the birdhouses. Another RVer built Luella four birdhouses. Today was chosen to try hanging them from trees in the front yard. This would have been good with pictures in my opinion. They are cute birdhouses.

A brand new tent that has been occupying space in the Castle will have a new owner soon. It was advertised on the Folbot forum and took about an hour to get a new owner. Shipping is planned for tomorrow. Now the Truck will be towing less weight, but the Truck is so strong it will not even notice.

The A/C is doing a great job of keeping the Castle cool in this sunny warm weather. That makes it wonderful for trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM


Sinton Chamber of Commerce

Sinton, Texas

It turned out to be a good bike riding day in spite of the strong winds. Luella talked me into going to the Sinton Chamber of Commerce. So Sturdy Steed came out of the Truck and we go riding. My library book was finished so it was taken along to give back to the library.

Anna and Peggy are a nice pair of folks to visit there at the COC. We talked for around thirty minutes. It was an exceptionally friendly time, but that is the way everyone in Sinton has been.

From there it was a gentle ride safe down the town streets to the library. After the delivery of the library book safely back to the librarian, it was time to explore. There is one little stretch of highway near the library that is dangerous to ride on a bike. It is a busy highway and no shoulder available. Today the exploring along the roads behind the library lead to an apartment complex. When you ride through the apartment complex, you come out onto the highway where a good shoulder starts again. This allows you to skip the very dangerous section.

Taking the highway shoulder lead me to the loop around Sinton and a great shoulder for biking. Going into town was difficult because a strong head wind had me down to six mph and third gear. Going back on the loop with that miserable wind behind me was a wild fast ride. At one point that was a little downhill, the bike computer showed us doing twenty one mph without peddling. Needless to say it was an easy five miles back to Comfort Castle.

The practice field was mowed today by the maintenance folks so this evening so golf ball whacking was attempted. My 60 degree wedge is an excellent wedge, but it cannot by itself make up for my bad swings. Nevertheless it was a great way to try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



Sinton, Texas

My camera is now over with. Three pictures today were taken for testing. All three were not focused enough to use at all. A reader, Ben, offered a camera for my use with the blog. That offer will remain on hold for a day or so as my options are considered. Two Wal-Mart stores were checked out for another camera and relative costs. It looks like my next camera will cost around $200.

Why my pictures of all the pretty flowers around here kept coming out badly had me puzzled. Now it is known why several shots in the last month have been bad. My thought was that my hold or shutter squeeze was faulty. However it is likely that there was some failure of the camera in progress also. This camera failed mighty early. After all it had only been dropped on concrete, wood decks, grass, beach sand, rained on, had ocean waves drench it and subjected to 14 degree weather and 112 degree weather. Maybe the next one will hold up better. The camera got now worse treatment than my body and it still sorta works sometimes.

For lunch today a very nice man and reader named Ivan met me at the local buffet and bought me lunch. WOW Thank you Ivan. Ivan is a special fellow that is slightly older than dirt but still active and very sharp. We had all sorts of neat discussions during the visit. Then the big event happened. Ivan has been here in Sinton for about 300 years or so. He drove me on a grand tour of the town and added in lots of local history. A personal tour guide is always nice to have.

Ivan had a life long hobby of woodworking. It would have been great to have a camera to show you the shop and things he has built. He is definitely a MASTER CRAFTSMAN. Part of the shop tour included him showing me part of his stock of exotic woods. Ebony wood was plain compared to the other types he had waiting for projects. His tools were all first class and worn from proper use. This is always great pleasure to see great craftsmanship.

The tour of the town and the shop really makes for a good day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Flowers Galore

Sinton, Texas

It was a nice ride around looking at flowers this afternoon. Originally it was to look for fishing carts to see what is available. There were a few that did not seem right for me. My concept is like a dolly for carrying loads. Something light and foldable that will carry an ice chest on the sand or pier or jetty. My need is for carrying only one rod and one small tackle box. Some water and food would be very nice also. Maybe something similar to a golf pull cart will work. We will see how it works out. It is also on my mind that it could carry photo equipment, water and food when my wanderings take me a good ways from the Truck.

While out looking around, it was noticed how nice the wildflowers were looking. They have exploded down here. All over the place are clusters of pretty flowers. Along the business 35 near Little Bay in Rockport are lots of flowers. The Truck was parked near the water where this bird was chasing lunch. The bush was full of beautiful pink blossoms with good fragrance.

The bird was ignoring the scenery in the serious business of finding lunch swimming by. During the few minutes that it took me to get ready, the bird had no luck catching anything.

The search for a good picture was on. A careful crossing of the highway put me into the esplanade with lots of flowers. Many pictures were taken to get the next two. The first is looking over to the Rockport Beach pavilion on the other side of Little Bay.

This next was taken back toward the Maritime Museum.

Now the sad news is that my camera is failing fast again. About a month ago it was noticed that it did not focus well on the left edge of the pictures any more. Today both the exposure and focus is less than the best on the left half of the entire picture. My budget is not really ready to purchase another camera just yet, so we will have to live with what the camera is behaving like for now.

However a camera or lack of a camera is no reason for me to quit trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Great Trip

Sinton, Texas

A big trip happened today. The Truck took me all the way into Corpus Christi at Everhart Street and SPID to the Academy sporting goods store. It was a very productive trip for a change.

It was very unusual to find golf gloves in my size. My short wide hands need the mens cadet medium large to fit correctly. The store had several of them and two fell into my basket and tagged along home. It has been about three years since any were found in a store.

My luck continued to hold. Some grip wrap for a tennis racket was in stock and it was purchased to use on my putter grip. My arthritic hands need a fatter putter grip. The application was easy and the putter feels much better. It does not require squeezing my fingers hard to hold it any more. If this works out well a new fat cord grip will be ordered and installed on the putter for a more permanent fix for the problem.

My luck continued to hold over in the clothing department. My preference is for plastic clothing most of the time. Some nylon shorts in my fat man size were in stock, actually one pair. They jumped into my basket immediately.

Now my luck is pushing it but the plastic pants section was given a close look for some dark blue ones. Again luck hit me between the eyes. They had some and a pair jumped into the basket because it was feeling lonesome I guess.

To top it off my credit card even worked. WOW. Now how will my luck be getting home? Every thing went smoothly to my surprise. That left me the afternoon to goof off and vacuum the Castle. It was nice to have the air conditioning working in the Castle today. It was hot this afternoon.

This shopping trip watching the crowds turned out to be very close to trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Nothing Happened

Sinton, Texas

Nothing happened special today. Tonight the playing fields in the park are busy. You can hear lots of excitement over there as they try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM


Fresh Food

Sinton, Texas

Hitchitch has no cure but wheels rolling and my body is badly infected. The SERIOUS trouble is that my travels will not really start until May this year. It is my own fault but it still itches really BADLY. Much of this morning was spent figuring out when it would be safe to move northward. Hopefully that will be worked out before too long.

My return to Sinton is a known. The weather starts having cold spells in late October north of I-10. So the plan is to be back in Sinton by November 15 at the latest. For a person as adverse to cold weather as this old fat man is, that means there is only seven months a year available for my idea of comfortable travel.

This travel study led to a two and a half hour lunch today. Early this morning at some dark hour the wind and rain hit. A rising from the bed to bring down the TV antenna was required. The next thing my senses notice was a neighbor getting ready to roll at eight am. There were puddles all around so the rain must have been significant.

A vegetable stew was fixed and some of it eaten for lunch along with a ham sandwich. There are five more meals of it in the freezer waiting for my enjoyment.

Some of the vegetable purchased yesterday were processed and stored in the refrigerator. The radishes are very tasty right now. They must be freshly harvested.

Some strawberries were also brought home. They are the large style and my preference is the smaller sweeter ones. However these will not go to waste.

There are even some pieces of cantalope waiting for my consumption.
A small sliced cooked ham was also purchased and it turned out to be very tasty. That will make good sandwiches with the 12 grain bread that followed me home yesterday.

A pineapple in the raw was given to me also. It was ready to fillet. Now there are two bags of fresh pineapple in the refrigerator for my enjoyment. WOW all this great food is a good start to trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Rough Day

Sinton, Texas

The first thing to do is wake up at 4 am and open the windows because it is a little stuffy inside. ZZZZZZZZZZ The next thing is to wake up at 8am with a screaming headache, bulging sinus cavities, stomach cramps and a nose pretending to be a broken off fire hydrant. At least you can hope the bottom of the day has been passed. Then you notice the drizzling mist outside and how wet things are inside.

A front must have passed through bringing something my head is highly allergic to in the wind. The dehumidifier is turned on and the windows and vents shut. Before long the humidifier has warmed the trailer too much for comfort. So you turn on the A/C and it just hummmmmms at you. Oh Boy Joy and Excitement.

After taking the A/C apart, it turns out to be some salt encrusted on the blower shaft holding it from turning. The salt cleaned off easily and the A/C was reassembled and is working well now. It is good when the A/C and the dehumidifier are both taking the moisture out of the Castle. Soon it is nice inside.

Of course feeling bad cannot be allowed to stop the efforts today. Laundry is one day from emergency status. Therefore severe effort is put forth to get it done and put away. Next in line is grocery shopping. A little over forty dollars later it takes only a few minutes to put all the food away. WOW that was quick for forty dollars in food!!

Supper was at the Butter Churn in town. Next door is a small plot with two murals on the walls. It is a nice niche location to check out when you finish a good meal. Just take a right as you leave the restaurant and look right.

Across the street is a cute shop that needs me to check it out some day when it is open. Entering it this time of the evening could end up with me being entertained by the local police for the evening or longer.

On returning to the park, some time was spent chatting with Luella, the manager, about things in our lives. She mentioned we have lots of Winter Texans leaving in the next few days headed back north. There is room here this summer if you want to check out the area.

Luella also mentioned that the city folks liked the coverage of the trail and park in yesterday’s blog entry. WOW maybe that could make me famous! Meanwhile my body is ready for some rest from all the excitement from trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Sturdy Rides Again

Sinton, Texas

In the park here is a designated birder trail. It is also part of the walking circuit of the park. Today Sturdy Steed was put to work. Even though the wind was blowing the bark off the trees and the grass out of the ground, Sturdy had no trouble showing the wind he was BOSS. Before we finished getting pictures for this blog we logged 4.47 miles inside the park on all types of terrain.

Now let us start the short tour.

The paved path to the right is the start of the birder trail. It winds around through the trees and brush for a little ways. Right now the flowers are blooming like crazy and nearly suffocating you with the aroma.

As the trail winds around it takes you past two side trails each of which leads you to a gazebo for bird watching. This is the one closest to the lake. When you are in here it feels like you are miles from anywhere.

Leaving the gazebo the trail to the lake and pier is to your left. The concrete walk takes right to the pier and a wonderful scene. If you look over the top of the pier, the pink flowers on the far shore are where the just visited gazebo is located.

When leaving the pier a left turn will take you around to the back of the lake. Sometimes you can see one of the alligators while walking the back trail. One large one likes to lie up on the far bank in the sun.

When the back trail loop brings you back to the pier, you can take the birder trail back or stay to the right and take the trail past hole 11 of the golf course. This gives you a bit of a view of the local golf course.

Back in the more developed portion of the part is the playground area. Several types of equipment are in the area. Many concrete picnic tables are here also. Frequently there are many families out here cooking and having a great time. Kids can run amuck out here reasonably safely.

In the summer the swimming pool does a massive business. Next door is a building that can be rented for events. Sometimes this area can be very boisterous to say the least.

There are lots more features to this park. This evening a few minutes were spent watching a T ball game. The kids certainly know how to try to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM


New Campsite

Sinton, Texas

When my back let go of the mattress this morning, the new site for the Team was already vacant. A quick check of it and a little rake work and it was moving time. We were moved and set up again at 10:01am.

This site is right in the middle of all the RVs. The one reserved for next winter is on the fringe of the campground so folks walking through the site should not be a problem.

Finally a decision was made to go to Lake Corpus Christi State Recreational Area. (Lake Corpus) The intention was to ride the hills there. The hills are not high but they are steep and frequent. It will work out your riding legs.

As you known by now seldom does anything happen as planned. Arriving at the park gave me a scene of great beauty. Spring flowers have started their show. It turned into a walking and camera trip instead of bike riding. About half the park was walked before my knees hollered UNCLE.

The above picture is one of the lakeside day use areas. There are at least eight of them. In addition to this beautiful area there are trails wandering all over the place. Here is the entrance to one of them.

Near the start of that path is a place where the lake has a slough that goes into the woods. Some turtles were being lazy bums in there as you can see.

Over in a section on another peninsula are some more varieties of flowers. A few bluebonnets are starting to show up in among the other flowers.

At another location down the road were some flowers that might be what is called firewheels. They were very spectacular to see.
Keep in mind that the aromas emitting from all these flowers can make you drunk with the sweetness of the fragrance. This is really a great time of the year for this area. In about two months we can all check out Tamia’s site for the flower explosion in New England. We bloggers cover the country.

In case you have not had enough scenery, here is a yucca in bloom framed by wildflowers. It was one of many in the area. This is in the water only camping section of the park. A great area for self contained rigs like Comfort Castle.

Lest you think it is all beautiful, here is a picture of the road in parts of the park. Thick brush is typically hiding lots of javelina, white tail deer and armadillos. An armadillo sounds like a small bull dozer coming when they roam in the night.

Hopefully you have enjoyed the picture tour from the Team as we were out trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Big Winds

Sinton, Texas

WIND is the big story today. A few times during my walks, it nearly knocked me down. At least my feet had to stumble quickly for me to stay upright. A lot of walking is being done to try to get my legs in shape for playing golf. My preference is to carry my bag and walk the course. That is the most enjoyable way for me.

As part of my walks errant golf balls are gathered. Since my arrival last Wednesday, over twenty four good golf balls and a few not so good balls have followed me home. The high winds help in producing errant golf balls for the gathering.

The major event for tomorrow is moving from the pull through campsite to the one the Team will occupy until mid April. That is when the Team has an obligation back down in Rockport. After the obligation is finished, where will we actually go??????????

One thing for certain is that it will be in search of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


A Storm

Sinton, Texas

The weather was beautiful this morning as the Truck took me out looking for a coffee pot. We eventually ended up in what amounts to west Corpus. The area is called Five Points or Calallen depending on which title you like best. It is about eighteen miles away.

When the last store was vacated the sky back towards Sinton was very unpleasant looking. A congregation of around fifteen motorcycle folks with some very fancy motorcycles were milling in the parking lot looking toward the ugly weather. As the Truck was leaving the parking lot, the motorcyclists were moving to under the canopy of an out of business store and hoping for some weather protection.

About three minutes after the Team left the parking lot we hit the storm head on. WOW heavy rain, then hail, wind of excessive force and the Truck wisely slowed to around forty on the interstate. Even the big trucks slowed to our speed. For the next seventeen miles it was slow nasty traveling. Just as we turned into the Welder park entrance, it slowed to just hard rain. That was not fun.

However it is known the reason that the storm had to come this morning.

The car show was set up in the fenced area near the Castle.

When it was safe to amble around some, a coat and hat was applied to my body and away the camera led me. It was 50, strong wet wind with occasional misty slop coming through.

There were some very nice vehicles there to see. The weather was too miserable. Many of the owners were sitting inside their vehicles shivering strongly. My mission was not to be denied, so some pictures were taken for the readers to enjoy. My fingers and ears could not handle the cold for long, so it was a fast walk through.

Across the flooded grassy area was this car that would have been nice to see up close, but my waders were back at the Castle. Thank heavens for telephoto lenses.

Back in ancient history days my sister had a fast little Camaro. This one is a beauty and likely can gather speeding tickets with little effort. Maybe even without moving!!!

Another car that looked nice from the quick glance it was given had a guard cat protecting it. The cat was quivering just waiting to pounce on some one if the touched the car.

At the rear of the show was this old truck that would have been nice to look at more intensely than the weather allowed. A quick couple of pictures and it was time to go get warm for this fat man.

A weather storm and cold tonight, a nice car show and a walk around the park with four golf balls following me home makes a great day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Ball Whacking

Sinton, Texas

A day of chores and walking. Eight golf balls followed me home during my walks around the park. And that was the big event.

The other event was dragging out all the extra water hoses to couple together to have enough to reach all the spots on the rig. It worked. The Truck and the Castle have now been freed of all the salt that a brush can get to. Tonight is supposed to be some more rain to wash any left over spots for me.

This next statement is not accepted by most golfers, but it is a fact. You can change the length of a golf club by up to two inches longer or shorter without appreciably changing the distance you hit the ball with it. Getting the length right for your body can increase your accuracy tremendously. My days and studies as a club fitter proved it many times.

With that in mind the practice field here at the park was put to good use today. By shortening my five wood one and three eights inches, my spray pattern decreased by over 50%. The best that could be determined is that the distance lost is around two feet maximum. It was landing next to a marker tree but scattering out around thirty feet side to side. Now it lands just in front of the marker tree and is normally plus or minus five feet of the tree trunk. That makes a much better club for me.

This brings to an end another successful day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Bayside, Tx

Sinton, Texas

There had been stories coming by me about a fishing location near the town of Bayside. It was time to check out the stories. The drive is very short by Texas standards. Twenty five minutes after starting the Truck we were at the silted in boat ramp. The view below is east toward the town.

An extremely friendly Joe from Sinton came driving up shortly after the Team arrived. Joe explained where and how to fish in the area. A few minutes later Crazy Bob came driving up with a boat to launch. We had a great visit between all of us. Crazy Bob was nearly to his 81st birthday according to him. He was moving very good.

After a bit Crazy Bob and his friend went to launch the boat. Then Joe told me his fish catching secret. He soaks his bait shrimp in GARLIC SALT before using it for bait. So now the secret is out!!! Here is Joe setting up his poles for the afternoons catching session.

Joe told me of a park in Bayside with rest rooms and tables to go with the pier. A little wandering around found the park. It is small but very nice. The pier is very well done and provides good access to the bay.

On shore is the kid playground and equipment. It also is very nice. Parking is for about twenty vehicles.

The Team wandered around the small town of Bayside until it was all traveled. The trip back to the Castle was smooth and uneventful.

Back in the campground many folks are preparing to end their stay of the winter season. There will be folks leaving frequently for the next two weeks. Here is one of the not so light travelers getting things ready to go. Exactly what else goes on that trailer will be found out when it is loaded. For now it is already a big load. It is pretty much guaranteed the motorhome is over loaded with that load.

Traveling near that rig while in motion is not my idea of a good place to be.

My body and especially my legs can tell that our location is Welder Park. The distances between things around here have got me doing a lot more walking. The sore leg muscles are keeping a record of how much waling is done for me. Late this evening a walk in the flowers was taken with the hope of a decent picture. Well the picture is marginal at best but you can get an idea of the size of one of the flower patches in the park.

The bright sunshine and 75 degree weather made for a wonderful day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Rust Mess

Sinton, Texas

Late last night the choice was made that Zapata had nothing wrong with it, but it did not fit my style of living. A call was made to Welder RV Park in Sinton and a spot was secured for the next month. Sort of. There is not a spot open for the whole month, but as folks leave a spot will be available. Where the Castle is located is good for one week. Then a move to a spot for the next three weeks will be made.

The trip up here went very well and extremely smooth. The team was parked in the site about one pm. Set up was complete by 1:30 pm without a rush at all. The Team gets into many locations because we do not mind having to change sites after we get into a place. Living simply has many rewards.

There are lots of flowers blooming here in the area. About a dozen pictures were taken with bad results due to the sunshine bleaching out the flowers. This picture looking into the golf course next door is the only one that was even marginally acceptable.

The few month stay down on the coast has taken its toll on the Castle. The mold and mildew has made a mess inside as has already been reported. That is the reason for the dehumidifier. The rust on the outside and inside of the Castle was getting bad. It will be part of the task of this next couple of weeks to correct as much as possible of the damage. Here is one example of the inside the compartment component of a latch. This is the latch on the door that accesses the storage under the bed. Notice the mold on the door also. This never had saltwater splashed on it. Only the humidity of the normal days and nights ever touched the door or latch.

The best thing is to never take the Castle near the coast again. However we will be down in Rockport for a couple of weeks in late April to fulfill a promise made a month ago. After that it is unlikely the Castle will ever get closer than twenty miles to the coast again. Sinton is over twenty miles inland from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Now for some quiet rest to be ready for a full day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.



Zapata, Texas

Here was the big excitement today in this area. Click to enlarge to see the bunnies.

After eating the carrot pieces put out for them, they tried really hard to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


A New Policy

Zapata, Texas

A lot of rest was required today to help mitigate the migraine. A morning exploration of Zapata was done to examine details that John and I did not get to yesterday. The main grocery store is very complete and cheaper than Wal-mart in Rockport. That was very good news for me. With rent at as little as $100 a month plus electric, this can be a very cheap place to live as many folks seem to have found out. Cable TV in this park is $25 a month. Golf at Los Ebanos is $600 a year when paid annually. WOW what a deal and lake front with a private boat ramp too.

Some gentle practice at the golf course consisted mainly of putting and chipping. That was very good for me and fun too. My head feels better after the gentle exercise. This dry air certainly feels great in my nose and lungs.

This evening was a long visit with John. We covered lots of subjects and even agree on a few. Before we knew it the clock was saying 10pm and time for me to leave. The rain that is forecast waited until a few minutes after my return to the Castle then let loose with a heavy shower. Rain is forecast for tomorrow.

Starting tonight this blog may not be daily any more. It has been allowed to become a stress problem in my life. Worrying about having something to write has been on occasion caused me some worry. From now on if there is nothing to write that comes easily, nothing will be written. Many of the longer term bloggers write on frequent occasion but do not worry about doing an entry every day.

This new schedule will be much better when out trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM


Four Seasons Campsite

Zapata, Texas

Leaving Rockport went right on schedule at 9 am. The trip went very smoothly except for me making a wrong turn and having to go around in t big loop. Then the rest of the way was rolling smoothly as the Team approached Hebbronville. Then the zigzag colored lines showed up in my vision.

It was my lucky day as the health clinic was closed and provided a great spot to stop until my normal vision returned. These migraines are a real pain in the head. Even with this delay, the arrival was earlier than had been anticipated. After checking in, it was off to park the Castle.

This site is tight. My neighbor and John of http://travlinwithjohn.blogspot.com/ helped spot the trailer into the site. It took a few pull ups and back ups but the Castle is settled in now for the week.

When some more information was needed, a walk up the hill to the front of the campground yielded this nice picture of the entrance.

After resting my head for a good while, John rode with me to show me the town and the restaurants, the fairgrounds and some other spots. It was nice having a guide to clue me in on things. This seems to be a nice town in general.

After supper at a local restaurant John was dropped off at his RV and the Castle greeted me with enthusiasm. The cool dry air here in the brush country feels soft and soothing. It will be an early shower and bedtime tonight. Visiting with John was a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


A Serious Mess

Rockport, Texas

http://www.clrsearch.com is an interesting site. It gives theoretical crime comparisons for cities in the USA. To my amazement Zapata right on the Mexico border is one of the safest cities in the USA. Most likely the reason is there are no border crossings anywhere close to the town. Falcon Lake on Zapata’s western border stretches for many miles north and south. Tomorrow morning is rolling time and my readers will get the full story over the next few blog entries.

My lifestyle had really sprawled out. It took ALL day today to get everything put away and or ready for travel. On top of everything else when the black water valve was opened the hose popped loose from the sewer connection. Quick action made it a small mess. Heavy wash down dilution and a dose of bleach brought the mess under control. It is nice my neighbors are gone for a few weeks.

The Edisto took me an hour to disassemble and stow away. Those guys that claim twenty minutes are super human. My assembly time was closer to forty five minutes than the claimed twenty minutes for assembly. Maybe it will get to play on Falcon Lake.

Everything that can be packed away is packed and the estimated time of departure is 9:30 am in the morning. That should put me in Zapata for the evening attempt at trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.


Loose Ends

Rockport, Texas

Chasing loose ends has filled the day and evening. Since tomorrow is the last day planned here in Rockport for a while, it was time to clean up all the bits of life left lying around. Paperwork neglected was finished. Any correspondence needing writing was written. Final changes or repairs were completed. But there was time for a little fishing and to meet a nice fellow and his two daughters.

My fishing efforts had me out on the wood pier at the Rockport Beach. This friendly laughing trio made their way out to the end where my futile efforts were being wasted. We had great conversations for a long while. The girls were getting to experience their first encounters with live shrimp and other Gulf Coast things. It seemed they were enjoying life. Tomorrow they have another day of touristing in the area and likely they will try to have tooooo much fun.

One last item from the Aransas Wildlife Refuge bike ride it a report on the Heron Flats Trail. The trail is well signed with excellent parking.

This is the main section and it is wheelchair assessable. That is a good thing to have every chance we reasonably can. Some places just cannot accommodate physically hindered folks. But where it is reasonable to do so, it is good to get everyone outside.

The blind is fairly typical of the blinds in natural places, except this one has a telescope to use. That is important as you will see in the final picture.

On the deck of the bird blind are a couple of explanation signs. One is for explaining about the salt marsh (mosquito breeding grounds).

Another was taking about the whooping cranes. Personally Herons are prettier to me and have more personality.

These flats are rather large and spread all over until they disappear from sight. The telescope helps you see the critters out in the marsh.
There are tracks of birds, raccoons, deer, javelina, bobcats and other animals scattered all over the mud banks. This is an important refuge for our earthly critters. There are even trails for fishermen to go wade fishing out in the bay. It is a very productive area for fish catching.

Tomorrow will be busy as a couple of months of stuff will be put away. The final chores will be done. The Truck will be staged so the hitch coupling will be easy Sunday morning. Hopefully the Team will roll early on the way to the next destination for trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.